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Fascism and the Language of 'Humane' Meat. One Way To Bridge The Political Divide: Read The Book That's Not For You. Powerful Vegan Superfood Contains Every Essential Mineral And Literally Rebuilds Your Body! - Since ancient times, people have used plants to heal themselves.

Powerful Vegan Superfood Contains Every Essential Mineral And Literally Rebuilds Your Body! -

For example, frescos dating to 1500 or 1600 B.C. found on a Greek island are said to depict a goddess cultivating saffron for medicinal use. Today, using plants to treat disease is widespread in most cultures. From marijuana to catnip, there are hundreds of remarkably common herbs, flowers, berries and plants that serve all kinds of important medicinal and health purposes that might surprise you: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, insect repellent, antiseptic, expectorant, antibacterial, detoxification, fever reduction, antihistamine and pain relief. Check out 12 Vegan Foods That Heal Menstrual Pain Better Than Medicine. "Vegan Soul Food" is Not an Oxymoron.

Southern-fried tofu, vegan mac and cheese, collard greens, and cayenne pepper lemonade at Souley Vegan in Oakland, California.

"Vegan Soul Food" is Not an Oxymoron

Photo by Adrian Miller. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the country telling folks about the history of soul food. Along the way, I learned a sure-fire way to bring an energetic audience into a stunned silence. I tell them that “vegan” is the hottest trend in soul food. Many African Americans have gnashed their teeth (some have even wailed) after hearing this news.

The soul food story begins in Western Africa, the place where most African Americans trace their ethnic heritage. The Ancient Cure for Depression. Depression is a global epidemic.

The Ancient Cure for Depression

It is the main driver behind suicide, which now claims more than a million lives per year worldwide. One in four Americans will suffer from clinical depression within their lifetimes, and the rate is increasing with every generation. It robs people of sleep, energy, focus, memory, sex drive and their basic ability to experience the pleasures of life, says author of The Depression Cure Stephen Ildari.

It can destroy people’s desire to love, work, play and even their will to live. If left unchecked it can cause permanent brain damage. Depression robs people of sleep, energy, focus, memory and sex drive. How to Hold Space for Yourself. Most people would say they are good at supporting their friends and family, but why are we so bad at being there for ourselves?

How to Hold Space for Yourself

When my second eldest daughter was a few months old, she developed colic. She would wake every night, crying for several hours, utterly inconsolable. Nothing I did helped her, not breastfeeding, holding her, rocking her, or my attempts to soothe her. Sometimes her cries pierced me so deeply I felt like giving up and leaving her alone.

How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body. Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.

How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body

These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder. I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine. I thought, can my body hear me… can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition?

Can my body hear me? Pelvic floor exercises. Perfect Posture = good pelvic floor muscle activation.

pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises. A Legendary Texas Socialite Who Lived to 100 Leaves an Incredible Story Behind: The Unbelievable True Tales of Betty Blake - PaperCity Magazine. To put it in her own words, Betty Blake “didn’t give a hoot” what anybody thought of her.

A Legendary Texas Socialite Who Lived to 100 Leaves an Incredible Story Behind: The Unbelievable True Tales of Betty Blake - PaperCity Magazine

She lived on her own terms, rollicking through a century of highs and lows with grace and drollery. Her mother survived the sinking of the Titanic, yet Betty’s own challenges were no less epic: She weathered hurricanes, five husbands, and the death of her first son — all the while, her dry sense of humor doggedly intact. “I never saw her depressed,” says close friend and interior designer Joseph Minton, who knew her for almost 50 years. “She was always laughing.” Betty’s blue-green eyes danced when she would recall her glamorous schooling in Paris as a child, or her opulent coming-out ball in Newport, Rhode Island, where her family summered. Use This New Book Excerpt to Shut Down the Fake Heroism of Christopher Columbus. To mark Indigenous People's Day—or "Columbus Day" if you're still up for celebrating a greedy, genocidal, racist slaver with a terrible sense of direction—we present a non-footnoted excerpt from the new book "'All the Real Indians Died Off': and 20 Other Myths About Native Americans" (Beacon Press, 2016).

Use This New Book Excerpt to Shut Down the Fake Heroism of Christopher Columbus

In this portion of Chapter 3, the authors—historian, educator and American Book Award-winner Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and journalist, researcher and educator Dina Gilio-Whitaker—skillfully dismantle the historical lies and xenophobic theories that continue to erase the horrific, lasting impact that Columbus and his ilk had on Indigenous peoples in the so-called "New World. " Brace yourself, read and share. MYTH 3: “Columbus Discovered America”

Could turmeric really boost your health? Image copyright iStock Bold health claims have been made for the power of turmeric.

Could turmeric really boost your health?

Is there anything in them, asks Michael Mosley. Turmeric is a spice which in its raw form looks a bit like ginger root, but when it's ground down you get a distinctive yellowy orange powder that's very popular in South Asian cuisine. Until recently the place you would most likely encounter turmeric would be in chicken tikka masala, one of Britain's most popular dishes.

These days, thanks to claims that it can improve everything from allergies to depression, it's become incredibly trendy, not just cooked and sprinkled on food but added to drinks like tea. Is David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive this century’s best film? Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s dark, surrealist cinema masterpiece has been voted the best film of the 21st century.

Is David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive this century’s best film?

The neo-noir thriller, which was originally meant to be a six-part TV show, follows Rita as she descends into a dark, psychological mystery, on a journey to discover her true identity following a car crash that gives her amnesia. Lynch’s work topped the poll by BBC Culture, where 177 film critics from around the world named what they thought were the greatest films of the last century. Also on the list included Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (2001), Richard Linklater’s Texan coming-of-age film Boyhood and Michael Gondry’s fractured romantic sci-fi Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2012).

Some directors made several appearances on the list, with Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan and Michael Haneke having three films each named. Check out the top 10 on the list below, or read the full top 100 here. The Trippy Art (and Trippier Life) of Occult Artist Marjorie Cameron. Cameron, East Angel and West Angel, n.d. (Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer, courtesy Cameron Parsons Foundation) Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel (1922-1995) was an artist and occult practitioner whose remarkable work has only been rediscovered by the public since the first extensive survey of her art last year in Los Angeles at MOCA's Pacific Design Center. Now, Deitch Projects in New York is exhibiting many of the same pieces, bringing Cameron's oeuvre to the East Coast and further shining a light on her rare talent.

Yet perhaps just as fascinating as Cameron's art is the quintessentially bohemian life that she led, and the way her life informed her art, and vice-versa. Cameron’s spirit always burned with a profound wanderlust that extended back to her childhood. The Yo(u)niverse Paradox. How One Artist Turned CCTV into Her Own Self-Portrait Machine. Jill Magid: Trust (2004) from Evidence Locker. Edited CCTV footage. The ubiquity of public surveillance technology was turned inside out in artist Jill Magid’s 2004 work, Evidence Locker. An archive of videos and email correspondence, this socially and technologically prescient work was made by enlisting the cooperation of the Liverpool CCTV system and its employees. Treating the cameras as elements in a personal relationship with the municipal authorities, and letter-writing as a diaristic confessional abetting her own surveillance, the result is a captivating, mysterious exercise in oversharing, a performative self-portrait facilitated by using the technology of our oft-vilified constabulary panopticon.

Jill Magid: Control Room (2004) from Evidence Locker. Businessinsider. Money Magazine recently printed an article in their June issue (page 45, June ’16) that lists the most valuable career skills that a person can have as ranked by the wage premium that such skills generate on average (here it is online). In other words, they evaluated a ton of different skills that companies look for in their job postings and then evaluated how much higher those jobs paid on average than similar jobs that didn’t include those skills. For example, a lab technician job that includes a requirement for the “data modeling” skill commands, on average, a 5% higher salary than a lab technician job that does not include that requirement.

To me, this kind of list is an incredibly valuable resource for people who are looking to improve their income and move ahead in their career path. It specifically identifies the exact skills that companies are willing to pay a premium for! However, the article didn’t quite follow through in all of the ways that it might. Can you tell me more about green tea? A Tea Primer All true teas—as distinct from herbal and flower infusions, which afficiandos call tisanes, are made from the leaves of an evergreen tree with the botanical name of Camellia sinensis. Although reaching a height of 30 feet in the wild, on tea plantations (called gardens or estates), the plant is kept as a shrub, constantly pruned to a height of about 3 feet to encourage new growth and for convenient picking. Tea plants grow only in warm climates but can flourish at altitudes ranging from sea level to 7,000 feet.

The best teas, however, are produced by plants grown at higher altitudes where the leaves mature more slowly and yield a richer flavor. Depending upon the altitude, a new tea plant may take from 2-1/2 to 5 years to be ready for commercial picking, but once productive, it can provide tea leaves for close to a century. The Difference Between Green, Black, and Oolong Tea The History of Tea Several new innovations in tea consumption originated in the United States. Amazon. It’s easier and more fun than you think to eliminate waste from your cooking. Get Involved. Dress for Success Houston seeks passionate and committed individuals to join its team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers make it possible for Dress for Success Houston to serve thousands of women each year. Volunteer Information - Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.

SVET – the health-friendly light bulb. What the World Would Look Like If Humans Hadn't Killed All the Animals. Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA. When companies like and 23andMe first invited people to send in their DNA for genealogy tracing and medical diagnostic tests, privacy advocates warned about the creation of giant genetic databases that might one day be used against participants by law enforcement.

Is it possible to have a friendship with the ego? – Or a friendship between the false “I” and the real “I” ? Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel. ( -- The ability to remember the past and imagine the future can significantly affect a person's decisions in life. Scientists refer to the brain’s ability to think about the past, present, and future as "chronesthesia," or mental time travel, although little is known about which parts of the brain are responsible for these conscious experiences. In a new study, researchers have used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the neural correlates of mental time travel and better understand the nature of the mental time in which the metaphorical "travel" occurs. Why_sea_stars_tear_themselves_apart_video. Oregon State University. What you need to know about planning a garden. (Hint: It starts with the seeds)

The FBI Has a New Plan to Spy on High School Students Across the Country. Photo Credit: LSqrd42/Shutterstock Under new guidelines, the FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies and “western corruption” as potential future terrorists, warning that “anarchist extremists” are in the same category as ISIS and young people who are poor, immigrants or travel to “suspicious” countries are more likely to commit horrific violence. Based on the widely unpopular British “anti-terror” mass surveillance program, the FBI’s "Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools" guidelines, released in January, are almost certainly designed to single out and target Muslim-American communities.

Switching Cosmetics Can Help Teens Reduce Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals. This Extravagant League Of Kenyan Grannies Is The Ultimate In #SquadGoals Okayafrica. How to Get Rid of Excess Stomach Fat. What is Kalu Yala? - Kalu Yala. Talks for when you feel like you’re not enough. People are falling in love with the Bullet Journal, a simple productivity tool that just uses pen and paper — Quartz.

Kim Eng Preview - Awakening Through the Body. Workers Struggle-Sudbury_March2016. One Green Planet Launches Largest Vegan Food App on Earth Day. Animal intelligence has been widely underestimated, says primatologist Frans de Waal. This New Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Power Itself, And Handle Its Own Waste. Women Surrealists. Photos of People Doing the Things That Make Them Really, Really Happy. You Are God: The True Teachings of Jesus. 5 Magical Opportunities with Retrograde Mercury (Rx)

3 Ways to Be an Ally to Muslims. The Anti-Aging Pill. How a Small Town Became the Capital of HIV in America. There's a Scientific Reason Why Indian Food Is So Delicious. 11 Secrets Of Irresistible People. This Guy Made $12K In One Month While Working Full-Time. Senate Votes for Equal Slavery for Women. Archaeologists Find Gigantic Ancient Monument in Jordan. Best Events, Sights, Attractions. Icelanders Don’t Like Whale Meat—So Why the Hunts? The Moral Bucket List.

Meet the world’s smartest food scientist : GIUSEPPE. Sleep, the eight-hour lullaby for adults. Revealed: how facial recognition has invaded shops – and your privacy. The Tale of Two Cities: Flint, MI and West, TX. How GOP Governance Can be Deadly. The Five Worst Contaminants in Chicken Products. Houston's Big Green Transformation. Broccoli. Special Japanese Dessert With 5 Mandarin In It! Gorgeous! – grape. Hellen van meene has photographed awkward adolescents for 20 years. No BFF? You’re not alone, sad adult. Wait, never mind, you’re very alone. Debt Dodgers: Meet the Americans Who Moved to Europe and Went AWOL on Their Student Loans. Uk.businessinsider. Toward a Theory of Self-Organized Criticality in the Brain. Human Habitat’s Groundbreaking Flatpack "Impact Farm"

How Critical Slowing Down in a Complex System Is Nature's Warning Signal. The desi artist calling BS on body hair hate. The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’ Calculating Calories and Nutrients in Meals - Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. Charles Perrault. From Here To Macros: 4 Steps To Better Nutrition. The white man pathology: inside the fandom of Sanders and Trump. I’m Writing A Cookbook + Cherry Chocolate Granola Bars. Old House Renovation. - The Elliott Homestead. We tell you how to make soy, almond, and coconut milk — and whether it’s worth the effort. How Dressing The "Unemployable" Became One Entrepreneur's Pathway To Success  An Unbelievable Story of Rape.

Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da. Women are getting a bum deal from the Paris climate talks. Leasing Begins for New York’s First Micro-Apartments. Onekingslane. Analyzing the Couch. Laurel Wolf Online Interior Designer Cheap Service. Stackable B-and-BEE Colonies Provide Sweet Shelter for Festival Goers in Belgium.

The Girls Who Use Grindr. She Kills People From 7,850 Miles Away. The Ceremony of Bleeding. The Smartest Ways to Network at a Party. 13 Nights of Halloween Full Lineup 2015. Young Thug Isn't Rapping Gibberish, He's Evolving Language. What’s The Scariest Movie You’ve Ever Seen? Dream Job: Yoga Instructor. LOCK THE KNEE!: How to "Make It" as a Bikram Yoga Teacher. Ta-Nehisi Coates, Sally Mann, Lauren Groff Lead Shortlists For 2015 National Book Award. BodyRock.