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Facebook. Search. - StumbleUpon. Admit it: You've Googled yourself quite a few times.

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But were you happy with where your name appeared in your Google search results? Each day, one billion names are Googled. Unfortunately for many, half of all people don't find themselves in the first page of results when they Google their own name. Only 2% of individuals own the entire first page of their results. BrandYourself, an online reputation management startup, created this infographic to help you learn how to make results that are actually you appear higher up in search results. SEE ALSO: Who Googled You? JS1k, 1k demo submission - Warp Starfield. The Official Tim Burton Website.

© gillesvidal - photographe. Rare and Precious Moments of Animal Life. The Infinite Cat Project - Cat Tales - Kitten Attack! I Survived A Kitten Attack From While in college, I lived in a house that I rented (with a few other roommates).

The Infinite Cat Project - Cat Tales - Kitten Attack!

This house was next to a vacant lot. Well, the lot was vacant of a house, though it was home to a stray cat. I knew the (human) neighbor prior to moving in, and on Sundays we would grill out behind his house on his large stone/brick grill. One particular Sunday we were visited by a momma cat and a few feral kittens. Over the next few Sundays a cautious trust was established between the cats and us. A week or two later, I have the day off work, and I’m hanging out at my house in my pajama pants and a t-shirt. Now is my chance. I place a “bread crumb” trail of cat treats from the stairs to up the porch to where I’m standing. And then it happens… My last lucid thought was that my cat, Retzen, was about to have a new playmate. The moment I touched this kitten (read: demon), it screams with a bloodlust howl never heard before by human ears.

Inception Explained - An interactive animated infographic. 75 Ways to Show Love - For Healthy Relationships. 27 Indisputable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True. Bucket List: 225 Things to Do Before You Die. The essence of any good bucket list consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasures.

Bucket List: 225 Things to Do Before You Die

Whether it’s an exotic adventure half-way around the world or something simpler, like spending more time with your family or friends, what matters is that you experience all the good and phenomenal things Earth offers. Here you’ll find 225 things to do before you die. Sure, a few of them are what some might consider to be cliché, but we made it a priority to think mostly outside the box. So, without further ado… 1. La Tomatina is an hour-long festival in Bunol, Valencia (Spain) where an estimated 150,000 tomatoes (a whopping 90,000lbs of juicy, pasty awesomeness) are flung everywhere and at everyone. 2. For acrophobiacs in need of curing their fear, one of the ultimate solutions has to be EdgeWalk—a terrifying “walk” on the I’m-gonna-to-die edge of the ledge of the 1, 800ft-tall CN Tower in Canada. 3. How do you qualify “one of the best restaurants in the world”?

WHERE THE FUCK SHOULD I GO FOR DRINKS? The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. 14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls. 1.

14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls

Koko the gorilla responds to a sad moment in her favorite film. 2. The parrot with the moving last words. Alex the African gray parrot was able to count and identify colors, and he had a beautiful relationship with his person, Irene Pepperberg. When Alex died in 2007, his last words to her were “You be good. 3. According to scientist Krista McLennan, “When heifers have their preferred partner with them, their stress levels in terms of their heart rates are reduced compared with if they were with a random individual.” 4. Guide dogs Salty and Roselle were awarded a joint Dickin Medal “For remaining loyally at the side of their blind owners, courageously leading them down more than 70 floors of the World Trade Center and to a place of safety following the terrorist attack on New York on 11 September 2001.” 5. In 2007, five children were playing with George when they were attacked by pit bulls. 6. “I began to choke and sank even lower and I thought that was it for me – I was dead.