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Professional Development - Secondary Level

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The Rookie Teacher [dot] ca. Ignite. Incite. Inspire. 140+ Learning. Grades & Marks: Conversations That Need To Happen On Friday I got into a wonderful conversation about marking with Patt Olivieri and Mario Addesa. We talked a lot about number grades in elementary schools and wondered why they continue to exist. Why are kids getting a 7/10 on a math quiz in a province where (technically) number grades should NEVER be used? One hypothesis that we had was because it makes sense to parents. We (teachers) do this out of convention, habit, tradition… whatever you want to call it, because parents want the grades (ideally, circled at the top of the page 😉). The more that I thought about that idea, the more that it upset me. What are we saying about parents when we take this stance? Why can’t we explain to them what an appropriate time might be to evaluate student thinking? Maybe we could share some Dylan William with the families in our schools… … and the achievement charts at the beginning of every single Curriculum Document.

EDU Nihilism It shouldn’t be. Thoughts? KATHERINE KOSKIE | Teaching, learning, and poorly drawing ninja turtles on a daily basis. Professional Resources. TeachersFirst’s Professional Resources include everything you need to save time and be a better teacher. Included are strategies for Timesaving bulletin board hang-ups, curriculum-connected reading lists, and tutorials on using wikis and blogs in the classroom are just a click away, all written by real teachers like you. You can also access OK2Ask®, TeachersFirst’s free, online “snack sessions” for teacher self-directed professional development.

If you are an Ed Tech Coach or teach professional development to teachers or teachers-to-be, TeachersFirst can help: Request materials to share at an upcoming workshop or class Add an embeddable Featured Sites widget for YOUR wiki, blog, or web page. Teaching the Teachers Full Report. Cool Cat Teacher Blog - Be a Better Teacher. Live a Meaningful Life. | Teach Like a PIRATE!