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Creative Cloud tutorials for students. 16 Grammar Sins That Drive An English Major Crazy. 16 Grammar Sins That Drive An English Major Crazy Share 16 Grammar Sins That Drive An English Major Crazy.

16 Grammar Sins That Drive An English Major Crazy

5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!... This fall I will begin my sixth year of teaching, which is still weird to see written down because it seems like just yesterday I was struggling through my first.

5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!...

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Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom. Teachers have long known that making content more playful can be a great way to engage students and add diversity to classroom activities.

Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom

As technology becomes an ever more significant part of modern classrooms, it makes sense that teachers are using video games for everything from teaching content, to keeping tabs on learning progress, and for skills practice. In a recent survey, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center found that 74 percent of K-8 teachers surveyed use digital games for instruction in some way and 55 percent use them weekly.

While digital games are becoming more common, many teachers still use them primarily as supplemental material or as a reward when the “real work” has been accomplished, not as the main instructional tool. Recent Photos The Commons Getty. Funding Your Technology Dreams. National Science Foundation Guidebook on Evaluation -- This guide book provides information on topics including: reasons for conducting evaluations, types of evaluations, evaluation steps/process, evaluation questions and measurable objectives, quantitive and qualitative data collection, and culturally responsive evaluation. 20 OWL -Purdue University- Online Writing Lab -- This resource provides general guidelines for grant writing in general and in the scientific disciplines.

Funding Your Technology Dreams

AAUW Educational Foundation Fellowships and Grants -- Community Action Grants provide seed money to individual women, AAUW branches and AAUW state organizations, as well as local community-based nonprofit organizations for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls. Alfred P. Mrs. O'Sullivan's Favorite Links. 10 Habits Of Effective Teachers. Smarter Teaching: 10 Ways You’ll Know You’re Doing It Right by TeachThought Staff.

10 Habits Of Effective Teachers

Access TONS of Free Digital Content via @EDpuzzle and Personalize It for Your... Access TONS of Content & Remix It to Fit Your Class!

Access TONS of Free Digital Content via @EDpuzzle and Personalize It for Your...

- add your voice throughout the video & insert questions to check for understanding - Education is about building a relationship with your students. Videos are a powerful tool that could help teachers to have more meaningful time with their students. However, to create a video from scratch is time consuming and requires expensive tools.

Besides, how do you know if your students are watching the video or if they understand the lesson? Teachers that flip their classroom using videos too often end up giving a digitized version of the lecture-driven classroom model, and information delivery becomes impersonal and passive. . #1 - Makes any video personal. EDpuzzle gives you the ability to remix current YouTube videos with your own voice, or insert audio notes. . #2 - Makes video lectures an interactive experience. Five Ways to Get Girls into STEM. As a society, we learn about the world and advance our well being through science and engineering.

Five Ways to Get Girls into STEM

The United States may be known around the world for its higher education, but compared to many other leading and steadily emerging countries, we lack a strong focus on educating scientists and engineers. One significant reason that we have fallen behind is that we do not encourage our female students to pursue career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

This needs to change, as the lack of women in STEM will continue to plague our country until all students, regardless of sex, have adequate opportunities to explore math and science throughout elementary, middle and high school. 25 (more) thoughts on teaching and learning. 20 Powerful Google Docs Uses. Handout file: Click here (PDF) PowerPoint presentation file: Click here (PDF) FREE Connected Educator Guide: Click here (PDF) IntroductionSharingTeachingManaging filesAssessmentsConclusion Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) is a high school Spanish teacher at Turkey Run High School in Marshall, IN.

20 Powerful Google Docs Uses

His students engage in Spanish through educational technology regularly, including tools like blogs, digital videos and photos, QR codes, Google Voice and more. Matt is a member of the Indiana Department of Education’s eLearning Speakers Bureau and is available to present at your school or event. Possible session topics (among others) include: My Top Tech Tools.

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Free Online Grammar Check, Spelling, and More. Digital Citizenship. A Primer In Effective Questioning Strategies For Classroom & eLearning - By Rosa Fattahi, WizIQ The Importance of Questioning in the Learning Process Since the ancient days of philosopher Socrates, asking questions has been a critical part of the teaching and learning process.

A Primer In Effective Questioning Strategies For Classroom & eLearning -


Better Learning. The 27 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Teachers. There are a few things in this world that will help you be an effective teacher.

The 27 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Teachers

There’s hard work, loving what you do, and an attention to detail. Those are just the broad strokes, though. In fact, there are many sub-categories that you should know about. What do I mean by this? The Face of EdTech. The Internet has allowed anyone with a connection to establish relationships all over the world.

Even astronauts tweet! There is a social media buffet that stretches beyond the most impressive Las Vegas spread. If you want to be connected, you will be. I have been able to get blogging advice from +Kyle Pace, read Roxaboxen to +Amanda Marrinan's class, and get ADHD classroom strategies from +Kelly Jurkowski through virtual conversations. So why then, if the world wide web is so connected, do we even need an ISTE conference? It's quite simple, really. How To Address Negative Student Behavior in 1:1 Classrooms.

7 Ways to Become a Better Teacher This Summer. Summer break is a lot of things for teachers. It’s a needed and well-deserved respite from the classroom grind — no papers to grade, no calls from parents, no staff meetings or students to tend to. But it’s not all rest and relaxation. Most teachers, especially younger educators, will portion off a good chunk of their three-month classroom hiatus to hone their craft, revise and rewrite lesson plans, and familiarize themselves with the latest tools and educational technologies in preparation for the school year ahead. Looking for a few ways to step up your teaching game next fall? Here’s a list of professional development (PD) resources to get you going this summer. Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion.