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Family Feud. Maths Online. Monthly Index page. Chances-NCES Kids' Zone. Monthly Index page. There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet.

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Sheila Tobias NRICH problems are here for you to get your teeth into. Immerse yourself in the mathematics... This is what a typical student home page looks like. Mouse over the boxed areas for further explanation. We suggest that you find the student home that suits you best and go there regularly for updates. This is the button that gets you to this student guide. This button gets you to the home page for lower secondary students (shown here). The STEM link gets you to our extensive collection of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics resources. The AskNRICH link gets you to a lively mathematics forum where you can ask for help from our trained mentors. Latest The last few features appear in the latest carousel. Collections A tree of resources from the NRICH archives giving you access to the best of our permanent collection. Trending Filled with exciting goodies and updated every few days. Past Features Current Feature.

Explore the properties of a straight line graph. Move the m and b slider bars to explore the properties of a straight line graph.

Explore the properties of a straight line graph

Look at The effect of changes in m The effect of changes in b The effect of a negative value of m The effect of a negative value of b How to create a horizontal line Read more about the Equation of a Straight Line Now see how two points can change the line equation. Try to make: y = 2x + 1 y = -2x -1 y = x y = 1 x = 1. Math Tools. A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics.

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New to Math Tools? Welcome! There's a lot of stuff in here. Join our community! View our Orientation to get some ideas of how to make the most of this resource. Announcements Travel Grant Opportunity: ICME 2016: Hamburg, Germany Applications for travel grants are now available to attend the Thirteenth International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13), to be held in Hamburg, Germany from July 24-31, 2016. What's Hot? [June 25] Touch Decimal: Maurici writes, "In a few days, (end of June 2015) I will launch the new free Android app: Touch Decimal.

" June 30, 2015: Tracey, Max, Annie, Suzanne, Richard, Steve, Jay, Tony Tool: Pick-a-Pathby NCTM Illuminations. Welcome to Illuminations. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Maths Search. 61 problems, 2 games, 30 articles, 6 general resources, 2 projects, 12 Lists, 12 from Stage 1, 27 from Stage 2, 30 from Stage 3, 39 from Stage 4, 45 from Stage 5 Useful Graphing Tools Challenge Level: A collection of useful graphing resources to support work on NRICH problems.

Maths Search

Cubics Stage: 4 and 5 Challenge Level: Knowing two of the equations find the equations of the 12 graphs of cubic functions making this pattern. Secret Number Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Annie and Ben are playing a game with a calculator. Tangled Trig Graphs Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Can you work out the equations of the trig graphs I used to make my pattern? Calculator Bingo Stage: 2 Challenge Level: A game to be played against the computer, or in groups. Loch Ness Draw graphs of the sine and modulus functions and explain the humps. Sine and Cosine Stage: 4 Challenge Level: The sine of an angle is equal to the cosine of its complement.

Parabolic Patterns The illustration shows the graphs of fifteen functions. Plus Minus Giants.