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The two elements of a great presenter:Seth Godin. 1.

The two elements of a great presenter:Seth Godin

Respect (from the audience)2. Love (to the audience) There are no doubt important evolutionary reasons why this is true, but in my experience, every great presenter earns the respect of the audience (through her appearance, reputation, posture, voice, slides, introduction, etc.) and captures the attention of the audience by sending them love. Love takes many forms. I love you enough to teach you this. Margaret Thatcher was a great presenter, even though she had none of the glib charisma people expect from someone with that title. In the famous interrogation scene in Basic Instinct (link not included so no one yells at me), Sharon Stone does a brilliant presentation.

Tony Robbins is considered an astounding presenter for a similar reason. If you have love but no respect, you're a lounge singer. If you have respect, but no love, you're like one of the rare self-promotional talks at TED. Consider this clip from Patton. Don't apologize at the beginning of the talk. PowerPoint Design in 2009. Quicklinks PowerPoint Design in 2009: Blogpost with quotes PowerPoint Design in 2009: The Experts talk PowerPoint Design in 2009: Why Design Matters?

PowerPoint Design in 2009

Andrew Abela Slide design in 2009 Advocates two different types of powerpoint style. Simple a la Presentation Zen and Duarte for “ballroom” presentations and more detailed for “Conference Room” presentations. Andrew Dlugan PowerPoint Design wishlist: 8 modest proposals Andrew writes his post in the form of a letter to the PowerPoint programmers. Andrew Lightheart PowerPoint: we’ve been fooled… PowerPoint is not that important to the success of a presentation. Malcolm Gladwell at AIGA Business and Design Conference October. How to Deliver Effective Presentations. Edit Article Small Group Events Edited by Kare Anderson, Webster, Chris Hadley, Kene and 30 others "O, it offends me to the soul, to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters...

How to Deliver Effective Presentations

"William Shakespeare: Hamlet - Act 3, Scene 2 Giving presentations to audiences, large or small, can be a daunting and anxiety-ridden task. Business presentations take many forms. Ad. How to Attain Serenity Before Giving a Speech. Home Page for Robert Gaskins. 250 Things You Wish You Know That Will Guarantee Your Speaking S. Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint - Boxes and Arrows. Have you ever wished your early design mockups could come to life, so you could try out the navigation, test an interaction, or see if a button label just feels right when you click on it?

Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint - Boxes and Arrows

Sure, you could invest in a dedicated prototyping tool, but you can create surprisingly quick and effective prototypes with a software program that’s probably sitting on your hard drive right now. It’s PowerPoint—and no, I am not kidding. I’ve met many designers who use PowerPoint for blocking out screens without ever discovering the interactive features for creating hyperlinks, buttons, and dynamic mouseover effects. Yes, PowerPoint can do all that. When I show people an interactive PowerPoint prototype, someone inevitably asks what I created it in. Overview To see what PowerPoint can do, here’s a sample interactive prototype created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 for Windows. Though there are other prototyping tools out there, here are the main reasons I lean toward PowerPoint: It’s fast. Edward Tufte Presentation Tips. Presentation Tips This collection of tips was transcribed from a seminar given in Seattle by Edward Tufte.

Edward Tufte Presentation Tips

He attributes these tips to another author (but I can't remember who it was). Show up early, and something good is bound to happen. You may have a chance to head off some technical or ergonomic problem. Also, whereas at the end of a talk people are eager to rush off and avoid traffic, at the beginning they filter in slowly. Post scriptum October 18th, 1999: Amazing. October 24th, 1999: I guess the trend is catching. October 24th, 1999: Thanks to Shimon Schocken from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya for pointing out a typo on this page. October 4th, 2001: Bernhard Reiter points out that the above links to Ted Romer's home page are now defunct. Examples of the Principles of Good Websites. List of open-source software packages - Wikipedia, the free ency.