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The DIY Super-Robotic Panohead. Homemade Camera Panoramic Head. The following post about creating a polycarbonate panoramic head was written by Barry Young. It is a slick design that uses semi-fixed drilled holes for vertical panning and polycarbonate for an even slicker look. In Barry’s words: Both of my DSLRs, an Olympus E1 and a Sigma SD10, are somewhat limited (by today’s standards) in the number of megapixels they churn out.

That doesn’t mean that I intend to upgrade them any time soon. Occasionally though I want to capture a particular scene in the highest resolution I can and so, like many other photographers, I too have had a go at creating my own DIY panoramic head. As you can see it is very much like many others you will find on the net, the main difference being that it is made of 12mm transparent polycarbonate, which makes it look slightly different from the norm. The Bits Most of the raw materials were sourced on Ebay, except the nuts, bolts and the bracket. The main material used is the 12mm transparent polycarbonate. The build was on!

A Hand Made Motorized Panoramic Head (Made With An Old CD, And Handmade Gears) Andrea Biffi is a photographer who happens to be an engineer. Good for everybody as he shares a smart totally made-at-home motorized panoramic head. (Kinda like the Gigapan systems heads, only simpler). Just as a quick intro, a motorized panoramic head is what you use to take huge panoramas (like this 450 people pano taken in Germany). It takes a picture, moves the camera a few degrees, takes another picture. Back to Andrea’s head. The left/right movement is achieved by freeing the tripod’s head (a Benro B1) for horizontal movement. The driver of the panoramic head is a gear box, which is actually a salvaged part from an old CD reader. The gears that move the head are hand sketched, drilled and sanded. The camera is triggered when the gears hit a momentary switch, connected to a DIY release cable. This is what the final construction looks like Here is how the entire thing operates, pretty cool, he?

PanoDuino Is The Most Awesomest 360 DIY Pano Head (Yes, Arduino Is Involved) Texas based photographer Phil Warner was looking for the perfect robotic pano head. He did not find one so he made his own. Phil runs 360photopro which kinda explains his need for a pano head. It does not, however, explain the beauty of the head he built. Based on Arduino, Adafruit Proto Shield and matching software the pano head boasts wireless control and the ability to take stunning 360 interactive panoramas. (kinda like making your won Gigapan awesomeness) Here are some of the panoramas taken (click to get to the interactive version) There are more of those on Phil’s 360 set. Phil was kind to share the parts list over Flickr – click the image for a description and parts links. Finally, here is a quick movie that shows the head in action If you want one of those sweet babies, you may have luck with the Owl Panoramic Head, same concept done with CNC parts.

. [360 Panobot | Phil Warner]