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The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs. ‪Quidditch For Muggles (CBS News)‬‏ The Assumption Song. ‪Coke Bomb Explosion Prank‬‏ ‪Episode 1: Why Are We Here?‬‏ So dirty: Sesame Street. Video. These Pancakes Are Tiny. BOB AND THE APPLE by ~LazyMuFFin on deviantART. Animator vs Animation. Animator vs. Animation II. 16 strange, awesome Japanese commercials. Commercials in America are not awesome enough.

16 strange, awesome Japanese commercials

That’s why I turn my attention to Japan, a country that understands my needs. Whether you’re jonesing for pets wearing clothes or environmentalist bears or even cheese-headed guys who are just a little bit rape-y, Japan always delivers. A Green Bay Packers tailgate party might also deliver on that last one, but I digress.

Here are 16 commercials that would probably never be made in America, to our great disappointment. Video. Video. The 10 best stand-up comedians of all-time. Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy. Dave Chapelle - Men and Women Phsycology - Very True‬‏ Jane Austen's Fight Club - Media file - The first rule of a proper Fight Club is that you must not mention Fight Club. Video. Video. The Matrix Reloaded. Library parody of the Old Spice ads - this is hilarious : Christina's LIS Rant. Video. Video. Video.