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6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2015. While doing research for my upcoming e-book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I have come across dozens of tools with pretty awesome potential for teaching and learning. These six are the ones I think are the most interesting and most useful right now. Wherever you fall on the technology spectrum — from newbie to experienced user — there’s probably something here you haven’t tried yet. Although most of these tools aren’t brand-new, they are all steadily growing in popularity, and each one can enhance teaching and learning in a unique, time-saving, or engaging way. For every tool, I provide a brief overview, my personal rating of its difficulty, a video that demonstrates how the tool works, and a list of suggested ways you can use it. Turn Hand-Picked Content into Your Own Online Newspaper Difficulty Level: MediumPrerequisites: It helps to be familiar with Twitter. Curation digs into all of this. A tool like is a fun, visually appealing, tech-savvy way to teach curation.

I do now. The Branding of America. R U going 2 class? Strategies and Tools for Engaging the Texting Generation. Students and Smart Phones Go Together Like Reading and Writing. Let’s Put Them to Use in the Service of Learning! In the U.S., and increasingly abroad, students of high school and college age require a smart phone as a standard part of their lifestyles. In fact, the pervasiveness of these devices can be a real distraction for teachers, who often have to ban the use of them in classrooms. Of course, it is also possible to embrace these ubiquitous gadgets, and put students to work on them!

There are many types of assignments and tools that can be used to engage students using their beloved devices. Research – Access to the Internet means that countless research opportunities are at your student’s fingertips. Another great way to put those phones to use is to use Remind to make sure they know about upcoming quizzes, tests, or assignment due dates. So let’s go put those smart phones to use in the service of teaching, learning, and student engagement! About Kelly Walsh Print This Post. How to teach SAMR w/ EdPuzzle & Quizizz for Assessment #hcspdl. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes.

Socrative. Show Me the Future: How to Play.