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RFAgriculture is a wholesale agriculture, nursery, greenhouse, farming supplier in Los Angeles, CA that distributes bulk plant products, tools, supplies, equipment, and systems throughout the US.

Tis the Season for Greenhouse Supplies, Indoor Farm Supplies and In-field Farm Supplies. With the singing of the birds, and the blooming of spring flowers, the season for growing is upon all operations in the industry.

Tis the Season for Greenhouse Supplies, Indoor Farm Supplies and In-field Farm Supplies

In order to be prepared for the coming growing season, an operation needs to secure the needed materials to start off on the right root. By being prepared for the coming season, a grower can be rest assured that the operations run smoothly with no delays that could jeopardize the plants or wallets. There are supplies that are needed commonly across all operation types, while other supplies are dependent on the operation type. Commercial Greenhouse Needs: The commercial greenhouse has major needs in the spring or before a new growing season. Indoor Farming Needs: Although the indoor farm is very similar to a commercial greenhouse, there are some key differences that set them apart from each other. Due to indoor farming operations making a switch to the vertical hydroponic operation, the needs are both similar and different. Outdoor Farming Facility Like this: Sourcing Coco Coir Grow Media. Thinking about using coconut coir or making the swap over to coco coir grow media for your commercial or industrial grow operation?

Sourcing Coco Coir Grow Media

If so, there are some important points to consider when it comes to selecting a quality coco coir manufacturers product for your grow operations. As with most products, raw materials are sourced from all over the world. As such, each country has their own rules and regulations in terms of quality of materials, whatever the materials may be. Furthermore, depending on the product manufacturers country of origin may also have an impact in terms of quality control and regulations. The above is a similar example of what is going on in the coco coir grow media industry. What You Should Know About Coco Coir- Buffered Coco Coir- Stock Up for Spring With Wholesale Gardening, Growing, & Farming Supplies. Turning a New Leaf Into Spring: Commercial Greenhouse Prep for the New Season Algernun Swineburne was once quoted as saying, “blossom by blossom the spring begins.” with the new spring , the trees began to bud, leaves appear, and life resets to start a new year.

Stock Up for Spring With Wholesale Gardening, Growing, & Farming Supplies

With all the excitement of spring, a commercial operation should prepare for a new growing season. The true benefit of being able to ‘reset ‘a growing operation between seasons is the full ability of the operation to look back and reflect on previous seasons and make changes according to current and future goals. Commercial and Industrial Plant Nutrient Delivery Systems. Commercial and Industrial Plant Nutrient Delivery Systems: Getting the Scoop on Proper Nutrient Management “Why work harder, when you can work smarter?”

Commercial and Industrial Plant Nutrient Delivery Systems

In the commercial horticulture industry, there is an ever increasing demand for more product with less inputs and over all costs. With this stress, sometimes it may seem like an impossibility. However, with automation, dreams can become a reality. Youtube. Commercial/Industrial Grow Media. Stock Up on Grow Media in Bulk with RF Agriculture and Save!

Commercial/Industrial Grow Media

Why Get Stuck Waiting for Your Grow Media to Arrive? Commercial/Industrial Grow Media. Youtube. Industrial Indoor Farming Grow Light Systems. Ever since the creation of the glass house or Greenhouse, growers of all shapes and sizes have been able to extend growing seasons or grow crops not otherwise seen in an area.

Industrial Indoor Farming Grow Light Systems

This is done through the extensive control of all aspects of the environment for plants. The goal of the greenhouse or indoor farm is to provide the best environment similar to what they would find in the perfect climate. Youtube. Commercial Hydroponic Crop Production Facility Design, Build Out, and Grow Op Services. RF Agriculture is a California based wholesale horticultural distributor that offers services for commercial greenhouses, CEA facilities, and farming operations throughout the United States.

Commercial Hydroponic Crop Production Facility Design, Build Out, and Grow Op Services

RF Agriculture has developed design and consultation services for all large and small scale commercial operations. The consultation services all start with Design Concepts that are developed with an operations needs and with goals in mind for both present and future. After the design concepts are created, design development occurs and bid / construction documentation is produced. RF Agriculture is able to provide knowledge and advice that can be used in the field when it comes to consulting or new commercial grow ops, construction scheduling, site safety, overall construction performance, and value engineering because consultations as all are done by a real person who has in the field multidisciplinary experience.

Any operator should know that proper design is the key to a successful operation. RF Agriculture Now Carrying Aroya SOLUS Handheld Wireless Spot Check Sensors. Large-scale growers that are in need of a high quality handheld spot checking device that is capable of measuring WC, EC, and temperature all in one easy to use unit, should consider the Aroya Solus.

RF Agriculture Now Carrying Aroya SOLUS Handheld Wireless Spot Check Sensors

Professional growers looking for a state of the art solution to measure and mine crucial data on the go from soil and grow media, should try out the new Aroya Solus sensor kit. The wireless multiparameter sensor offers growers real time data for water content, electroconductivity, and temperature from different areas tested that can then be used to modify, improve, and enhance grow operations for optimum plant health and maximum yields.

The new wireless, handheld multiparameter sensor kit includes a high tech Teros12 grow media sensor, a ZSC bluetooth dongle to sync data and measurements to the Aroya Solus app, and the free IOS or Android app-Solus by Aroya to process, view, and analyze the real-time data. Aroya SOLUS Handheld Wireless Spot Check Sensors Features: Hydroponic Plant Nutrients. Nutrients for the Hydroponic System Any grower knows whether they’re new or well-seasoned that plant nutrients will make or break the growing season.

Hydroponic Plant Nutrients

Nutrients are the basis of any system weather it be additional soil growing methods or some other modern techniques of hydroponic or aeroponic systems. With any nutrient solution there are two factors that keep in mind. The first is the composition of the nutrients. In other words, does it contain all the elements required for plant growth in the correct amounts, and secondly, with this hydroponic nutrient solution, what is the strength or EC for the particular crop, taking into consideration the stages of plant growth and type of hydroponic system. Just like a person, a plant needs nutrients through many avenues. Commercial And Industrial Grow Op Build Out Services And Supplies. Grow-Optimized Commercial Humidification Systems. In a commercial greenhouse, the control of the growing environment is essential to the success of the operation and the pristine health of the plants in the care of the operation.

Grow-Optimized Commercial Humidification Systems

There are several elements that need to be controlled and monitored in a greenhouse no matter the size and scale of the operation. These are temperature, lighting, irrigation, air quality and flow, and moisture. All of these factors need to be controlled in order to have a successful operation where both plants and wallets are happy. Thankfully the control of these elements can be done with determination and the correct equipment. Humidity Levels and What They Mean: In the control of moisture, humidity plays a major role. On the other side of the spectrum, too little humidity can be just as detrimental to the health of plants. Drip Irrigation and Integrated Dosing System Design and Installation Services.

In the commercial greenhouse industry, there are several key things that need to be considered when setting up a greenhouse. From the temperature, lighting, spacing, sanitation, and water a commercial greenhouse must have everything up to par in order to run smoothly and produce the best possible quality of plants. The best time to ensure that all of these aspects are up to par is when designing and constructing the initial build. By ensuring everything is able to support both the needs of the plants and the goals of the operation, the growing season is able to run efficiently and without the need for costly renovations further down the line. RF Agriculture understands the importance of a good build and design as well as the stress that a grower can undergo that can cause new construction or upgrades to be stressful. Installation and Design Services for Irrigation.

Commercial Growers News: Commercial and Industrial Grow Supplies Wholesale. Wholesale Gardening, Greenhouse, Indoor Farm, In-field Farm, Hydroponic Supplies Complete Horticulture, Floriculture, Agriculture Supply Chain Services- Supplies, Equipment, and Systems Available at RF Agriculture for Commercial and Industrial Growers. Organic Plant Pest & Plant Disease Control Products, IPM Supplies Wholesale. Tired of searching for a powerful organic plant pest control product that actually works? Check out RF Agriculture’s list of some of their top natural and organic pest control manufacturers that produce some of the world’s best organic pesticides, organic insecticides, organic miticides, organic fungicides, and natural pest control solutions for plants and crops. Organic Plant Pest and Disease Control and Organic Crop Pest and Crop Disease Control Products- TriTek- Is a three in one, OMRI certified organic plant pesticide, crop pest control, and organic plant disease control solution.

Manufactured as an extremely refined, pre-emulsified organic concentrate,TriTek’s all-in-one pest and crop control agricultural spray oil has established itself as one of the main choices of many large scale commercial and industrial indoor farming operations worldwide. Grow Lights Wholesale. Gardening, Greenhouse, Hydroponic Supplies. Complete Horticulture, Floriculture, Agriculture Supply Chain Services- Supplies, Equipment, and Systems Available at RF Agriculture for Commercial and Industrial Growers Large-scale growers and gardeners, commercial greenhouses, indoor farms,and industrial agricultural operations are always in need of a consistent supply chain of high-quality products. RF Agriculture, an AG, horticulture, greenhouse, and hydroponic supply store in Los Angeles, offers just about everything a large-scale grow operation would need to function properly on a day to basis.

In essence, complete supply chain management from basically one distributor. Types of Controlled Environment Agriculture. Controlled Environment Agriculture, also commonly known as CEA, is a loosely interpreted phrase that refers to the many types of Indoor farming… What is CEA? The acronym CEA stands for controlled environment agriculture, of which, can literally be interpreted as such. A controlled environment agricultural grow operation typically refers to any type of indoor grow operation that utilizes processes and systems to “control” all aspects of the grow operation. Custom Rolling Carts for Growers - News. RF Agriculture Now Offering Custom Nursery Racks and Rolling Carts and Rolling Shelves in Bulk at Wholesale Pricing for Commercial and Industrial Growers. Wholesale PPE Supplies and Cleaning Supplies – Commercial Agriculture. Interested in purchasing general PPE supplies in bulk and at wholesale pricing?

New HAF Schaefer Fans Available at RF Agriculture - News. Commercial Dramm Sprayer Carts. Indoor Irrigation and Water Room Design Services - News. Nothing is worse than having a thirst that can’t be quenched on a hot summer’s day. For plants in a greenhouse, summer is every day and the need for water is always in high demand. Having a reliable source of water in a greenhouse or farm is essential for optimum plant health. When plants do not receive the right amounts of water, health problems begin to appear.

Wholesale Grow Media: Stonewool, Coco Coir, Grow Stones, Vermiculite, Perlite... Post-Harvest - Prepping for the Next Crop - News. Benjamin Franklin is quoted saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” When considering this quote for the commercial greenhouse operation, it should come as no surprise that preparing for the next growing season is an important task as it sets the tone for the entire season. Starting off on the wrong root will cause problems to arise and a rocky start to the season for both operator and plants. Any issue no matter how small it may seem, has the potential to create enough problems to cause growth delays and poor overall quality of the crop.

Wholesale Farming Maintenance and Operations Supplies – Commercial Agriculture. RF Agriculture, a Fully Stocked Commercial DRAMM Distributor - News. Updated Commercial Dramm Product Lines Available at RF Agriculture- RF Agriculture's Grow Op, Greenhouse, Indoor and Outdoor Farming Service Area - News. Propagation Domes Wholesale. What Are Hoop Homes? – Commercial Agriculture. Commercial and Industrial Hydroponic System Components – Commercial Agriculture. Grow Environment Systems, Equipment, Supplies. Prepping Grow Light Systems for Winter - News. Wholesale Hoop Homes- Supplies, Systems, and Services - News.

Post Harvest Irrigation Maintenance - News. Newest Line of Anden Industrial Dehumidifiers Available at RF Agriculture - News. RedRock Block Pro Stonewool Grow Media vs RedRock Block's New ProPlus Stonewool Grow Media. New Dramm PulsFog and Dramm HydraTrax at RF Agriculture – Commercial Agriculture. Commercial Growers News: Schedule 40 PVC and Schedule 80 Pipes and Plumbing Supplies at RF Agriculture. New Shipment Just In!- Wholesale Propagation Trays, Staal and Plast Trays, Contractor Bags, Plant Stakes, and More! – Commercial Agriculture. Wholesale Garden Tools, Supplies, Equipment. Crop Production: Post-Harvest - News. Electrical Services for Commercial and Industrial Growers – Commercial Agriculture. Epoxy Flooring Services for Commercial Grow Operations. Wholesale Grow Supplies, Products, Equipment, Systems, and Services - RF Agriculture.

Automated Crop Production and Crop Management Systems. Bloom and Harvest Supplies, Products, Equipment, Systems – Commercial Agriculture. Indoor Farm CO2 Monitoring Systems and Supplies. Best Types of Grow Lights for Flower and Bloom Grow Cycle. Types of Vertical Farms – Commercial Agriculture. How to Prepare for Harvesting. Irrigation and Plumbing Supplies for Growers and Farmers – Commercial Agriculture.

Extraction Equipment

Next Gen Agriculture. Dramm. Dramm AME Fans: Improved Climate with Better Momentum Air Flow. Rockwool cubes. Agricultural Construction Services. Drip Irrigation. Commercial greenhouses. Coco Coir. Plant Nutrients. CEA. Hydroponics. Commercial Grow Lights. Wholesale Agriculture Supplies.