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Commercial Farm/Indoor Farm Builders, CEA Facility, and Greenhouse Builders in Los Angeles, CA. Wholesale MicroGreen Supplies – Commercial Agriculture. Getting Started in the Microgreen Business: Needed Supplies Thinking of Starting a Commercial or Large-scale Micro-Green Business?

Wholesale MicroGreen Supplies – Commercial Agriculture

Emerging in the commercial horticulture industry is the world of wholesale microgreens where growers are making the switch from long term, larger crops to a more manageable time frame and quick turnaround times. This emerging market has the potential to have high profits with lower inputs. In order to take full advantage of the market, a grower needs to be fully prepared for a transition or starting completely new to reduce the install times and the delay in growing these quick growing crops. Being prepared means that the grower can fully hit the ground running. The needs of a microgreen business are similar to that of a traditional grow facility with a few tweaks here and there. Trays for growing should also have covers with the recommended size being 1020 flats or 20- row seed flats at a soil depth between 1.5-2”. About RF Agriculture Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Starting a New Indoor Farm – Commercial Agriculture. Budding into a New Grow Operation Starting a new business venture can be intimidating with all the what if’s and possibilities open to a new commercial operation.

Starting a New Indoor Farm – Commercial Agriculture

However, there is the excitement of starting fresh and exploring a new business opportunity. By knowing what to do when starting a new grow operation, an operator can be better prepared for the growing season and take stress off their shoulders. The commercial growing operations are booming with increased demand and potential for major profits that are greater than standard operations as the sector is growing exponentially. What are some ways to get into the industry and hit the ground running?

A winning business plan. How to Start a Commercial Greenhouse, CEA Facility, or Indoor Farm. Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”.

How to Start a Commercial Greenhouse, CEA Facility, or Indoor Farm

These words can not be more true when starting a new business especially when starting a new commercial greenhouse operation. An operator wanting to expand an existing venture or starting brand new from scratch has quite a few things to consider and become aware of. From planning, research, infrastructure, budgeting, lighting, and everything in between an operator needs to have the plan set in place and fully thought out. Creating a Plan. How to Start a Commercial Greenhouse CEA Facility or Indoor Farm. Commercial Greenhouse Design. When looking at new construction builds for a commercial operation, it is essential to know the types, structural aspects, and covering types for a greenhouse to make an informed decision.

Commercial Greenhouse Design

Starting off on the right foot with the structure will save time, money, and future headaches from poor design decisions. The overall efficiency and production of a commercial grow operation is very dependent on the type of structure used. There are many designs to choose from, as well as countless modifications that can customize a structure for an operator’s goals and needs that all have important advantages and disadvantages. Considerations to Think About When Selecting a Greenhouse Before selecting a structure design for the commercial greenhouse, an operator has five things that need considered.

Is it an all-season greenhouse or one that is used for extending one growing season? It’s all in the Science! RF Agriculture’s New Lab Testing Services for Commercial Greenhouses and Farms – Commercial Agriculture. AG Soil/ Grow Media Testing Soil and growing media testing is important to the health of the crop as well as the optimal monitoring of an entire growing area in a greenhouse.

It’s all in the Science! RF Agriculture’s New Lab Testing Services for Commercial Greenhouses and Farms – Commercial Agriculture

There are several reasons to conduct soil/ media testing in an operation. A grower is able to optimize crop production, protect from run-off from an excess of nutrient and fertilizer applications, aid in the identification of possible deficiencies and plant culture issues, improve the balance of nutrients, and overall conserve energy and inputs of crops. Epoxy Flooring for Greenhouses and Indoor Farms. In order to meet the standards needed to grow crops to top quality and maximum yields, a commercial operation needs to select flooring that provides a seamless surface to help in elimination of crevices, lines, and other areas where soil and pathogens can dwell.

Epoxy Flooring for Greenhouses and Indoor Farms

Agricultural Pest and BioControl Products and Services for Commercial Growers and Farmers – Commercial Agriculture. Agricultural Bio Control Services Now Offered by RF Agriculture RF Agriculture’s New Bio Control Services: A Helping Hand When Pests Get too Pesky Every commercial grower regardless of the type of operation knows that successful crop production requires a crop that is pest and disease free with pathogens managed in a way that their effects on the plants are minimized.

Agricultural Pest and BioControl Products and Services for Commercial Growers and Farmers – Commercial Agriculture

The overall goal of the control of diseases and pests in a large scale operation are to prevent the establishment of a disease as well as minimize the development and spread of any disease that may appear in a given crop. In the control of pests, the control lies in the prevention of pest populations from becoming large enough to cause a major infestation and health issues for the plants. The presence of either pests, disease, or both at the same time is an inevitable fact. Multi-Spectrum LED Grow Lights – Commercial Agriculture. Light Emitting Diode or LED grow lights are becoming a common phrase in conversation among growers in all avenues of the horticulture industry.

Multi-Spectrum LED Grow Lights – Commercial Agriculture

These lights are a type of energy efficient lights that are options for both small and large growers. Many grow lights in the industry are known for their broad lighting and use filaments. However, LED’s use semiconductors and can be focused to a specific area with ease. LED”s are known for their ability to supplement the natural light needed by plants through full spectrum capabilities. PH Control in Dosing Systems. PH control for large farms and commercial grow operations- irrigation/ drip irrigation, dosing & fertigation systems, hydroponic operations, reservoir tanks, mixing tanks, drain management systems, soil and grow media, etc.

PH Control in Dosing Systems

AG Plumbing Services. RF Agriculture’s Grow Consulting, Designing, and Installation Services for Commercial Grow Operation Plumbing Systems- Irrigation/Drip Irrigation System, Fertigation and Dosing System Services, Water Filtration and Wastewater Systems… Riding the Waves of Great Irrigation and Plumbing: RF Agriculture Services in Plumbing In the world of commercial horticulture, the vast amount of AG specific plumbing systems can be very complex and with varying ranges from commercial greenhouses, indoors farming facilities, and in field growing operations.

AG Plumbing Services

RF Agriculture has a team of highly trained and experienced staff that have gained solid experience in the field of agriculture specific plumbing, irrigation systems, drip-irrigation, and complex installations. What is Precision Agriculture. What is Precision Agriculture? The agriculture and horticulture industries have evolved rapidly since the first inventions during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. This evolution has been a key part of ensuring that the demand for agricultural products can be met quickly and efficiently. The growth of precision agriculture has shown to be set to reach over $43.4 billion by 2025. The increasing use of technology in the horticulture sector is no surprise as the growing of crops in traditional settings can have high labor intensity and a large amount of overall space.

The use of new technologies has led farmers and growers alike to become more efficient and better able to manage costs. RF Agriculture’s Complete Line of Commercial Grow Media. Wholesale Plant Nutrients at RF Agriculture – Commercial Agriculture. Advanced Plant Nutrients – The different types we sell Nutrients are some of the most important factors in the growing of crops on a commercial scale. There are seventeen different nutrients and minerals needed by a plant throughout its life cycle. Each of these are important in some aspect of a plant’s life no matter the needed amounts needed by the plant. While macro nutrients are the most well-known and measured, even the micro-nutrients can cause severe growth and development problems in plants. RF Agriculture Knows Watt It’s All About: New Services for AG Electrical Systems – Commercial Agriculture.

With an increased demand for the production of food and related plant products, the need for automation and equipment has increased substantially. With the increased need for this equipment, a commercial greenhouse operation relies on higher amounts of electrical pull. An increased electrical usage can lead to problems and issues down the road if the system is unable to support the growing business. Improper electrical systems can lead to system failures, ruined equipment, blown breakers, and possible health and environment hazards in the facility. When seeking to make needed upgrades to the electrical systems, the commercial grower needs to be able to rely on trusted sources for recommendations, installation, and maintenance of the desired system.

Commercial Grow Environment Systems, Equipment, and Supplies. Being up to date on all the latest technology and advancements in environmental control over a commercial greenhouse, optimizes the production and ability to have balanced growing. The commercial grower has a lot to choose from in the type and style of control that can be done over the plants in the growing area. From simple, analog electric timers to the newest and most advanced digital environmental control, the grower can set the desired parameters for the growing operation integrating automation and technology to further the control.

RF Agriculture has partnered with the industry’s biggest names to bring the best products to the commercial horticulture operation. From Anden, Blue Lab, SmartBee, and more, the commercial grower has many different types of control systems available at their fingertips to meet any of their needs in the greenhouse operation regardless of the grow operation type. Click here for more information on our selection of commercial odor control systems. Commercial Automated Grow Light System Services.

In the new age of production horticulture, the use of indoor structures and greenhouses has become commonplace. Although these grow facilities offer many benefits pertaining to controlled environment AG and extending growing seasons, there is the downside of providing enough grow lighting. This is where high quality commercial grow lights come into play. Proper grow lighting is essential to the proper growth of any type of crop, as all plant processes are solely dependent on the plant’s ability to absorb and process light. In the commercial sector of agriculture and horticulture production, proper grow lighting is one of the most important factors in maximizing the plant quality and crop yields.

Since every grow facility is different, the unique nature of each facility needs to be addressed in terms of their specific operations grow lighting needs. Commercial Hydroponic & Vertical Farm Design Services. Whether a commercial grower is looking to start an exciting venture into the hydroponics production industry or wanting to expand their current operation, perfection within this controlled environment is key. RF Agriculture's New Line of Products. Cultilene vs. Grodan. Once widely used solely in the construction industry due to the excellent abilities of insulation, the commercial horticulture industry has integrated the material as a substrate in hydroponic operations.

This substrate is known as rockwool. Rockwool goes by many names such as stone wool or mineral wood. Crop Protection Systems and Sanitation Systems. RF Agriculture Launches New Agronomy Consulting Services Division. Wholesale Plumbing Supplies Offered Through RF Agriculture – Commercial Agriculture. Within the commercial horticulture industry, a grower must maintain several aspects such as air flow, temperature, pathogen control, and also water and irrigation. Greenhouse Hemp Growing. Precise Fertilizing - The Key to Healthy Plants. RF Agriculture Launches AG HVAC Services. Dramm Watering Products at RF Agriculture. The Dramm Company is an innovative, United States based company specializing in irrigation and water equipment and technology.

Boron and Plant Nutrition for Commercial Growers. Any experienced commercial grower knows that plants require light, water, and a healthy place to grow. Looking at overall plant health and maximum yields, there is more to the story than just those three simple things. Since plants are photosynthetic, they have not adapted like a person to go get something when they need it.

Instead, they produce their own energy through the process of photosynthesis, respiration, and the uptake of nutrients from the soil. Construction and Installation Services Offered through RF Agriculture. Wholesale Grower Supplies. Dosing Systems In the Commercial Horticulture Industry – Commercial Agriculture. Commercial Grow Op Clean Room and Sanitation Consulting, Design, and Installation Services Now Offered by RF Agriculture. Coco Coir from RioCoco – Commercial Agriculture. How to Winterize Your Commercial Grow Operation. Grow Services – Operations and Maintenance – Commercial Agriculture. Silica Plant Nutrient Supplements – Commercial Agriculture. Multi-Level Indoor Vertical Farming System Set-Ups. Watering and Irrigation- RF Agriculture. Gold Threaded PVC by RFA. Types of Grow Media – Commercial Agriculture. Venturi PVC-N600 (158 GPH) Dual Channel - Fertilizer Injectors - Watering & Irrigation. Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System - Nutrient Monitor Kit - 1-1/2-Inch (40 GPM) - Fertilizer Injectors - Watering & Irrigation.

Grow Room Builders and Farm Building Services – Commercial Agriculture. Netafim Crop Management Technologies (CMT) Controllers, Hardware, & Software - Drip Irrigation Equipment - Watering & Irrigation. Indoor Vertical Farm Grow Room Construction Services. NetaFim. What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)? - RF Agriculture News. Commercial MH, CMH, HPS Grow Lights – Commercial Agriculture. Physical Therapy and ALS – EvolveNY. Plant Meters and Plant Sensors – RF Agriculture. Manufacturer Spotlight – Commercial Agriculture. RFAgriculture Manufacturers. Wholesale Commercial Grow Suppliers- Plant Nutrients, Equipment, Hydroponic Systems, Grow Lighting, Plant Growing Supplies - RF Agriculture.