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Kitchen/Cottage/Hearth Witchery

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The Magical Home. I can give you herbs that have self esteem boosting properties but not if you’re planning on putting them on your body and/or consuming them.

The Magical Home

No offense, I’m not a licensed herbalist and just don’t feel comfortable giving that information. My recommendation would be to talk to herbalriot about that. They’re very knowledgeable, have the credentials, and are extremely helpful. Sorry I couldn’t help. seashellies: Somehow I’ve gotten a lot of new follows lately so I just wanted to say hi to you guys. Hello. Reblogging from my main blog to inform you guys of this: I’m also taking this moment to inform you guys that this blog and hearth-magic are currently on semi-hiatus. Because of my husband’s crazy schedule right now I don’t get a lot of free time anymore and what little I do get is being spent on one of the many projects I’ve got going on or on World of Warcraft. So yeah… I’ve had a few of you message me asking if I’m ok. Pbs-food: omgcica: omgcica shelbywildswitch won Prize Package #1. Kitchen and Cottage Witchery. Blog : Sarah Anne Lawless. Pantry Folk Magic : Sarah Anne Lawless. Posted by Sarah on Thursday, August 1, 2013 he beauty of folk magic is that it is practical magic.

Pantry Folk Magic : Sarah Anne Lawless

Don’t have an obscure magical herb for a spell? No worries, find something already in your pantry or yard instead. Don’t have a special anointing oil for your candle spell? No worries, use olive oil. First things first… To our ancestors, everything in life was magic and everything was subject to being cursed or blessed by spirits. Raiding the Spice Rack You know, that thing where jars full of herbs and spices sit for years before you remember to use them. Basil – (Fire/Mars) A herb long considered divine which lends itself very well to rites of cleansing, exorcism, and protection. Bay – (Fire/Sun) You put it in your soups and sauces but ancient Greek priestesses chewed the leaves to receive visions for supplicants at the temples of Apollo. Cinnamon – (Fire/Sun) Cloves – (Fire/Jupiter) Mint – (Air/Mercury) Mint is uplifting, refreshing, invigorating, and delightful. Pepper – (Fire/Mars) Coffee Salt.

What is a Kitchen Witch? Traditional Witchcraft for Hearth and Home. The kitchen witch is at home in her garden as well as her kitchen.

What is a Kitchen Witch? Traditional Witchcraft for Hearth and Home

She works with the cycles of the seasons and the moon, nurturing her outside sanctuary and growing sacred trees and wildflowers, along with harvesting culinary and medicinal herbs, and organic fruit and vegetables. She will grow plants with magical properties, such as healing herbs and flowers, and use these plants in her cooking, spells or potions. The kitchen witch will also spend time in her garden connecting with the Earth Mother, enjoying nature’s beauty.

Meditation and contemplation will be easily achieved in a quiet, specially created spot, perhaps on a spread of calming chamomile lawn or under a shady tree. Photo Credit: Faerie Garden – image copyright of the author (2007) The Real Witch – Buy From The kitchen witch gardens organically and ethically, using no chemicals or harsh pest controls. Herbs – Buy From Green Man – Buy From The garden of a kitchen witch is an enchanted one indeed! Kitchen & Green Witchery : Sarah Anne Lawless. Posted by Sarah on Saturday, September 12, 2009 his introduction is not on kitchen or green ‘Wicca’, but instead focuses on how these paths fit into traditional witchcraft and stand on their own.

Kitchen & Green Witchery : Sarah Anne Lawless

These two paths are personalized and should not be forced to meet anyone’s requirements or outlines of how one thinks others should practice them. There are no set beliefs, structure, or ritual guidelines. How kitchen and green witchery are practiced differs for each witch. They are generally solitary paths or are part of a practitioner’s path who may also be a member of a more structured magical system such as Wicca or Druidry. Kitchen Witchery Kitchen Witchery is essentially the practice of witchcraft or folk-magic based in the kitchen or hearth of the home. In peasant mythology the oven had a magic dimension, and ritual propitiators presided over the rising and baking of bread. Kitchen witchery is the continuing practice of domestic magic where for the practitioner, the mundane is magical.

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