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Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum. Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum is a remarkably useful popular education tool. It offers a practical way to strengthen a growing food sovereignty movement that includes consumers, farmers, environmentalists and faith communities. Building from the experiences of literally millions of grassroots activists world-wide, Food for Thought and Action challenges us to fix our broken food system.– Michael Pollan, Author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and The Botany of Desire It's been said that "you are what you eat. " In the face of a global food crisis, it's clear that we've been forced to swallow far more than what's on our plates. Our global food system is terribly broken, with nearly a billion hungry people around the world.

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Faith, Art and Farming

They are soooo ready to kid! Their kiddos are going to be available soon, stay tuned… The Green Life: Tips for living well and doing good from Sierra magazine. Spring is upon us, and with it come asparagus, beets, artichokes, and citrus fruits.

The Green Life: Tips for living well and doing good from Sierra magazine

Here are three fantastic dishes using the best that spring has to offer. Try them together for a vegan meal that’ll even have carnivores begging for seconds. Starter: Shaved asparagus salad This spring-inspired salad from Sunny Vegan blogger Amanda is crisp, light, and quick (no cooking required). Makes 4 servings. Healthy Schools Campaign. Indigenous Environmental Issues. OurWorld 2.0.

Green Florida

Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events 2011 - Sea and Sky. Stop Junk Mail, Block Unsolicited Mail, Opt-out of Unwanted Mail. Count Down Your Carbon. Together, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 925,818,354 lbs.

Count Down Your Carbon

Click on the ten icons above to see how your choices can help stop climate change. Each icon represents simple actions that have real carbon reductions associated with them. Please only register actions that you have already taken or commitments that you are certain to fulfill. Return as many times as you like to add more contributions to the calculator; it will track your individual reductions as well as the collective effort.


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