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Debate Shirky / Morozov. Stanford Social Innovation Review : Opinion Blog : Twitter Diplo. Marcia Stepanek reports back on the Alliance for Youth Movements conference and the power of social media in modern politics.

Stanford Social Innovation Review : Opinion Blog : Twitter Diplo

Ever since young activists around the world started using Twitter and Facebook last year to organize massively successful pro-democracy protests against their governments—unemployed engineer Oscar Morales’ 30-day Facebook campaign that turned out 14 million against FARC in Colombia was the first such mass-scale effort—the U.S. State Department has been sitting up, taking notice, and reaching out to join the party. In the days after last fall’s presidential election, President Obama’s social media team began organizing a nonprofit coalition of these cause-wired, global youth activists, inviting the most powerful to Columbia University last December for a conference cosponsored by Facebook, Google, MTV, and Howcast Media. Blogs and Bullets: Evaluating the Impact of New Media on Conflic. The Center of Innovation for Science, Technology, and Peacebuilding at the U.S.

Blogs and Bullets: Evaluating the Impact of New Media on Conflic

Institute of Peace and George Washington University's Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication hosted a public event exploring the role of new media in contested politics around the world. From Iran to Kenya to Colombia, the impact of new and social media on movements for political and social change has been the subject of much discussion, and controversy. In a USIP report (draft) released at the conference, a team of scholars from GWU, in cooperation with scholars from Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and from Morningside Analytics, take a fresh theoretical, and empirical approach to answering this question.The report critically assesseses both the “cyberutopian” and “cyberskeptic” perspectives, and proposes a new framework for assessing the role of new media in contentious politics.

This event explored these themes in three panels.

Governance & Trust

Governance and the Small, Religiously Affiliated Social Service Provider. Citizens' Constitutional Forum (CCF) The Citizens' Constitutional Forum Limited (CCF) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that advocates and educates for good governance, human rights, and multiculturalism in the Republic of Fiji.

Citizens' Constitutional Forum (CCF)

CCF works with women, youth, and other marginalised groups, as well as politicians and community leaders. CCF also networks with other local and international NGOs to share experiences and lessons learned on peace building, participatory democracy, human rights, and social justice.