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Ethical Eating

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World Food Day 2011 and Week of Action - US Food Sovereignty Alliance. ECHO - Home. 2011 Churches Week of Action on Food. Here is a list of actions that EAA members have carried out during the 2011 Food Week of Action.

2011 Churches Week of Action on Food

We welcome you to continue to use Food Week of Action resources to raise awareness and call for food justice. Brot für die Welt Action: Brot für die Welt handed 10.000-signed postcards, available here, over to the ministries of Development and Ecology, asking for sustainability criteria in the biofuel quality directive. A Press Release is available here. Result: Both Ministries said that they would support their demands and promised to keep them informed about the reporting of the government towards the EU commission on the sustainability impacts of biofuel production. Follow-up action: As the first report will be due next year, the ministries agreed that Germany should push for the inclusion of sustainability criteria again at the EU level and said they will raise the issue in the Rio + 20- context. Brot Fur die Welt Conseil des Eglises Protestantes du Cameroon (CEPCA) Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Just Food Exhibit. Central Appalachian Network: Rural, Environmentally-sustainable Economic Development.

Roots of Change. State Food Policy Council - Home.

Ethical Eating Blogs & News

Community Farming - Everywhere. Ethical Food in Schools. Slow Food International - Good, Clean and Fair food. Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice CSAI. Ethical Eating: Produce. Waking up is hard to do.

Ethical Eating: Produce

I awoke from a seminarian nightmare. Perhaps it was simply a school nightmare. I dreamed that I needed to finish four classes to complete my b.a. in order to complete my divinity degree. Thus I was back at the university. The campus resembled my high school in Arizona, or a high school of my dreams. Frankly, blogging about identity this week made me nervous. There were only two children in my grandmother's generation. I was unable to fully appreciate the magnitude of my grandparent's choice for assimilation, however, until the passing of SB1070. Time to wake up. The Ethical Eating Project - Overview. First some background: at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, we passed a Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating.

The Ethical Eating Project - Overview

I didn't like it. Here is the draft closest to what we passed, though a few mostly superficial amendments were adopted from the floor. Kinsi had a nice discussion of the class issues in the first draft. There were some changes made to that draft (reflected in the draft at the first link) to at least tone down the overall elitist feel of the thing. To my reading, it still doesn't reflect a real understanding of how difficult this stuff actually is if you aren't upper middle class. In response, the (total cutie) Rev. (Summary: Just as an experiment: try to live on the amount of money that folks on food stamps have to live on.) What the Rev. Now, "living by the statement of conscience" is something of a misnomer in that the statement of conscience itself doesn't list any real edicts, though goodness knows the vegetarians gave adding them a shot.

Learning About Ethical Eating. Rev.

Learning About Ethical Eating

Nate Walker has issued a challenge to folks to practice the new ethical eating resolution of the Unitarian Universalist Association by, if one already does not live on a food assistance program, living within that budget monthly and follow the resolution text. Okay, I agree that's a practice in empathy. But that only works if you also present yourself with the same limitations in shopping that many people living on food assistance also have. Food assistance programs are also needed for many folks living with social security disbursements, because of their limited ssi & ssdi (another unethical situation – how is it that “social security” doesn’t allow for a minimal standard of living in accordance with basic human dignity?).

If you live with food restrictions, too, don't forget you don't get off them during this little project. In my state of Florida, there are total asset limits on certain categories of $2000 in total assets. Don't let your assumptions take the cake.

Joyful Vegan

Mindful Eating.