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Revitalizing America

Revitalizing America takes an in-depth look at the promises of democracy made to Americans and the world, and the betrayals of those promises.

Talking to Children about Race, Racism, and Inequality. Racism, inequality and civil disobedience may seem daunting topics that many parents may feel afraid to broach.

Talking to Children about Race, Racism, and Inequality

However, experts say it is essential to touch and address these topics. Annette Nunez, a psychotherapist in private practice said, “If we brush it under the carpet… the message we are giving to our children is racism doesn’t exist…” So, how can we effectively talk to them about these topics? Here are three tips brought to you by Revitalizing America, the reliable Revitalize Book in America. Ask them what they know. Let us collectively help improve this nation by doing our part and taking Political Action in America. Looking for a reliable Human Rights Article? The Six Goals of the Preamble. The Preamble of the U.S Constitution – the famous first fifty-two words – introduces everything that is to follow in the Constitution’s seven articles and twenty-seven amendments.

The Six Goals of the Preamble

Beginning with a powerful phrase “We the People of the United States,” the preamble plainly states that the nation would be governed by her people and then describes the six goals behind the enactment of America’s charter of government. Here are the Six Goals of the Preamble explained to you by Revitalizing America. To form a more perfect Union meant creating a better government than the British colonial rule. It aims to establish a federal government that worked in union with its people and state governments.Establish Justice This refers to making a fair judicial system that involves equality among the people of the United States.Insure domestic Tranquility The purpose of “[insuring] domestic tranquility” is to maintain peace within the country’s borders. Looking for a reliable Human Rights Article?

Let Us Put an End to Corruption. Corruption may be a broad concept, but it boils down to one thing — abuse of power for personal gain.

Let Us Put an End to Corruption

Whether it involves individuals, companies, or organizations from the public and private sectors, you have to know how political and administrative corruption looks like. Political or grand corruption involves large sums of money, often within the highest levels of private corporations among policymakers and executives. Administrative or petty corruption, on other hand, is something we may see every day, such as civil servants accepting bribes for a particular service. Raise Your Voice: Exercise Your Right to Vote. The general public chooses its leaders.

Raise Your Voice: Exercise Your Right to Vote

Voting gives us the power to select the people in power who will listen to our qualms and help make sure that all our needs are met. It will also help us get rid of those who are abusing their position. But, when not even half of the population vote regularly, what happens to democracy? You have the power to choose what happens to America, and your choice can make a huge difference. The Importance of Teaching the Youth About Human Rights. Teaching the youth about human rights is an integral facet of their education.

The Importance of Teaching the Youth About Human Rights

Taking political action in America by educating our youth allows them to understand their rights. Doing so also teaches them about equality, including how they should be treated and how to treat others. Introducing this topic at an early age encourages students to discuss, explore, and create their own opinions and values. Interesting Facts You May Not Know About the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution is composed of the Bill of Rights.

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About the Bill of Rights

The United States Bill of Rights contains details about Americans’ rights concerning the government, which includes civil rights and liberties like religion and freedom of speech. Why Some Americans Don’t Vote. Most American citizens who are over the age of 18 can exercise their right to vote during federal and state elections.

Why Some Americans Don’t Vote

However, not everyone exercises this right because they believe that their voice doesn’t matter when it comes to electoral results. According to a survey, some adults decide that they have a lot of other things going on in their lives like school, multiple jobs, children, or personal matters. They feel that voting is simply an effort taken away from their priorities. As per the younger adults, however, they don’t have sufficient knowledge about how the government works and how their vote matters. Lobbyists Are the People’s Voice. Lobby groups or lobbyists use political influence for the purpose of creating political action in America for a productive government.

Lobbyists Are the People’s Voice

People involved in the said practice are making use of registered public campaigns to urge governments to put their public policy requests into action. Since lobbying is legal as per the U.S. Constitution, these groups are protected by the First Amendment Protection and Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Some people perceive lobbying as bribery. But do you ever wonder why lobbying is legalized while bribery isn’t? Who Are Whistleblowers and What Do They Face After? Whistleblowers are integral to the health of the government, the economy, and the public.

Who Are Whistleblowers and What Do They Face After?

They are those that report waste, fraud, abuse, violation of the human rights article, corruption, or dangers to public health and safety to someone in the position to rectify the wrongdoing. Whistleblowers have been responsible for exposing big cases such as the Watergate scandal, failures of the Vietnam war, the secret Swiss bank accounts, and even the health dangers of nicotine and tobacco products. They usually work inside the organization where the wrongdoing is taking place or are competitors of those responsible for the wrongdoing. Given how these cases can expose a company, government officials, or even an entire agency and they work close to these, whistleblowers face danger from people who would like to stop them from exposing the truth.

What Is MK-Ultra and Why It Should Matter? MK-Ultra was the CIA’s(Central Intelligence Agency) massive mind-control experimental project that went on for over a decade in the 1950s.

What Is MK-Ultra and Why It Should Matter?

It was known for violating not only the human rights article but also other codes such as the Hippocratic oath and the Helsinki declarations. It all began during the early period of the Cold War when the CIA was convinced that communists have discovered a drug or technique that would allow them to control human minds. They then came up with their own secret program. It wasn’t just a singular project. It included 162 different secret projects indirectly financed by the CIA and were contract out to various universities, research foundations, and institutions. The experiment was known to have used various unwitting people as guinea pigs including prisoners, sex workers, and patients with terminal cancer.

Most of MK Ultra’s records have been destroyed in 1973 only leaving 8,000 pages of financial documents that could piece out what happened. Why the Youth Should Pay Attention to Politics. How Criminal Cases Move Through the Court System. If you plan to make a political action in America, you need to be aware of some legal matters first. One of them is knowing how criminal cases move through the court system. What Is a Criminal Case? The Basics of Democracy in the United States. When you hear the word democracy, the United States of America almost always comes into mind. A Guide on Equal Protection Clause in the U.S. With all the happenings pertaining to political action in America, many people like you may be wondering if they will affect your exercise of basic civil rights. This is indeed a legitimate worry since civil rights ensure that people can take advantage of various government services as well as have a certain level of freedom to live their everyday lives.

Defining Gerrymandering and How It Affects US Politics. Are you familiar with the different political terms in the country? One of the political terms you might be familiar with is gerrymandering. But, do you know what it means? The Definition. Our Natural Right! We’re the seeds of our liberty, And We march, we march to be free. We’re Black, we’re Brown, Yellow and White! What You Should Know About Civil Courts. The Major Principles of the US Constitution. You may have heard a lot about the US Constitution, especially if you are up to date with Senate hearings or those supporting a specific political action in America. But what is a constitution? Examples of Civil Rights in the USA. Civil rights embody a set of rights that promote the protection of people from discrimination on various grounds and ensuring their overall health, safety, and integrity.

In most cases, governments that follow democracy are also the ones who strongly support civil rights. The Tests for the Right of Equal Protection. Bill of Rights: The First Amendment Revisited. Positive Political Actions on Social Networks. Aside from taking a pen to write and getting a megaphone to speak, you can now get on your keyboard and influence people to drive emphatic political action in America. Connect with Friends Connecting with our friends, especially our old friends, is now more possible than ever. Go and find your buddies or colleagues you haven’t seen for a long time now.

In this way, you can restore a fiery companionship that could mobilize social and political changes.Meet New People The revitalize book in America is now getting its way to becoming more popular. What It Takes to Revitalize America. The revitalize book in America is committed to making changes one step at a time.