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Rev started his journey working as a content contributor, developed an interest in the automobile industry. It also covers motorcycles & cars reviews.

TEFLON COATING Vs. CERAMIC COATING - Springs Car Care. More often than not, whenever you take your new car for its first service, you will be asked whether you want to get it Teflon coated.


How To Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating. People in India are quite obsessed with washing their vehicles.

How To Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating

It would not be wrong to say that for most of them, washing their car every day is an ideal way to keep it clean. In many small and big cities, you will find that the car owners have hired dedicated people who clean and wash their vehicles. Well, we cannot blame their mindset for this thought process considering the amount of dust and pollutants that their vehicle(s) are usually exposed to. Wider Brake Pedal - A Feature Of Automatic Transmission Cars. India has witnessed considerable growth in the demand for automatic transmission cars in the last five years.

Wider Brake Pedal - A Feature Of Automatic Transmission Cars

As per an automobile industry estimate published by The Economic Times recently, one in every five cars sold in India today comes with automatic transmission. Out of all the passenger vehicles sold (in the Indian market) last year, 17.3% were automatic transmissions. This share was just 1.4% in 2011. With the continuously increasing demand, it makes sense to educate ourselves with certain facts about automatic transmission cars. One such fact is that there are four categories of automatic transmission available in cars namely Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Torque Convertor and Dual-clutch Automated Manual. Another feature of automatic transmission cars is they have a wider brake pedal. Read More: 10 Essential Items A DIY Car Detailing Enthusiast Beginner Must Have Wider Brake Pedal – A Feature Of Automatic Transmission Cars.

PPF Vs Ceramic Coating Decide What's Best For Your Vehicle. An auto enthusiast is always eager to add value to his/her vehicle.

PPF Vs Ceramic Coating Decide What's Best For Your Vehicle

Irrespective of the make of the car, they will do whatever it takes to maintain the newer look of the vehicle. And they also understand that keeping their vehicle protected is equally essential. However, wear and tear of the vehicle’s shine is inevitable as it gets older. There are multiple reasons why this would happen, such as the weather conditions you are driving in, the amount of driving you to do, your vehicle cleaning/washing habits, the level of pollutants and contaminants in your area, etc. Wheels And Wheel Well Detailing - Springs Car Care. Have you ever asked a car enthusiast which portion of the vehicle they find the most attractive?

Wheels And Wheel Well Detailing - Springs Car Care

Don’t be surprised if most of them tell you that it’s the wheels. Because they know that stylish and well-maintained wheels detailing enhance the overall look of any vehicle. Wheels are to a vehicle like shoes are for humans. If you love your car, you know that the upkeep of wheels cannot be ignored. Wheels demand the same amount of care as required by the rest of your vehicle since they take the maximum beating while you drive. Thankfully, there is Wheel Detailing that comprises of techniques and products required for maintaining the wheels as much as you do for the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. Some enthusiasts prefer to keep the factory fitted wheels as they are, and would not bother about changing them. There is a wide range of wheels that you can consider customizing your vehicle with.

Alloy Wheels: These are aluminium wheels often without a clear-coat. 1. 2. 3. 4. A Quick Guide to Engine Bay Detailing - Springs Car Care. It would not be wrong to say that the engine of every vehicle is its heart.

A Quick Guide to Engine Bay Detailing - Springs Car Care

Just as you take care of your heart, the same way your vehicle engine needs proper care, and it is essential to keep it in a healthy condition. Not just the engine, but the whole space where the engine is placed – called the engine bay – needs attention. Car Polishing: Everything You Need To Know. Do you ALWAYS wish to keep the paint of the car looking new for a longer time?

Car Polishing: Everything You Need To Know

Car polishing is indeed a great way to extend the life of your car paint so that it looks fresher. An excellent car polish service can even help remove the contaminants from your car’s surface, making it look new for longer. The last decade has seen significant growth as far as the demand for car polishing is concerned. This is because of the fact that there is an increasing trend of people investing in high-quality car maintenance. And car polishing has now become one of the most basic detailing requirements for any enthusiast. 10 Essential Auto Detailing Supplies for DIY Basic Car Cleaning. A car detailing enthusiast is someone who likes to be on his own without being much dependent on others when it comes to car care.

10 Essential Auto Detailing Supplies for DIY Basic Car Cleaning

If you are one such enthusiast, then you would want to understand the practical know-how of maintaining your car’s appearance and health. Let us look at some must-have items a beginner car enthusiast should possess. 1. Microfiber Cloth/Drying Towel One of the most common characteristics of a car detailing enthusiast is his obsession with the cleanliness of the car. 10 Ultimate Checklist Before a Road Trip. As the year-end approaches, which is usually the time for annual vacations and weddings, a lot of us plan to go for long trips during this time.

10 Ultimate Checklist Before a Road Trip

A long drive trip, especially when it is planned with your family or friends, is something fascinating. Everybody looks forward to spending a good time, and a lot goes into the planning of such trips. 6 Amazing Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency. Running a car can be tough on the wallet if your vehicle engine is not giving you the desired mileage.

6 Amazing Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

No doubt, the increasing fuel prices is one of the main reasons behind this. However, a lot depends on the way you drive. Interestingly, you can boost fuel efficiency by up to 30% by merely paying attention to your vehicle and bringing some minor changes in your driving style. Best Way To Maintain Ceramic Coated Vehicles. We have explained earlier why Ceramic Coating is essential and why it makes sense to invest in it. Wouldn’t you want that every penny you spent should be worth it? And, of course, you would love to see that shine and glossy look retained on your car as long as possible. So the question asked by many vehicle enthusiasts is, “Can something be done to make the Ceramic Coating last longer?” The answer is “Yes!

We Can”. Does ceramic coating Really worth it ? The Essential Tips for Motorcycle Detailing. 2 Bucket Method – The Magical Way to Clean Your Car. Everything you need to know. Vehicle Vinyl Wrap: Everything You need To know. Want To Keep Your Car Shining? Go For Wax! Microfiber Cloth - Safe For Your Car Not For The Dirt - Springs Car Care.

Give Your Car A Clay Treat - Springs Car Care. Everything You Need To Know - Springs Car Care.