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Welcome to Retirement Asset Mgrs. where we approach financial planning for our clients in the unique way that applies to post retiree couples and individuals.

Have you tried the Social Security Retirement Estimator? - Retirement Asset Managers. Have you tried the Social Security Retirement Estimator?

Have you tried the Social Security Retirement Estimator? - Retirement Asset Managers

The Retirement Estimator can give you an idea of how much you will receive each month once you retire based on your Social Security earnings record. The Social Security Administration can’t provide an actual benefit amount until you apply for benefits. Have You Had A Financial Checkup Recently? Retiring? We can help you with a new financial plan. Retirement is a transition into a new phase of your life that requires a new financial plan.

Retiring? We can help you with a new financial plan

There’s a lot more to post-retirement planning than many people realize, and it’s important to have a company like ours working with you. We work hard to get to know your specific situation and help you take the steps to ensure you can move through your later years without stress. Here are some of the issues we address: Consolidation of retirement accounts. Consolidating accounts can make them easier to manage in retirement. Estate planning. Health insurance coverage. Signing up for Social Security. Simple (and effective!) ways to prevent a home break-in. Home burglaries can happen in any neighborhood, at any time.

Simple (and effective!) ways to prevent a home break-in

But the good news is that some of the best ways to keep burglars out of your home are also some of the most simple and the least expensive. Estate Planning Should Always Be Up To Date. Estate planning is one of those activities that is met with understandably mixed feelings.

Estate Planning Should Always Be Up To Date

On the one hand, looking at your assets and trying to decide how best to manage them for the day when you pass on is not a very pleasant prospect. On the other hand, to ignore the future and how it will affect your loved ones, children and grandchildren by having no well-structured estate management in place is not just inconvenient, in the worst case scenario, it can tear families apart as squabbles, rivalries and arguments that could have easily been avoided do irreparable damage to relationships, as friends and family wrestle over the question of what to do with your legacy. Mutual Funds & You. If you’re at the age where you enjoy some financial security and have a productive career ahead of you, it may be time to start thinking about your senior years, and what you want your financial situation to be.

Mutual Funds & You

After all, you can’t work forever, and part of the reward of having lived a long life is that you no longer have to; you’ve made a lengthy, valuable contribution to society, and now it’s time to enjoy the golden years. But part of that means taking the time to plan for that financial future, and one of the tools you may want to use is a mutual fund. But what is a mutual fund? How It Works The simplest way to earn a little bit of money without doing anything is to open up a savings account and let the interest accumulate without taking any of that money out. Financial Options: The Individual Retirement Account. Do You Need Wealth Management? In one sense, the words “wealth management” are a rather unfortunate choice of words, since the association of the term brings to many people’s minds images of people in chauffeured limousines sipping on champagne while trying to decide where to randomly spend several million dollars in the next hour.

Do You Need Wealth Management?

The words imply that this is a service that only applies to the infamous “1%” that make up financial elite of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wealth management is something that many people in America can benefit from. But if that’s the case, then what is wealth management? Professional Counsel In a sense, almost anyone that is actively trying to save and spend their money responsibly is already involved in wealth management. Generating Income After Retirement. When most retirees start looking at their current financial situation, one of the key elements of their portfolio that they will want to look at is how they’re generating income through the stocks and bonds they invest in.

Generating Income After Retirement

But the reality is that this isn’t always that simple, and generating income through solid funds isn’t always the straight-ahead strategy some assume it is. Traditionally, things like CDs and bonds have often been looked at as a reliable options for generating income. But now, diversification of stocks and bonds has become much more important and a solid portfolio is something that may need to be considered. Mutual funds aren’t as stable as those traditional CDs and bonds, but they are worth considering.

A Closer Look At Safe Investment Options. Your money is obviously important to you, and making sure that it does everything it should is something you’ll want to pay careful attention to.

A Closer Look At Safe Investment Options

One thing that many who are approaching retirement age will want to start considering is whether or not they’re making the best use of safe investment options for their financial future. This is a more complex subject than most realize, however. It goes beyond just finding out which options are the safest – safest doesn’t always mean ‘best’. The key thing that you’ll need to remember is that you need to consider the direct relationship between risk and reward. Safer investment options mean smaller potential dividends. So what options are worth looking at? Mutual fundsCDsBondsStocks that have been verified as lower risk In other words, the old, gold standards of safe investment options are still the best choices when you want security and stability. Income Planning As You Age. Throughout your life, a big part of your focus will be on generating income so that you and your family can live as comfortably as you possibly can.

Income Planning As You Age

But as you age, it becomes clear that you’re going to have to look beyond the basic idea of working for a wage. Older clients need to look into financial asset management and income planning in order to ensure that they have income after they retire. Financial asset management can take on a lot of different roles, but within this field the focus is on creating a diverse portfolio that provides you with multiple sources of financial security. While things like a retirement account such as a 401K can combine with a pension plan or your social security income, going further is important.

Luckily, there are several different options available that allow you generate additional income from fixed sources.