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How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping eCommerce Personalisation - Retargeting Blog. Have you ever thought about learning in advance what products your customers would be most likely to buy?

How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping eCommerce Personalisation - Retargeting Blog

What if I told you that you can maximise your profits by doing just that? Wouldn’t that be just great? Personalised and predictive retail is no easy job, but it may come sooner than expected. Imagine you’re clients are about to leave the house to go out for dinner. As they put on their coats, they hear a voice from the kitchen: “It looks like you have only one yogurt left in the fridge and the milk is on sale. eCommerce Personalisation is here to stay eCommerce stores have been around for more than 20 yrs now (Amazon started its first online bookstore in 1995), but these websites have never been as big as they are nowadays. We’re about to enter in the era of convenience business and predictive eCommerce. Retail giants are already using machine-learning algorithms to forecast demand and set prices. Sell more this Black Friday with Retargeting - Retargeting Blog. In 2015 over $70bn were spent as result of the Black Friday phenomenon.

Sell more this Black Friday with Retargeting - Retargeting Blog

Moreover, the amount of money coming from online spendings had doubled. This is both an opportunity and a challenge in desguise for any store owner. Retargeting Platform Update - Retargeting Blog. What is better than a product upgrade, a free one for that matter.

Retargeting Platform Update - Retargeting Blog

We have worked very hard to bring new functionality to each and every single Retargeting client, in order to help you increase the conversion rate and revenue of your online store. The first improvement comes to the live cart abandonment message which now can be set to trigger a promotional message when someone clicks on the close button of the page. Are you ready for Black Friday? - Retargeting Blog.

Black Friday Weekend is coming.

Are you ready for Black Friday? - Retargeting Blog

This holiday period is especially difficult for eCommerce owners faced with the challenge of competing against some of the biggest eCommerce players in the market. But what if I’ll share some tips and tricks to help you better prepare for this period? So, get ready to match your sales strategy with our insights, and gain increased traffic, while making sure that you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Prevent your website from crashing. The Rise of Retargeting in the eCommerce market. Why Choose Shopify For Your Online Store - Retargeting Blog. There are thousands of eCommerce platforms out there and choosing the right platform for your online business can be a very difficult matter.

Why Choose Shopify For Your Online Store - Retargeting Blog

Having to go through a huge number of pages full of features and explanations, quickly transforms into a chore without benefiting your business in any shape or form. This is why we did all the research and testing ahead of time, and time after time Shopify was between the leaders in many categories. So, why should you choose Shopify? Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platform in the world and has recently passed the 100.000 active stores milestone. The Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing - Retargeting Blog. The good thing about our contemporary world is that it offers website owners the possibility to send targeted ads to the people who have already shown interest in their brand.

The Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing - Retargeting Blog

This is possible with the help of online marketing, which uses a lot of technology to create successful PPC, retargeting or remarketing campaigns. The only problem is that the terms used for these online marketing techniques can sound a lot alike each other while they are quite different, and the best example for this is retargeting vs remarketing. And since these marketing techniques are meant to make our lives easier, let’s shine a light on them for further clarification. Retargeting for E-commerce Success. Why is E-commerce important?

Retargeting for E-commerce Success

Internet usage is increasing day by day and it is even more prominently featured in everyone’s daily life. To take the advantage of this cyber networking, the concept of E-commerce was developed. E-commerce is an emerging concept for businesses. In general, terms, E-commerce can be defined as any trading activity, which takes place over the Internet or through any electronic means. It must be noted that ordering and payment can be done online.

How to win the Local Search battle - Retargeting Blog. Location, location, location.

How to win the Local Search battle - Retargeting Blog

There is a lot to learn from this famous marketing mantra. Location is always very important when opening a physical store for example, or when choosing where to live. The same principles extend to the online medium. This article will shed some light over some proven techniques that anyone can use in order to rank better in local search queries.

Localized content. Learning from 5 Successful Social Ecommerce and Retail Companies - Retargeting Blog. Retailers and ecommerce companies have long pondered the importance that social media has in driving revenue for their business.

Learning from 5 Successful Social Ecommerce and Retail Companies - Retargeting Blog

Meanwhile, major players in this domain can attest to the efficiency of social media in increasing the lifetime value of their customers. Last year social media generated more than 30 billion dollars for social ecommerce and retail businesses. Thus, we can clearly say that being a social company definitely pays big time. Now let’s take a look at some of the businesses that are doing incredible things on social media and discover how they got to this high level of social media optimization and strategy. Asos Founded in 2000, Asos has rapidly raised to fame with the help of social media. The Social Media team at Asos currently manages the accounts for all the available key platforms. How eCommerce Psychology Can Help Your Business - Retargeting Blog. An integral part of being a great marketer is understanding how people think and how they act in some key situations.

How eCommerce Psychology Can Help Your Business - Retargeting Blog

It is incredibly hard to create compelling marketing content if you don’t know how how your target audience thinks. Even more so, if you run an eCommerce business, understanding psychology will provide you with key answers and directions towards what should be your next steps in product development, sales, customer service and pretty much all the activities that directly impact your customers.

To aid you in your eCommerce endeavors, and boost your sales we have put together a list of key psychological principles that you should take into account when looking to improve your business related activities. How to make your customers promote your business - Retargeting Blog. Customers are the recipients of Goods or services, or products, or ideas, obtained from a seller, vendor, or supplier via a financial transaction or exchange for money or some other valuable consideration. – Wikipedia In my humble opinion this definition is incomplete.

In its current state it means that a customer is nothing more than a bottomless sack of money with no other purpose than buying goods/services etc from a company. 3 Ways Agencies Can Improve Client Metrics With Retargeting - Retargeting Blog. The key for any marketing agency’s well-being is client satisfaction. That is why agencies are always on the lookout for tools like email or Social Media automation, that provide added value for both the agency and their clients. Moreover, the number of online businesses is on the rise, especially in the Ecommerce market, and the need for marketing agencies with top quality services is at an all time high. A key factor for this incredible rise is the increase in online sales. FAQ, triggers, online marketing, eCommerce, retargeting, A well-written FAQ can help you sell to customers without even being physically present.

We’ve realized that an effective FAQ section should be written by your customers, not you. Most business owners and marketers don’t consider FAQs important when it comes to the design of their website sales funnel. They are often pushed off to the back burner as just something every other website has.Thinking this way is a critical mistake. FAQs should not be written just for the sake of filling space on your website. FAQs are an opportunity to convince cautious buyers. Softcube competitors. Starting an online shop can be a really challenging experience. Despite what other people thing, there’s a lot of stuff to do, not just set up the site and wait for people to start buying your products or services.

Actually, sometimes it can even get a bit frustrating, since even though you have a decent amount of visitors, they barely convert. Improve your conversion rate using retargeting landing pages. According to Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors that visit your website are not ready to buy.What does this mean? Well, it means that 96% of visitors that you spent time and your hard-earned money to bring to your website leave without doing anything. Not even a click on a button, no filling of a form and no conversion whatsoever! That’s a dead end of any hope of conversion, right? Not exactly! Here’s some good news. According to a study, retargeted ads produce a 726% lift in website visitation after 4 weeks. How to make your delivery options better using retargeting. Where exactly will the customer who has just ordered from you be in an hour time?

Remind people about their wishlists using retargeting. From an e-commerce point of view, wish lists are a treasure. This simple shopping tool expedites the purchasing process in two major ways. First, customers with an intention to buy, but postpones purchase for some reason, use wish lists as a reminder of what they want to purchase in the future. Second, it’s a vital marketing tool. Wish lists reduce shopping cart abandonment and help retailers identify what consumers want from their store. Marketers can exploit this often underutilized marketing tool via an explosive combination of email marketing and retargeting strategies.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that these strategies wouldn’t work if you have inadequate customer data. Personal info i.e. age, date of birth, location, etc. Once you have that information, you can progress with these quick email strategies that maximize the benefits of wish lists. 7 ways that facebook retargeting can get you more leads. Watch out, e-Commerce! The new Retargeting.Biz is here! Get Creative with retargeting tools. Upsell your product with retargeting without pushing too hard. Mistakes to avoid when starting a retargeting campaign. Discover how Retargeting can prevent cart abandonment. Retargeting is an online advertising which focuses on the consumer as a result of the consumer’s activity on the internet. This form of targeted advertising uses a web bug which is embedded in customer’s e-mail to enable a marketer display ads to the consumer on the internet.

As an online retailer, retargeting will enable you track visitors to your website and convert them to your customers. It is a great way of bringing back customers who leave an online store before checking out. Granify competitors. Remarketing is one of the hottest concepts of the moment and a lot of companies are considering it. And the best part is that the offer is pretty big, so they can choose from a few excellent services. Still, this choice can be pretty hard, especially if you’re looking forward to deciding upon the service that has the most effective services, available at a pocket-friendly price. Since you’re reading this, you’re most likely in this situation, but you’re lucky, since we’ve picked three of the best remarketing services on the market and made a short description for each of them, focusing on their top notch features, in order to make your choice easier.

How retargeting can help small and medium travel agencies? With a lot of big dogs in the saturated travels and tours stratosphere, it is becoming increasingly high for small and medium travel agencies to spread their wings and compete favorably with the established and well known travel agencies. Without their might and money, it becomes imperative for these small and medium travel agencies to pursue smart ways to get noticed and make sales. In this light, it is imperative for them to utilize the amazing marketing powers of retargeting to seek and capture visitors who once visit their websites, but left without making bookings. With the travel industry being controlled by personalized preferences of customers, it is necessary for travel agencies to pursue strategies that cater for the specialized and personalized needs of their clients. To favorably compete with the big boys in the saturated travel industry, small and medium travel agencies can reach a wider audience via retargeting.

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