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Retail Secure

Retail Secure aim is to provide simple, cost effective managed network security solutions to SMB's whilst helping achieve PCI DSS and guest WI-FI compliance.

Unifi Hosting at Retail Secure. Our Unifi device hosting service eliminates the need to host and maintain your controller, saving you both time and money.

Unifi Hosting at Retail Secure

It means you don’t need to worry about using a Cloudkey, installing Java onto a machine, maintaining the machine and so on! With this service, any of the Unifi supported devices can be added, including AP’s, Switches, USG, and more. You will be charged a fixed monthly fee per device, with no minimum contract commitments. This means that your devices can be spread across as many sites as required without additional charge.

Benefits and features: Access from anywhere Daily back-ups SSL certificate for accessing the controller Peace of mind Convenience Quality and security are guaranteed. Why not go premium? Retail Secure - Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi. Avoid data breaches & non-compliance fines. PCI Consultancy Services by Sheffield WIFI Services by PCI Compliance by Hosted Desktop Service (HDS) Our world-class Hosted Desktop Service (HDS) provides businesses with a great way of simplifying their IT commitments and thus improving levels of efficiency while reducing costs.

Hosted Desktop Service (HDS)

In fact, our solution could reduce your IT expenditure by as much as 40 per cent. Our HDS is extremely popular with remote workers and mobile workforces, and with the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), all businesses will soon necessitate this type of hosting service. Key Benefits: Uniform ExperienceReduce ExpenditureHigh Performance and SpeedImprove MobilityLess Worries about Hardware and SoftwareIntegrate Your Own Systems and SoftwareImproved Security and Back-UpsContinual Support What can you expect from our Hosted Desktop Service? Our HDS improves efficiency by a considerable degree, and with Retail Secure’s solution you are assured of high levels of performance and security too. Is your business PCI compliant? PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance should be a main priority for all businesses.

Is your business PCI compliant?

These are a set of requirements that all merchants are required to follow in regards to the way in which they process, store and transmit credit card data within a secure environment. No matter how big or small your business is, what industry you operate in or how many transactions you process, you need to be PCI DSS compliant. This is especially important when you consider the fact that 60 per cent of small businesses that suffer a data breach are out of business six months later. Could you afford a non-compliance fine on top of fraud losses? PCI compliance is all about ensuring your business is secure and protected. Have you developed and maintained an information security policy? If you cannot answer ‘yes’ confidently to all of these questions, then your business could be at risk of breaching the regulations that are put in place by the PCI DSS.

Taxis - Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi Solution. Offering free Wi-Fi to your customers on the go represents an excellent way to increase your bookings by a considerable degree.

Taxis - Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi Solution

Customers are going to be much more likely to choose your taxi company if they know they can connect their smartphone, laptop or tablet during the journey. Whether this means simply curing boredom by checking Facebook or playing games, or doing some last minute work or checking emails on their laptop, you can rest assured that this is going to appeal to vast number of customers. In fact, a large number of people have stated that they would be more likely to use a taxi if they knew it offered free Wi-Fi. For a lot of people, it is vital to stay connected while on the move, especially if they are meeting up with someone or in an unfamiliar area. There are also business passengers that will need to remain in connect with colleagues and such like.

Cyber Security with Cyber Security Cyber security is on the increase as more systems connect via the Internet.

Cyber Security with

Cyber criminals target known vulnerabilities and smaller merchants as they are inherently less secure and do not have the IT knowledge to ensure their network is safe from a cyber-breach. Cyber security threats will increase for smaller business owners as larger businesses employ security experts to lock down their network, leaving the criminals to target sites with minimal or no security. Network Security Network security is often overlooked by most smaller organisations thinking they have a router/firewall installed that will protect their business. Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. Viruses, worms, and Trojan horsesSpyware and adwareZero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacksHacker attacksDenial of service attacksData interception and theft. LAN Segregation with Data Breaches - Data Breaches - Data Security Breach. PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire at

Cardholder Data Environment at Compliant Guest WiFi at You can take our Compliant Guest Wi-Fi solution as an add-on to RetailCompli to allow your guests to enjoy free Wi-Fi whilst in your store.

Compliant Guest WiFi at

You are now legally required by law to track all your customers data and with our solution you meet this requirement and also have access to a powerful marketing platform. Using our platform you know who is currently in your venue using your Wi-Fi in real time. This means that you can target specific demographics, giving marketing campaigns a greater chance of success. We collect all information legally required, providing compliance and 'peace of mind'. It also creates a unique marketing opportunity to target people that are of interest to your current campaigns.

PCI Compliance at RetailCompli is a cloud based management service and built in firewall for end-to-end protection If you're a merchant or organisation and you're struggling with PCI compliance then RetailCompli is the perfect solution for you!

PCI Compliance at

Cybercrime cost $110 billion last year globally. Cybercriminals target retailer networks looking for sensitive financial information.