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We are a growing Investment Bank and a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Bank. We are also a certified company under ISO 9001:2008.

Webinar On Impact of COVID-19 On Banks

Investment banking. Why TEV Report is important for project funding? Resurgent India Limited. Private Equity’s New Focus. Private Sector Is Particularly Attractive For Project Financing. Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know. The scenario of investment banking in India is getting better due to the investors’ elevated level of trust and lower operating cost model.

Investment Banking – Overview, Guide, What You Need to know

India is now regarded as the world’s fourth-largest economy. Its impressive GDP level has catapulted it to second place among all developing nations, particularly in the field of purchasing power. It will also be witnessing financial stability at the macro-level. Investment is said to be the main player behind all the economic development. The global banking sector is on a firmer basis a decade since the financial crisis. For Investment Banking in Gurgaon, reach out to Resurgent India, a leading and growing Investment Bank and SEBI registered Category I Merchant Bank.

The Strategic Secret of Private Equity – Resurgent India Limited. Private equity involves the assets utilised by private and institutional buyers to buy or participate in public corporations.

The Strategic Secret of Private Equity – Resurgent India Limited

Usually such funds are used in investments, corporate growth, or to improve the balance sheet of an organisation. In fact, private equity comes from high net worth individuals and corporations who buy private sector stock or take ownership of public firms with ambitions to take private equities and ultimately divest them from public bonds. The bulk in the private equity sector consists in big institutional creditors, such as mutual funds, and smaller private equity firms funded by an approved investment company. Project Finance - A Primer on the Project Finance Industry. Key Features of Project Financing: ⇒ Capital Intensive Financing Scheme: Project financing is suitable for undertakings that involve immense stocks and loans and typically is used in developed countries because it helps in the country's economic development.

Project Finance - A Primer on the Project Finance Industry

This lending scheme, which is more expensive than commercial loans, raises prices and decreases liquidity. ⇒ Risk Allocation: In this funding arrangement, the applicant has been exposed to some of the liabilities associated with the project. Sponsors also tend to use this financing system because it allows them to reduce harm. On the other side, Project Finance will offer borrowers a higher loan margin. ⇒ Multiple Participants Applicable: Project financing frequently requires a large-scale undertaking, several stakeholders in the undertaking may be delegated to handle the specific facets of the project. Overview of Project Finance. Complexity: Project finance is based on multiple arrangements, each requiring complicated agreements, with multiple parties.

Overview of Project Finance

Maintaining a cash flow record between the parties concerned is usually difficult without proper discretion. Expert assistance: Project financing involves complex deals and several parties. It needs specialists and experts in the development of a complex system based on business and credit. Compliance and Documentation: The project financing company is built by radars from the nation. Banks and financing companies exercise extreme due diligence and clarify the financial limit even before they are increased. Webinar on Real Estate- A Way Forward. May 22, 2020 Admin Covid-19ResurgentIndiaWebinarSessionKnowledgeSeriesCorporateLifeRealEstate Webinar On “Real Estate- A Way Forward” Speakers- Mr Quaiser Parvez, CEO- Nucleus office parks.

Webinar on Real Estate- A Way Forward

Webinar on Coronavirus Outbreak Banking & Business Way Forward. ⇒ Banks will play key role in re-developing economy.

Webinar on Coronavirus Outbreak Banking & Business Way Forward

RBI has infused liquidity to the banks under ‘TLTRO’ scheme and directed banks to use that funds to subscribe to bonds of various NBFCs which will give NBFCs some relief. RBI is still yet to take a decision if NBFC will also be part of the forbearance of payment for 3 months. ⇒ Its in the interest of bank to see that their exposure of NBFC sector is not impacted or come under any stress. Banks are not averse to sanctioning loans to NBFC, if the proposal is met with the stipulated parameters.

How to Find the Right Financial Advisor for You - resurgentindialimited. A Financial Advisor gives consumers insurance tax counselling or recommendations.

How to Find the Right Financial Advisor for You - resurgentindialimited

Many specific programs, like wealth strategy, tax preparation, and estate planning, may be provided by financial planners or consultants. Financial experts are gradually selling different packages as one, spanning from wealth management to insurance. An autonomous professional working in a trust capacity in which the needs of a customer take priority over his or her own is a financial planner. Only Licensed Investment Advisers (RIA) are kept to a true fiduciary obligation and are regulated by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Webinar on Future of Real Estate. Key Takeaways ⇒ Indian Economy has been facing several challenges in terms of new policies like GST and has been experiencing liquidity crisis to which real estate is no exception.⇒ Infrastructure propelled the growth after great depression in early 40s.

Webinar on Future of Real Estate

Real estate can be determined as a part of it. Real estate and construction stand second to agriculture in generating employment. Majority of the industry experts and bureaucrats are of the opinion that low hanging fruit that could engine the economy would be agriculture, construction and infrastructure- in which real estate can be classified.⇒ Real Estate has proven to be more secure than any other asset class given the current situation.Uncertainty is stricken with panic which gravitates large financial investors and even retail investors to safe haven assets like gold and real estate.

This tendency has been repeated historically.⇒ Despite of the market condition, if promoted correctly, can prove to be a great opportunity. Webinar on Life of Corporates After COVID-19. RESURGENT INDIA KNOWLEDGE SERIES PRESENTS Webinar on “Life of Corporates after COVID-19 Speakers: Mr Samir Gupta, CMD- Jakson Group Speakers: Mr Lalit Agarwal, CMD- V mart Retail Limited Moderated by - Mr Jyoti Prakash Gadia, MD-Resurgent India Limited ⇒Conventional definitions of classifying companies into small, mid and corporate based on their size, profits and plant and machinery will now be replaced by modern definitions of how effectively they are using internet for connectivity, communication and reaching out to the customers.

Webinar on Life of Corporates After COVID-19

New classification will be namely as follows. What is the process of insolvency? Project Finance - Transaction Flow and Advantages. Parties involved and transaction flow in project finance Sponsors: Sponsors are typically the parent company's private equity capital investors who choose to pursue investment funding.

Project Finance - Transaction Flow and Advantages

Even a special purpose vehicle can float two or more individuals with paws. Its effect happens as two entities establish synergies that profit from the special purpose vehicle connecting the two organisations. Banks/financial institutions: It may be a sole investor or a financial company group. Project Finance - Transaction Flow and Advantages. How Can The Insolvency Service Help You? Insolvency Services: The Insolvency service provides mutual liability payments with businesses and entities struggling with abuse and law compliance. It also requires consolidation when an insolvent organization is in existence. This may support companies with structured insolvency processes to preserve shareholder interest.

Insolvency Services can provide you with: How to Calculate the Valuation of a Company. Looking for NPA account funding? Major Role of Insolvency Professionals. 5 Things that Banker Analyse Before funding a corporate. Major Role of Insolvency Professionals. A Study On Merchant Banking Awareness. March 18, 2020 Admin merchant bankingmerchant banking firmmerchant banking servicesmerchant banking in gurgaon Merchant Banking is the financial institution committed to the credit union, merger and acquisition services, fundraising, portfolio services, publicity, and new issues, consulting services, promotion of ventures and project funding for large companies, high net worth individuals, and multinationals of corporations throughout the world. The central purpose of the commercial banking industry is to make money, grow and modernize the sector, which essentially represents the country's overall economic growth.

Basically, Merchant Banking is the combination of both consultation services and Banking. Merchant Banks mainly works with small businesses or start-ups that find difficulty in raising funds. Insolvency Professional -Significance, functions, eligibility. Detailed project report service. Detailed Project Report. Detailed Project Report (DPR) – A market insight. Detailed project report is the complete investment, decision-making, approval, and planning document.

The study's breadth improves as project recognition and purpose to introduce the project develops. We assume that there is enough detailed information in the feasibility study. The perfectibility or feasibility report provides an endorsement of the investments on a project or a request to prepare the DPR, by the project owner. Preparing DPR is expensive and time consuming when reports by experts from various strands such as market research, engineering (civil, mechanical, metallurgical, electronic), finance, and so on, depending on the project itself, are considered in the DPR. Business Valuation Service. Which Firm Are Private Equity Firms. Private Equity is Advantageous Over Others. Why Private Equity is Advantageous Over Others? Introduction to Private Equity At times, private equity is primarily on investing in the companies and exit after selling their instalments such as initial public offerings (IPOs).

It refers to the capital investment made by the investors in the companies not listed on the stock exchange market. They invest funds in a public company for conducting buyout, which results in the delisting of that public company from the stock market. Advantages of Private Equity: Private equity offers businesses and start-ups with several benefits.  It is embraced by businesses because it helps them to tap equity as an alternative to traditional financing instruments such as bank loans with high-interest rates or public market listing.  Some forms of private equities, such as risk capital, finance ideas and companies at an early stage.

Why Private Equity is Advantageous Over Others? Bestowed Business Valuation Services. Need Of Business Valuation For Our Business. Why is there a need for Business Valuation? Introduction to Business Valuation Business Valuation is a way to measure the economic value and net value of a whole company or organization. The corporate appraisal can be used for the purposes of calculating the equal value of a company, or assessment of the economic potential of that firm, usually carried out when a business wants to sell or combine with a company or to purchase a portion of its organization. While evaluating a product, experts will come to some conclusions and the same is reported in the final report. The following attributes, such as the valuation intent, valuation date, the evaluation process utilized, detailed analysis of financial statements, assumptions made, the corporation/business capital structure and the market in which the firm operates are to be taken into consideration when assessing the business value.

Why would that be a requirement for Business Valuation. Why is there a need for Business Valuation? Extent of Business Valuation Report for Raising Funds - Accounting & Finance Software - India, UN. What are the key jobs of bankruptcy Services? What are the key roles of insolvency Services? March 05, 2020 Admin InsolvencyInsolvencyServicesInsolventCompany IBBIBankruptcyBankruptcyBoardinsolventdebt An entity or a person is said to be insolvent they are not in a position to honour its financial obligations towards its creditors.

Various Sources For Project Funding? What are the various Sources for Project Funding? Business Valuation Will Help To Enhance Its Value? Big Business - New Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law. New Insolvency & bankruptcy law by Resurgent India. Real Estate Sector - Challenges & Issues. India was gripped by the flight to London of liquors tycoon Vijay Mallya , the self-proclaimed “king of good times” When in May 2016 India’s parliament passed the new insolvency and bankruptcy code. with Kingfisher Airlines defaulting on debt of $1.3bn in 2012, His immediate plight followed the failure into aviation. The issue exposed the unhealthy relationship that had developed between major corporations and India’s state-owned and private banks, with the corporations getting loans for troublesome projects, and making their lenders to defer repayment when those projects failed.

Reshaping the Big Business - New Insolvency & bankruptcy law. Business Valuation Is a Way To Determine The Economic Value. Latest Trends Of Project Finance. What are the Latest trends of Project Finance? Bank Statement Analyser Is A Reliable Tool. Bankruptcy Code Is Reshaping Indian Business. Valuation Refers To The Process Of Determining The Present Worth Of A Company. How to Increase the Value of Your Business ? Valuation Can Help Business To Enhance Its Value. How Business Valuation Can Help Business To Enhance Its Value? Resurgent India Limited: What are the Latest trends of Project Finance?

Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalist: 7 Main Differences. February 05, 2020 Admin Angel investorventure capitalist firm. Resolution to Distressed Assets – Under IBC, 2016. Skilling India Empowering Employability. Do you want to evaluate the true value of your company for better financial decisions? Resolution Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code. Your Business' worth Could Cost You Millions. Ease of resolution under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. With an intention to amend and change the laws concerning reorganisation and settlement of insolvency, in a time-bound manner, to optimise the values of property, promote innovation, access to credit and to align the interests of various players, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (code) has been adopted.

Ease of resolution under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - resurgentindialimited. Your Business's value Could Cost You Millions? Why TEV Report is important for project funding? Your Business's value Could Cost You Millions? Why Not Knowing Your Business's value Could Cost You Millions? Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 Was Passed In May. Slide1: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 in India. Guide For Resolution Plan Under IBC. Resolution Plans such as the release of Expression of Interest. Guide to Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 - resurgentindialimited. Below Are Some Key Benefits Of Doing TEV Study For Your Project.

Guide for preparation of resolution plan under IBC. Business Valuation Report For Raising Funds. 7 Benefits of doing TEV Study for your Project. Scope of Business Valuation Report for Raising Fund. Scope of Business Valuation Report for Raising Funds. The registration of valuers is done by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. Major Functions of Investment Banks. Investment Banks Performs Various Type Of Function. Registered Valuer for Insolvency & Bankruptcy Services. What Is Project Finance. 7 Main Functions of Investment Banking Firm. What is Project Finance? Private Equity firms play a major role for fundraising? Why Private Equity firms play a major role for fundraising? Business Valuator in Evaluating the Company Valuation. Role of Business Valuator in Evaluating the Company Valuation. 7 Benefits of doing TEV Study for your Project – Resurgent India Limited. Need To Know About Project Finance by Resurgent India. All you need to know about Project Finance. Why resolution process is difficult under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

TEV study is important for project finance. TEV study is important for project finance? Various Methods of Business valuation. What are the various Business valuation Methods? Investment banking firms help to raise funds.