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Tech Update | Technology and Business news. TheAlmostDone. The Predictions for Apple's iPhone 8 Plus' Pros and Cons | Tech Update. iPhone 8 Plus from Apple is rumored to be released soon after this company has successfully released iPhone 7 Plus. Well, it is probably still a rumor but interestingly, the specifications are already known anyway. There must be many lovers of this product who are curious with the series.

This prestigious Smartphone indeed has many great features as well as high specifications. Although, those are indeed good, it doesn’t mean that this product doesn’t have any lack at all. iPhone 8 Plus Pros There are many features added in this outstanding Smartphone. It is also certified by IP67 to claim that iPhone 8 Plus is resistant from water and dust. As one of the high class Smartphone, Apple iPhone 8 Plus is also already equipped by an internal memory with big capacity; it is 32 GB. The front camera is 7 MP with lenses or aperture for f/1.8. iPhone 8 Plus Cons You may wonder whether this great Smartphone has any lack or not. Options of the Best Infographic Tools for Beginners and Pro | Tech Update.

Infographics are increasingly popular as a tool for data visualization. Infographic tools can be used for various topics and deliver richer information for readers. Infographics rely upon the use of images. Therefore, the more attractive and helpful they are, the more opportunities that the messages are received by audience. However, it must be realized that creating image-based data display is more difficult than it is for word-based display. Fortunately, due to the current explosion of infographics as a popular data visualization tool, a number of affordable, if not free, tools are now available to create attractive and informative images. A series of research has been done to find out the most popular tools during 2017. The following is the list of 2017 best infographic tools as found by Forbes: Piktochart The tool is popular among large media organizations, including Forbes, Techcrunch, and the Guardian.

Piktochart is available in free and paid versions. Infogram Canva Visme Ceros Venngage. Google Chrome Will Block Intrusive Ads; Is It A Blessing in Disguise? | Tech Update. If you are a Google Chrome user, you will rejoice in the latest announcement made by the tech giant. Yes, Google has spent a period of time to survey and learn about the current advertising landscape.

As the trend shows a spike in video advertising, Google is determined to side with their loyal users and supporters by taking the matters seriously into their own hands and enforcing a significant change that will end the intrusive nature of this type of advertisement once and for all. Being someone who relies on internet for most of everything I do, I find it incredibly irritating when a video advertisement pops up randomly and plays automatically. Without my consent and without anything done on my part. These autoplay videos are not only irritating, they are also costly. Sure it does not take up all of my data, or a significant amount of it, but I would like to be in total control of what I use my internet data for. How so, you ask? Nokia 8 with the Dual Rear Cameras to Compete with the Other Recent Smartphone Competitors | Tech Update. The product of android smartphone named Nokia 8 is the recent android phone from Nokia but actually not all people know about this product much.

It can be said that this product is not really that popular, but it does not mean that it is not a worth it android phone. It is only about the popularity of this product which is not really booming in this era. Sure, most of us know well how legend this brand is actually in the past but now it is not really heard. Most of us of course have ever owned a Nokia phone in the past. When the smartphone becomes the essential thing, this brand is getting marginalized since there are so many other brands which offer the great technology smartphone with the higher technology and also better features and performance. That is why then this brand is on its low condition since they could not compete with other brands which have some ranges of smartphones. About Nokia 8 The Key Features of Nokia 8 As the CPU, it uses the Snapdragon 835 with the RAM of 4 GB. The Great Updates of Arena of Valor which Make Gamers are Curious about It | Tech Update. Lots of info about the tech is always interesting and of course that is for various topics there including about the popular game as like Arena of Valor.

For many people playing game can be a kind of effective entertainment to get rid some boredom and sometimes frustration. That is the reason why there are so many people who are interesting in spending their free time by playing lots of games. The game lovers can simply enjoy their time at home or even anywhere and enjoy their favourite games or even trying the new games which have not been ever played before.

There are so many kinds of games which we can find and enjoy. Surely all of the game lovers have their own favourite types and favourite genres of the games, for example strategy game, action game, role play game, and so on. About the Game Arena of Valor No doubt that almost all gamers have been familiar with the game named Arena of Valor. Arena of Valor Updates Garena recently inform the new updates for the Arena of Valor game. Three Processes of How Face ID Works on Apple's iPhone X | Tech Update.

The newest smartphone from Apple, namely iPhone X, is getting its momentum among reviewers. The gadget comes with cutting-edge technology, including Face ID, which helps the owner to unlock the device and to authorize online payments. Of course, it is a great smartphone for those who love making online deals. So, how to use Face ID on your smartphone? Do you know how Face ID works? Basically, Face ID works as Touch ID does. Taking Images of Your Face The Face ID technology depends upon a series of sensors and light projects, called TrueDepth Camera System, that works to take several images of your face. The TrueDepth Camera System uses Infrared light when capturing images of your face.

Face Recognition Human face is a measureable biological characteristic. Then, the processor in the smartphone will capture the reference patterns and store them as a template. Of course, you cannot capture images of your face at identical conditions. Authentication Accuracy. Most Recommended Free Antivirus with Latest Features 2017 | Tech Update. Antivirus software is an essential part of your PC that one must install it. It gives top quality protection to your system which is completely free. To have protection for your personal information, there are a large number of free security updates in Antivirus that offer you great privacy from the threats. The following are some of the latest updates in antivirus that you must know for your PC.

These updates will offer you the high level of functionality when protecting against viruses. These updates will give you real time protection and scanning of files that are stored in your computer system. New Updates With Avast Antivirus This one is the most usually installed antivirus on most of the computers. In Jan 2017, Avast is upgraded with the Avast version 4.8 which was launched in March 2008 and released in 2009.

Features of Avast Antivirus 4.8 The latest version of Avast antivirus has come with the simple and improved UI which is quicker than the previous one. Conclusion. Latest and Upcoming Features of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram | Tech Update. Social media messengers play an important role in today’s life. The new innovations in the social media have changed the way people and carry on their everyday lives. These messengers help in discovering and learning new information, sharing ideas and interacting with others. There are lots of messaging applications are introduced such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and twitter etc. All these messengers are designed to communicate with other users across the internet.

The media messenger incorporates many features over previous internet communication system i.e. the web, email. These allow users to send various media types including video, presentations, audio, games, images, animations etc. Latest and upcoming Features of WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging applications that allow android, windows phone, Nokia, blackberry and iPhone users to exchange text, pictures, audio and video messages across the internet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. Much awaited launch of Jaybird is finally released in Sydney | Tech Update. People often prefer to listen to the music through the headphones and earphones. Don’t you? The craze is among the youngsters who search day and night for the branded headphones. They feel as if the headphones are fashionable and enhance their look. It is quite true according to the new trends of the markets. Finally, the solution has come to the market.

From a long time, people have been waiting for the launch event of the Jaybird. Jaybird is one of the reputed companies dealing in the consumer electronics owned by the Logitech. The company has added the two new pairs of the wireless headphones to its lineup early this month. First time in the history of the company, they are introducing the wireless sports headphones that are completely different from the other brands. The reports from the top runners of the world have reported that the new jaybird ear buds work well without any damage and crashing of sounds. About Jaybird headphones About Jaybird freedom 2. 10 Best Trackers for car you should know in 2017 | Tech Update. Due to various safety reasons, it becomes obvious for an individual to know the exact location as well as well versed with the traveling settings which are installed in their vehicle.

It includes a clear record for the maintenance which can use to improve a performance of the vehicle which would avoid major breakdowns. If in case there are theft issues in your locality where you usually park your car is high, it is better to install a security system in your car. If aiming forward towards recording the exact location as well as condition the vehicle you should glance through a top 10 list of GPS trackers recommended for a car. 1. Skynanny Skynanny is one of the kinds of GPS tracker for your car is considered to be a good tracker as it adds better standard and functionality to your vehicle. 2.

Live Trac PT-10 has been packaged with a high tech ability battery as well as has a feature called motion-activated for tracking. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Predictions for Benefits and Lacks | Tech Update. Recently, the giant company from South Korea, Samsung announces that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released. Before starting to pre-order it, it is much better if you know this Smartphone more specifically including the pros and cons. Well, it is basically to avoid being disappointed after the product is already on your hands for sure. The appearance of this Smartphone indeed looks cool and sophisticated as it is fully covered by the full-metal materials. This series is indeed claimed to be much greater than the previous ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pros As it has been mentioned above, the full metal coverage tends to make the appearance look better. Of course, it is not the only thing to consider while buying a Smartphone. Talking about a Smartphone, it seems that the important thing is about how it enables you to connect well to the internet. Meanwhile, the multitasking activities including browsing can just run well due to the support from RAM Memory of 6/8 GB. Finally ios 11 in the market with best features and new version | Tech Update. The much-awaited release of the Apple new version ios 11 was announced in the official gathering months ago.

The final version of the software has finally released in the recent meeting which has the new download work-in-progress version of the ios 11 software. The curiosity of the people has been raised to a great height which will finally come down on September 19 of this year. Apple Company is following the usual schedule and has marked the page for the ios 11 release. The release was finalized months ago, but the developers were waiting for the big features better than the ios 10. About the release date of ios 11 The ios 11 has revealed some of its special features in June and finally the improved features over the predecessor, ios 10 will be released in the upcoming days. Before the pre-release date of the ios 11, the company has some arrangements to test the best teasers to try out it with the iPhones and iPads. Who can support the new version? Advanced features of ios 11. Fujifilm X-E3, A New Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera with the Great Technology in the Classic Body Design | Tech Update.

The camera of Fujifilm X-E3 becomes another new mirror-less camera from Fujifilm and of course many of us have been waiting for such the great new camera. That is a good thing to know much closer about this camera since it has been officially launched some days ago. This new mirrorless camera by Fujifilm has been launched in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday September 7, 2017. The launching is held in the event of Fujikina. In today’s life, the existence of the camera is completely important. Even though we can use any cameras for capturing anything, including using the phone camera, of course we need to consider the quality of the result of your photos. It is especially if we are really interested in photography. That is the reasons why many brands of cameras offer the wide ranges of series for the mirrorless camera. About Fujifilm X-E3 The product of Fujifilm X-E3 is a type of mirror less camera which has the range under the type of Fujifilm X-Pro2. Fujifilm X-E3 Specs and Performance.

2017 Ford Fusion Energi Comes with Alexa as Killing Feature | Tech Update. 2017 Ford Fusion Energi comes with a number of sophisticated features, which combine the simplicity of automobile apps and great design In the internet era, car has been turned into gadgets, which provide the owner with much fun. 2017 Ford Fusion Energi is one of the latest examples, which come with full of screens, sensors, and speakers.

It is the first car that provides the driver with access to Amazon Alexa, besides great features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Is is a true gadget? Of course not, but you will enjoy much fun in it. Fusion Energi just feels like a rideable smartphone, which allows you to get information on direction, play a podcast, add items into your shopping cart, and even adjust your home temperature from a distance. Great Technology Features in 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Displays The Ford’s latest vehicle comes with two screens.

The six buttons are equipped with bold text and a thick button that helps the driver to see everything without distracting attention. The most awaited Operating system: Android O | Tech Update. Google is now heading towards with the launching of the new operating system, being viral as Android O. The release date is coming near and every Android user is in the exciting mode to enjoy all the new features. Android O will be the successor of Android Nougat and will bring amazing functionality to its Smartphone’s and tablets. Google always tries to impress its users by giving a sweet treat, by naming its OS after mouth watering food items. O can be for Oreo, for Android O. Other versions of Android were like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Jelly belly etc.

Advance Setting Menu: The setting menu comes with the most understandable visual changes. New File manager: This feature of Android may not be at the top in the market, but now you can easily browse the files without external apps. Battery Saving: The battery is still a major problem with the Smartphones. Doze off Individual Notification: Finger Print Scanner: Navigation bar Turner: Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts: The Latest Update Makes the Google's Pixel C Tablet Look Similar to Its Pixel Smartphones | Tech Update. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 as the Big Xiaomi Mi 6 | Tech Update. Apple all set to launch its much awaited iPhone 8. What You Can Expect from Nintendo SNES Classic Mini. Extraordinary Body Material from Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

YouTube to Launch YouTube HDR; Does It Really Matter? Should You Love or Hate Samsung Galaxy Note 8? | Tech Update. Verizon Wireless Dilemma; Should You Switch to It or Switch Away from It | Tech Update. Changes the way you drive- Nissan new Leaf 2018 | Tech Update. People will experience a stunning feature in Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 | Tech Update.

The latest entrant of Samsung's J series is going to hit the market with dual rear camera setup on September 15th | Tech Update. Uber is subjected to the probes of DoJ for breaking the US bribery laws | Tech Update. Bentley Continental GT now comes fitted with the latest technology under a classic look | Tech Update. Amazon's Strategy to Rattle the Rivals of Whole Foods: Cheaper Kale and Avocado. Best Web Hosting Companies to Consider in 2017 | Tech Update. 25+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List References for SEO. 25+ Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List References for SEO. 50+ Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2017 for SEO. 25+ Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List References for SEO. Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reference for your Online Business. Business and Social Media Blog and News - Helping Businesses Proceed In the Correct Direction.

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The Importance of Smartphone Industry in Today’s Business. Pishevar, the Uber Investor, Takes another Legal Shot at Benchmark | Tech Update. Programmed BIOS Chips and How to Update Them | Tech Update. Fun and Professional Editing Photos with VSCO Cam | Tech Update. The Power of Social Media and Blog Content for Your Life: jumpstartz. 8 top Security Challenges & solutions in Big Data | MyCustomer. Common Mistakes People Make when Promoting Business Online.