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Tech Update | Technology and Business news. TheAlmostDone. New Pixel 2 live wallpaper now available for Android as well | Tech Update. Super Mario Odyssey Earned Its First Perfect Score Review Ahead of Release | Tech Update. Super Mario Odyssey, the newest version of the critically acclaimed Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros, is going to be launched very soon and it already gets its first ever review.

The game was reviewed by Edge Magazine for their upcoming issue It is not a weird thing for a new game to be publicly reviewed ahead of its release. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to build hype as well as to help the public decide whether they want to purchase the game or not. However, there is one interesting thing about the first review of the new Super Mario game that makes people raise their eyebrows. It is the fact that the game is awarded by a perfect 10 score.

In the language of Edge Magazine, a game that is scored 10 is considered revolutionary. Actually, there is certainly nothing wrong about this. Some people are doubting Super Mario Odyssey perfect review simply because for a game that will only be released two weeks later, it is just too early to get its first review. Update iOS 10 Easily in 3 Different Ways | Tech Update.

iPhone devices are indeed really demanded by many customers. Despite its sense of sophisticated, great features, and beautiful designs, Apple products are all about the prestige indeed. it is very reasonable if many people may be willing to wait for a long time to enjoy the new series. The innovations for each series released must also be equipped by new things. However, buying the new one is not a must. Even for the operation system, you can enjoy the newest one even without buying a new device. It is by updating it. OTA Updates OTA stands for Over the Air or it means that you will be directly connected to the iOS device. There are terms and conditions to use OTA Updates fast and safely. Update and Restore via iTunes Another way is by connecting the iOS device to computer. Well, what is actually the difference between Update and Restore? Second, Restore is a method to delete all data and information in iOS device so that it can be restored in a new operation system.

Google Home Mini: How Small Is It to Replace The Original? | Tech Update. Google decides to cut the price of Google’s voice-activated assistant – Google Home Mini. For many reviewers, this decision confirms that Home Mini is not more than the imitation of Amazon’s Echo Dot. Despite the controversies, Google is still optimistic that the price cut will boost the device’s sales. For Google, it is not an imitation of anything. The doughnut-sized device is loaded with high technology to make your life easier. Home Mini comes with a number of advantages, as it serves many functions for the owners. Google Home Mini Advantages for Your Life Home Mini is loaded with a number of great features. Smart Functions in Compact Design Google describes the device as a doughnut. Reviews show that the status lights are now less striking than those in the Amazon’s Echo Dot. Versatile Device for Home Use Google Home Mini is a versatile device.

Home Mini supports video from various sources, including CW, Netflix, and CBS. Practicality Becomes the Point Lack of Third-Party Supports. Review of the Google Home Mini; small in size but large in sound | Tech Update. Ultimate Productive Tools for Web Developers | Tech Update. Is Razer Smartphone Really Happening? Find the Answer on November 1 | Tech Update. Since Razer bought Nexbit earlier this year, we somehow have known that the gaming equipment company is bound to produce a Razer smartphone sooner or later. Many rumors also have been going around about this, and everything becomes even more convincing when Bloomberg posted a couple of months ago that Razer was preparing a smartphone dedicated for hardcore gamers.

Now, it seems like the highly anticipated smartphone is really happening because Razer recently posted a teaser image on their official Twitter page. The image is actually very vague. It shows a man holding something that looks really like a smartphone. Whether that thing is really the new Razer smartphone for hardcore gamers or the company has something else up their sleeve, we will find out the truth in November 1. However, even though it turns out that Razer is just playing with our feelings and the teaser is not about the smartphone, everybody can rest assured that Razer is definitely going to launch a smartphone. OnePlus Company accused of collecting user's private data without permission | Tech Update. Some Android phones and Apple iPhone’s both collect the user’s information. But the answer to the extent and the amount of information to be collected is not yet clear and known.

Chinese phone manufacturing company OnePlus is known for producing great smartphones at budget prices. But now you may have to think upon this before buying an OnePlus phone as according to Chris Moore journalist, the OnePlus smartphone’s Oxygen OS Android has silently been collecting a lot of user data and has been sending the information to the company’s server without the user’s permission. Reportedly, during the OnePlus 2 Hack challenge, Chris Moore found that his OnePlus phone software was collecting the user’s personal data. It was then that he discovered about the phone’s Oxygen OS software collecting the user’s data quietly without the user knowing about it. The OnePlus android phone is collecting details including information which can identify users. New 2019 Volvo XC40 Will Target Tech-Savvy City Dwellers | Tech Update. Volve chose Milan Fashion Week as the moment to introduce its smallest Sport Utility Vehicle, namely Volvo XC40.

The Swedish automaker expects that XC40 will be the next award-winning SUV after its launched XC90 two years ago. It is evident that the auto company is targeting tech-savvy city dwellers, who are now the most favorite customers for sport utility vehicles. The company’s efforts to attract the new generation of luxury auto lovers are evident from several facts. For instance, instead of accentuating minimalistic concept that characterizes Scandinavian SUVs, the company more greatly emphasizes the Japanese concept car. In addition, the company chooses a series name, XC40, which is typical to Japanese cars, such as Honda HR-V, or Toyota CH-R. In its official website, Volvo calls the upcoming SUV the New 2019 Volvo XC40.

Expressive Design • An optional panoramic roof lets the light in naturally. . • High ground clearance, which offers excellent visibility for the driver. Say Hello to the Windows Mixed Reality Era on October 17 | Tech Update. Windows Mixed Reality will be introduced by Samsung on October 17, 2017. The catalog of this product will be in your hands. Reality will make everyone creative. The human task is to develop creativity on this planet. Technology has shown everyone that humans have entered a more sophisticated computing era than ever before. Microsoft Hololens is the world’s first holographic computer created in January 2015. Amazing Evolution from Microsoft The company has become a leader in the next revolution in the computing field. This technology involves your feelings. Windows Mixed Reality headset is a device developed to fulfill your reality. Welcome to the New Device You must be ready to welcome the latest devices created by this company.

If you want to know the benefits of this device, then you can read the explanation from Alanna Cotton. This device has AKG headphones. Immersive Virtual Reality Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality can be used to play VR games. Are You Ready for Forza Motorsport 7 | Tech Update. Forza Motorsport 7 is an amazing game. There are many game players who have been playing this game for years. Maybe you’ve never driven 700 cars. You do not have to drive on any circuit with bad weather. This game has a variation of the night. You will never know how to turn off a driver assistant and use homologate on your own car. This game is very wide because you can start climbing the van and driving a sports car that looks cool. Playing the Game You can choose a trailer truck for the first few hours.

Audi race can be a history lesson for you because the race features a luxury car gallery with a cool technology design. The Racing Events This is the biggest campaign followed by a cool car. If you manage to collect a rare car, then the collector score will increase. Game Performance Racing will not be a problem for you. If you are in the first place, then you can see a beautiful place from your computer. The Unique Avatar You will see Avatar with a unique costume. Is Phone Unlock Pattern Still Reliable to Secure Your Phone? | Tech Update. You definitely have heard so many people advise you to not secure your phone with a simple phone unlock pattern. Some of them might include scary story about the danger your data will face if your phone get stolen and end up in the hand of a very bad man.

While we can’t deny the fact that phone unlock pattern security is not the most reliable, it is still one of the most used security setting in different types of phones. The reason is simple—because it is the most convenient. We understand that we must keep our phone secure, but at the same time, we hate the idea of wasting even one or two seconds more to type four or six digit passwords. Since there are so many dangers posing a threat to the precious data in our phone, it is necessary to ask this one important question. Is unlock pattern is still a reliable way to secure our phone? Security researchers at the US Naval Academy and the University of Baltimore County recently published a study regarding this issue. Google-HTC Deal for Better Google Pixel Smartphone | Tech Update. Apple Watch Series 3: Specifications, Pros, and Cons | Tech Update. 2018 Lexus LS 500 Sedan Will Come with Great Design Updates | Tech Update.

Amidst its efforts to modify its image as a company that produces high quality but boring vehicles, Lexus seems to need more efforts and times. In fact, the automotive company has succeeded in producing great vehicles like the gorgeous LC and sporty RC. That is why many automotive enthusiasts are optimistic about the 2018 Lexus LS sedan. The car is expected to come with impressive design and cutting-edge engineering technology. Will 2018 Lexus LS be the brand-new flagship from Lexus?

The answer depends on the success of the engineering team in designing the car with the support from the latest automotive technology. Luxury and Spacious Interior The new luxury platform used by Lexus emphasizes stylish and spacious interior. The new body comes with Lexus’ spindle grille and aluminum panel for fenders, hood, trunk, and doors. At the rear aspect, the legroom is 3.4 inches more spacious than the previous year’s edition. Meticulously Designed Exterior Enhanced Power and Responsiveness.

5 Digital Transformations That Matter Most in 2018 | Tech Update. The year 2018 is still few months away. However, people begin seeking what will become trends in 2018, including the trend of digital transformation. Of course, you can see that the year 2017 is the beginning for digital transformations. Many things like smart machines, big data, and user experience platform have become the mainstream. So, what will be the trends next years? Here are some expected transformations brought to digital world. Some interesting terms will be even more popular next year.

IoT An estimate showed than more than 8.4 billion “things” are available online now. . • Data analytics; information produced by IoT is able to revolutionize everything in every sector, from healthcare industry, manufacturing, and even spatial layout of a city. . • Edge computing; this is increasingly important in the process toward cloud-computing system. Blockchain Even though the 2017 seems to be the momentum for Bitcoin, next year is likely to be the time for Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence. Toyota Self-Driving car | Tech Update. The highly anticipated Toyota self-driving car is back with a new update after it was revealed for the first time six months ago. Lexus LS600hL is still chosen as the test bed and this time the new generation autonomous system is called Platform 2.1. Several cars were sent for testing both on closed and public streets in several areas such as Michigan, Ann Arbor and Massachusets.

So, what’s new in Toyota self-driving car platform 2.1? Well, there are plenty of big updates and a little surprising and unusual element inside the cabin. Thanks to the new LIDAR, the car is now able to see with further range, gain more data. The brand new LIDAR system is developed by Luminar. Besides an excellent LIDAR, Toyota self-driving car is also equipped with various better radar and cameras. The new update is great and all, but once you look inside the cabin, you might wonder what on earth were the designers thinking when designing this car. 280-Character Twitter Limit: for Better or Worse? | Tech Update. Starting Tuesday, September 26th, Twitter is testing new character limit. Now, users can have 280 characters per tweet. It is twice of the previous character limit.

Unfortunately, the 280-character Twitter limit is not available for all users. It will be only available for a small group of users. Who will test the new Twitter feature? The feature that allows Twitter users to double their character limit cannot be accessed by all the Twitter users. Since it is only a test, this social media will only perform it on certain users. This company has created a team for selecting users as 280-character Twitter limit testers. Only 0.4% of Japanese tweets that reach the limit of 140 characters. How the new limit affects Twitter usage? The new character limit may give some positive advantages for Twitter users. Twitter wishes that the new limitation will allow users to express their feeling easier. Twitter is trying to gain more profit In addition, it also suffer from zero growth.

Here Are the Remarkable Features You Can Anticipate in iOS 11 | Tech Update. Apple TV 4K Ready to Beat Its Competitors in 4K TV Market | Tech Update. Why Shifting to CMMS Makes Sense in the Long Term | Tech Update. Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs solely believed in hard work. They would slog till they can, and would expect employees to do that as well. The new breed of modern entrepreneurs trust something called “smart work”. A good number of companies are adopting the latest technologies to make sure that their business operations are more efficient and are easier to handle without having to work harder than before. One such solution in the business of maintenance and management is CMMS software, which stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. It is a powerful tool that helps businesses expand, scale and grow over a period of time without much difficulty. Let us take a look at why shifting to CMMS solutions makes sense in the long term. Benefits of CMMS: #1 Preventive maintenance When you know the maintenance schedule that is required to maintain your machinery in top notch condition, in advance, you will be able to plan accordingly.

. #2 Asset tracking #3 Reduced paperwork. Verizon No Longer Sells Wear24 | Tech Update. Verizon recently stopped selling Wear24. This cellular carrier didn’t say anything about the cause of discontinuation of Verizon Wear24. They only said that this smartwatch is no longer available. Many people are surprised with this termination since this wearable was only in the market for four months. However, there are some rumors on this matter. The probable causes Here are some of the reasons that may cause this company to give up on Verizon Wear24. – Bad sales It is predicted that bad sales is one of the causes of Verizon Wear24 discontinuation. . – Verizon failed to compete againts big companies It is widely known that U.S smartwatch market is dominated by Apple. . – Lack of features Verizon was trying to sell luxury smartwatch. Aside from the non-existent heart rate sensor, this device also lacks of ambient light sensor.

Because of this lack of features, Wear24 was not popular among smartwatch users. Wear24 is not all that bad Moreover, this wearable also has speedy processor. The Best and The Worst Things Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Offers | Tech Update. Jio Phone is the latest craze in market, let’s take a look why is it so | Tech Update. 3 Favorite To-Do Apps to Make Your Life Better Organized | Tech Update. iPhone X Is the Culprit Behind iPhone 8’s Low Preorder - Denny Farhan. Computer Artificial Intelligence, some danger for humanity? | Tech Update.

Drones, a significant threat to your privacy! | Tech Update. Internet secretly Playing mind game over peoples? | Tech Update. Cloud-Based Service Offers for Small and Midsize Businesses | Tech Update. Google Pixel 2 Is Coming, Head to Head Battle with Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone | Tech Update. Waymo and Intel Join Forces to Create New Waymo Autonomous Vehicles | Tech Update. The Predictions for Apple's iPhone 8 Plus' Pros and Cons | Tech Update. Options of the Best Infographic Tools for Beginners and Pro | Tech Update. Google Chrome Will Block Intrusive Ads; Is It A Blessing in Disguise? | Tech Update. Nokia 8 with the Dual Rear Cameras to Compete with the Other Recent Smartphone Competitors | Tech Update. The Great Updates of Arena of Valor which Make Gamers are Curious about It | Tech Update. Three Processes of How Face ID Works on Apple's iPhone X | Tech Update.

Most Recommended Free Antivirus with Latest Features 2017 | Tech Update. Latest and Upcoming Features of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram | Tech Update. Much awaited launch of Jaybird is finally released in Sydney | Tech Update. 10 Best Trackers for car you should know in 2017 | Tech Update. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Predictions for Benefits and Lacks | Tech Update. Finally ios 11 in the market with best features and new version | Tech Update. Fujifilm X-E3, A New Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera with the Great Technology in the Classic Body Design | Tech Update. 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Comes with Alexa as Killing Feature | Tech Update. The most awaited Operating system: Android O | Tech Update. The Latest Update Makes the Google's Pixel C Tablet Look Similar to Its Pixel Smartphones | Tech Update. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 as the Big Xiaomi Mi 6 | Tech Update.

Apple all set to launch its much awaited iPhone 8. What You Can Expect from Nintendo SNES Classic Mini. Extraordinary Body Material from Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. YouTube to Launch YouTube HDR; Does It Really Matter? Should You Love or Hate Samsung Galaxy Note 8? | Tech Update. Verizon Wireless Dilemma; Should You Switch to It or Switch Away from It | Tech Update. Changes the way you drive- Nissan new Leaf 2018 | Tech Update. People will experience a stunning feature in Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 | Tech Update. The latest entrant of Samsung's J series is going to hit the market with dual rear camera setup on September 15th | Tech Update.

Uber is subjected to the probes of DoJ for breaking the US bribery laws | Tech Update. Bentley Continental GT now comes fitted with the latest technology under a classic look | Tech Update. Amazon's Strategy to Rattle the Rivals of Whole Foods: Cheaper Kale and Avocado. Best Web Hosting Companies to Consider in 2017 | Tech Update. 25+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List References for SEO. 25+ Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List References for SEO. 50+ Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2017 for SEO. 25+ Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List References for SEO. Top 10 Best Web Hosting Reference for your Online Business. Business and Social Media Blog and News - Helping Businesses Proceed In the Correct Direction. How To Run A Successful Tech Blog In 2017. Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses | StudyApp. 10 Google+ Fun Facts: You Will Use It for Business and Marketing - THEALMOSTDONE. Tips and Tricks for Pinterest « My Rediff. Denny Farhan - West Java, Indonesia.

Google’s upcoming planning to dominate IT sector. 3 Problems Related to Internet Security and Online Safety | Bdaily. Apple’s Swift Creator Joins Google After a Short Time at Tesla. Stylish Look Meets Performance in HP Envy 34&rd... Comparison of best flagship phones : MySheet. Public Access - Black Friday Deals for Businesses Online! Global Communication - Research & Review. StudyApp | Research & Review. 7 SMART TECHNOLOGY OF 2017. The Advantages of Technology for Human Being - Denny's Blog - Quora. Overview - A Newbie Guide on Networks: Best Host of 2017. U/dennyfar / Blog: Increasing MI Occupancy in global smartphone. U/dennyfar / Blog: What People Need to Know about Free Web Hosting Service before Using It. Things to Know about Virtual Host by Denny Farhan - Exposure. Samsung’s futuristic plans to retain their customers in 2017 by Denny Farhan - Exposure. Best Wearable Tech And Fitness Gadgets 2017 – Telegraph. How to Download Paid Apps & Games for Free on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak] | Tech Update.

The Importance of Smartphone Industry in Today’s Business. Pishevar, the Uber Investor, Takes another Legal Shot at Benchmark | Tech Update. Programmed BIOS Chips and How to Update Them | Tech Update. Fun and Professional Editing Photos with VSCO Cam | Tech Update. The Power of Social Media and Blog Content for Your Life: jumpstartz. 8 top Security Challenges & solutions in Big Data | MyCustomer. Common Mistakes People Make when Promoting Business Online.