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Thompson Library SMART Goals: 2016-2017 by Elizabeth Weaver on Prezi. As Information Landscape Changes, School Librarians Take on New Roles. Draw a Friend // Portraits by Kids for the Classroom. I am a picture book lover and collector, and my favorite ones are about friendship.

Draw a Friend // Portraits by Kids for the Classroom

When my children were little and September came around, there were certain books I would always pull out and read with them prior to the first day or school and throughout those first few weeks. These books were like old friends, calming their nerves and preparing them for new experiences. (See my list of favorite friendship books at the end of this post.) What We Believe Matters Most When Selecting Books.


Future Ready Librarians - Future Ready Schools. Genrefication. An Open Letter to BOEs Everywhere. Dear Board of Education members, It is budget season across the country.

An Open Letter to BOEs Everywhere

Now is the time when school districts need to make hard choices. Why are those choices so hard? Because of our country’s serial underfunding of public schools, which has been worsening for years. In my home state of New Jersey, public schools have been short-changed by over $6 billion since 2010, according to Save Our Schools New Jersey. LMS Grand Monthly To-Do List. Open eBooks. Home Page. Bookroom All Read Levels. Booksource. Home Page. James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to U.S. School Libraries. From Scholastic: James Patterson will personally donate another $1.75 million to school libraries this year, in the second installment of his School Library Campaign.In partnership with Scholastic Reading Club, the program was launched in 2015 as part of an ongoing effort to keep books and reading a priority for children in the United States.

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to U.S. School Libraries

Scholastic Reading Club will administer funding applications to their network of 62,000 schools and 800,000 teachers and will match each dollar with “Bonus Points,” which teachers can use to acquire books and other materials for their classrooms, at every school that receives an award.Applications to nominate a school library for a donation must be submitted by May 31, 2016, and can be found here: year Patterson pledged $1.75 million in grants to school libraries. Of the nearly 28,000 entries received, 467 schools were awarded grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Source: Scholastic Media Coverage. Makerspaces Lead to School and Community Successes. While the Maker Movement continues to grow, it hasn't yet gained its greatest traction, which currently sits untapped in the minds of the students in front of us.

Makerspaces Lead to School and Community Successes

Through forming partnerships with community makerspaces or building a school makerspace, educators and decision makers everywhere have the rare chance to help bring this truly all-inclusive learning experience into their schools, districts, and communities in order to help all students. Here are four ways that the "new industrial revolution" will help your students succeed and help breathe life back into your craft. Fail Better! Spend some time as an educator on social networks like Twitter, and you will quickly come across memes, quotes, and countless links to evidence that failure is a necessary milestone in the learning process. For all the talk of how this sometimes-painful process is vital to growth, people rarely share examples of how to facilitate room for healthy failure in the classroom.

Bright Ideas Teacher Grants. Bright Ideas, a grant program sponsored by the Flint Energies Foundation and Flint Energies, your Touchstone Energy Cooperative, awards teachers money for innovative lessons and projects to energize learning in their students.

Bright Ideas Teacher Grants

In 2014, a total of $20,000 was awarded using participating Flint members’ small change through Operation Round Up. Since 2006, nearly $115,000 has been awarded to fund 135 projects reaching more than 4,050 students in Middle Georgia. The Bright Ideas program distributes money as grants of up to $1,000 for teachers who teach grades K-12 at public or private schools located in the co-op’s 17-county service territory. The grants are not for professional development or Smart Board purchases. The deadline for 2016 applications is September 2, 2016. The School Library Media Specialist: Program Administration. "Fundraising and grant writing skills are becoming more and more important as budgets are being cut and materials more expensive to obtain.

The School Library Media Specialist: Program Administration

With cuts to education increasing . . . locating resources for alternative funding is very crucial to school librarians. " Make It @ Your Library. Model Curriculum » Pennsylvania School Librarians Association. The Model Curriculum for Pennsylvania School Library Programs provides a curricular framework in information literacy for school librarians to partner with teachers to help students achieve 44 of the PA Core Standards in English Language Arts, Reading and Writing in Science and Technology/Technical Subjects, Reading and Writing in History and Social Studies, and in the Academic Standards for Business, Computer, and Information Technology.

Model Curriculum » Pennsylvania School Librarians Association

The Model Curriculum follows the model used by the SAS Quality Review Team of the PDE, which is the Understanding by Design framework of developing curriculum, instruction, and student assessment designed for ASCD by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs Model Curriculum Training Powerpoint (PDF) Untitled. The Highly Effective School Library Program provides lifelong learning opportunities while supporting all schools as they strive to improve student achievement and prepare students for 21st century success.


The Highly Effective School Library Program also recognizes outstanding school librarians and library programs. We award the selected school librarian(s) and his or her principal with a banner and certificate annually at a Colorado State Board of Education meeting. Highly Effective Recognition The" Highly Effective School Library" Program consists of several components: access to an Evaluation Tool, a Professional Development component, and the Recognition Award. Mission and Vision Statements The vision of the Highly Effective School Library Program is that all schools have a certified teacher-librarian who uses the Highly Effective model for continuous improvement. Untitled. Black History Month 2016 - Facts.

Facts February 1 - The 13th Amendment to the U.S.

Black History Month 2016 - Facts

Constitution, which abolished slavery, was adopted by the 38th Congress. Ratification was completed December 6, 1865. Also in 1870, Jonathan Jasper Wright was elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court. February 2 - Today in 1914, artist William Ellisworth is born in Washington, North Carolina. February 3 - Six time All-Star Bill White was named president of National League IN 1989. February 4 - Today in 1986, a stamp of Sojourner Truth is issued by the U.S. February 5 - Henry "Home Run King" Aaron, baseball superstar was born in 1934. February 6 - On this day in 1867,The Peabody Fund for Black education in the South established. Metis Innovations. Welcome to the site for Metis: Library Classification for Children Metis puts children first.

Metis Innovations

Metis is a flexible, intuitive and child-friendly system of library categorization. It uses whole language, visual cues, and logic that reflects children's own experiences. SLMR InstructionalRole V11. Organizing Your Library. Skip to main content Get your Wikispaces Classroom now: the easiest way to manage your class. guest Join | Help | Sign In. Best Nonfiction Kids Books. ANIMALSBugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter by Amy S. HansenWhat happens to insects in winter? Introduce your students to seven different insects: a praying mantis, a field cricket, a ladybug, a honeybee, a pavement ant, a monarch butterfly, and an Arctic woolly bear caterpillar, and discover how they survive and thrive in freezing temperatures.Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona BayrockBubbles may seem delicate and fragile, but they play a key role in animal sur­vival.

Discover how 16 animals, from juniper spittlebugs to whales, use bubbles in a variety of ways. Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? And Other Questions About Animals by Buffy SilvermanCan 17 common animal adages stand up to science? Mock Caldecott 2016. How to Make an Amelia Bedelia Costume. Homemade costumes can save you time and money when it comes to dressing your child and with proper supervision your child may... Using the story "Amelia Bedelia" by Peggy Parish as the basis for a lesson for elementary school students is an educational way...

Becoming a pilot is a dream for many people, whether they are adults or children. New Media Specialist Evaluation Training by Jennifer Helfrich on Prezi.


Kindergarten Library Lesson Plans Using Mr. Wiggles Library Story. S.O.S. for Information Literacy. Curriculum. Lesson Ideas. Media Center. Log in to the library catalog to see what you have checked out, to write reviews, place holds, or create lists of books you want to read! Click Login in the upper corner of the catalog screen. Your username is your 9-digit student ID number. (It's on your report card.) Library Media Connection. What Every New Media Specialist Needs to Know.

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Lesson Plans. The Principal's Guide to a Powerful Library Media Program: A School Library ... - Marla W. McGhee, Barbara A. Jansen. Flexible Scheduling: Making the Transition. School Library Media Activities Monthly/Volume XXIV, Number 5/January 2008. How the Big6 Took Me from Lazy Language Arts Teacher to Motivated Media Specialist. This article is dedicated to my colleague, Cathlee Gallup, 6th grade teacher at East Hills Middle School, for her part in making the “Big6 Research Project” what it is today. ABLE. 8 Reasons This Is An Ideal Résumé For Someone With A Lot Of Work Experience. Librarian as Innovator: Best Websites. ImpactStudy.pdf. Elementary Librarian Interview Questions - Elementary Librarian. Librarians and Archivists: Commitment to Excellence and Leadership. Featured Links. Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging.

Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging. Dewey Services Overview. The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is the world’s most widely used library classification system. The 23rd edition of the DDC enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your classification work in ways no previous editions have done. You can use the DDC in several convenient formats. The four-volume print edition includes thousands of updates added to the system over the past seven years.

Career Strategies for Librarians. 650.14 RESUME - LaDawna Harrington: Library Media Specialist. Resume - Emily Gibson, Library Media Specialist. Why I Quit My Library Job and Why I No Longer Want One. Access to Libraries for Minors.pdf. Weeding Library Collections: A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation. "Next to emptying the outdoor bookdrop on cold and snowy days, weeding is the most undesirable job in the library.