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ReportWa is a real-time report creation and distribution solution that empowers financial advisors with self-service capabilities. It is the single tool for your all your reporting and compliance needs. Visit for more details.

The Importance of Investment Management. Many retail investment clients lack in-depth knowledge of investments.

The Importance of Investment Management

They likely know what stocks and mutual funds are, but how to properly analyze these products may be out of their realm of knowledge. With the introduction of investment applications such as Robinhood or Stash that offer free trades and fractional investing, people may shy away from investment managers. Even the large investment firms have begun offering free trades for stocks and ETF’s. Regardless of how financial technology progresses in the investment space, investment management will always be needed. People want their money to grow without work, which is why a trusted investment manager brings value. The responsibility of an investment manager on the surface is very self-explanatory. As an investment manager, there are several ways you communicate with your clients and certainly, there is information they want to see.

The first being through an online client portal. The second will be through paper statements. Performance Reporting Software. The operations side of wealth management is critically important to your brand.

Performance Reporting Software

Without operations, your firm would likely fall behind and simply fade away. Understanding Portfolio Performance Reporting Software and its Advantages. Earlier the financial advisors and wealth managers tend to prepare 50-60 pages of paper reports for HNI and other affluents clients.

Understanding Portfolio Performance Reporting Software and its Advantages.

They have to communicate a lot with the clients regarding their transactions, payments and other details. With the advancement in technologies, the wealth management domain has changed a lot. The clients are demanding a simple and easily accessible reporting structure. This has led to the creation of online client portals where the clients can easily track their investment returns, fund allocation, and other related things.

So, Portfolio Performance Reporting Software can be defined as the computer application that can help to work with all kinds of portfolios, support a large variety of classes of assets, helps the advisors in analyzing and making informed decisions, and even help with pre-trade compliance. We have briefly discussed the advantages of the software. Benefits of Portfolio Performance Reporting Software. How Advisors Should Choose Wealth Management Reporting Software. Reports are an essential component of any wealth management firm.

How Advisors Should Choose Wealth Management Reporting Software

These reports can assist with client reporting, government reporting, audit information, and internal research. With the speed of information in finance, it’s critical to be quick when approached with questions or faced with an issue. Hexaview Reportwa - Next Gen Report and Management. How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business Management and Reporting Forever. The increased role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business management is changing the way that clients and businesses interact on multiple levels.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business Management and Reporting Forever

The following text will explore the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in advice, reporting, and interaction for business clients. Within the past few years, artificial intelligence has gone from an unusual outlier to incredibly commonplace in almost every area of business management. Report Distribution Process in wealth management. When it comes to your reporting process and it comes time to package a report, you likely have to reach out to an individual and request your finished product layout, and wait several days to see how it looks.

Report Distribution Process in wealth management

With ReportWa, you not only have the ability to do this in-house but once you create a report you can save and return to it later, allowing for quick and easy packaging. The process is simple and by implementing ReportWa, you’ll free it time and money to be allocated to more critical projects. Template First in the packaging and distribution process is to select the appropriate template. Client Reporting Portal for Financial Advisors. Distribute A Reporting Portal that automates your entire business workflow An automated process driven client servicing, report delivery & Scheduler to magnify your efficiency.

Client Reporting Portal for Financial Advisors

Features of Client Reporting Portal for Financial Advisors and RIAs Customizable Dashboards Create User Intuitive dynamic dashboards using tiles as per the client’s stated parameters, or clone the existing ones with a single click. Workflow Empowers you to perform a comprehensive Audit Log with a single click. Forms Creator Create custom interactive forms using drag and drop widgets and provide Role-based access control. Compatible Data agnostic platform that lets you import feeds from Custodians & third-party data providers hassle free.

Scheduler At the pre-specified time our tool will automatically import data, generate real-time reports and then distributes them via E-mail. Scalable. 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Shifting to Client Portals. Conferences for Tech Savvy Financial Advisors and RIAs - ReportWa. Having a basic understanding of industry practices is a must, and typically is learned throughout the college experience.

Conferences for Tech Savvy Financial Advisors and RIAs - ReportWa

There is where you gain the basics and the tools necessary to enter the workforce with value. However, that’s where many individuals stop and only learn to perform their current functions. As tech savvy financial advisors, you must continue your education to remain current and competitive. You can accomplish this through going to conferences, which showcase the current happenings in the financial and investing world. T3 Advisor Conference The first conference you should consider attending is the T3 Advisors conference in San Diego, CA. This conference takes place again on February 17th-20th 2020 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.

Charles Schwab Impact Conference The next conference on our list come from Charles Schwab “IMPACT”. In | Vest Conference If you’re a financial advisor that works with high net worth individuals, then the In | Vest conference is for you.