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A Window World Marriage: Spouses Say “I Do” to a Personal and Work Partnership. James and Jamie Eller of Roanoke, Virginia, share a kind of round-the-clock partnership that might not work for everyone.

A Window World Marriage: Spouses Say “I Do” to a Personal and Work Partnership

Eight years after getting married in 1994, the couple took another big plunge. More than a husband-and-wife duo, they were now owners, with a partner, of a Window World franchise. In 2005, they bought the store outright and made the decision to run it together. All hands on deck In the early years, James ran the store while Jamie worked from home, handling payroll, billing and taxes, and tending to their children until the youngest started preschool.

After almost 20 years with Window World, they now work alongside each other every day. 24/7 commitment James said for spouses who are also partners in a small business, the two roles inevitably intertwine, and it can be difficult to separate work time and personal time. “I love working with my wife, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said James. Building on the bond of marriage Growing with the business. Turn to the Sun: How to Give Any Room a Light-Filled Solarium Feel. If you’ve ever visited a home with a solarium or conservatory, you may have experienced the “Ohhh!

Turn to the Sun: How to Give Any Room a Light-Filled Solarium Feel

This is beautiful!” Effect that comes over you when you enter the room. The abundance of natural light and the mood-lifting splendor of the great outdoors invites you to have a seat, put your feet up, and simply enjoy. The experience may lead you to consider a solarium addition to your home. However, like building any home addition, adding a dedicated solarium or conservatory can be costly and challenging. It's possible to achieve a similar feeling — without the bother or expense of hiring a contractor to build an addition — by turning an existing room in your home into one that invites the sun inside without adding heat or cold to drive up your utility bills.

Window World Franchisees Give Back ... Even During a Pandemic. You’re doing plenty of good in the world when you own a successful business.

Window World Franchisees Give Back ... Even During a Pandemic

In doing so, you’re keeping a roof over your loved ones’ heads and helping to feed them, clothe them, and support their lives. You're also employing others, allowing them to support their own families. And if that weren’t enough, you're paying taxes that help build roads, fund schools, and fill the shelves in libraries. Still, some entrepreneurs want to do more.

And Window World® is proud that it's developing a legacy of franchisees devoted to supporting worthy causes and giving back to those in need. In 2008, Window World created a nonprofit organization called Window World Cares® to raise money for St. Out in the field, Window World franchisees have been quick to step up and help out in their own unique ways, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to spotlight two of them. Robbi Baldwin: A new franchisee who started giving, even with the pandemic taking away “We have to get involved,” Robbi told her husband. 7 Qualities of a Good General Contractor. Choosing Products With the Good Housekeeping Seal Matters, Here’s Why … Have you ever seen the Good Housekeeping Seal and wondered who it represents or what it means?

Choosing Products With the Good Housekeeping Seal Matters, Here’s Why …

At Window World, we’ve had a strong relationship with Good Housekeeping since 2008. Our windows, siding, and Therma-Tru entry doors have all earned the Seal after undergoing rigorous tests at the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York (more on that later). As a company that has been around for over 100 years, Good Housekeeping has gained considerable trust with consumers. If you know the brand, you probably already have a good feeling about them in your mind. This comes from years of offering trustworthy advice and recommendations. Let’s look at some of the history behind Good Housekeeping, how they developed their Seal program, and why you should look for it on products like ours before you buy.

Who is Good Housekeeping? Good Housekeeping published its first print issue of Good Housekeeping magazine in 1885. Today, Good Housekeeping is an American institution. The Good Housekeeping Seal. Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Eye-Catching Entry Door Hardware. Having a fabulous new front door and not taking time to select the perfect hardware to go with it is like buying a designer dress and neglecting to accessorize with jewelry, shoes, and a purse.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Eye-Catching Entry Door Hardware

By the same token, adding a great lockset, hinges, and knocker can transform a plain door into a showpiece. Never overlook the statement made by your entryway. Behind the Scenes With Country Music Star Lee Brice. When Is the Best Time To Remodel Your Home? Maybe you’d like a new deck to enjoy this summer.

When Is the Best Time To Remodel Your Home?

When would be the best time to start planning for this? Most likely, the answer would be “you’re late.” Remodeling projects call for serious planning and a lot of work long before the first nail is hammered. If the “demo days” you see on home improvement TV look exciting, please be aware that they have a team of people to research exactly what they are getting into before swinging a sledgehammer. Replacement Windows, Doors, Siding and More.

Replacement Windows Flemington NJ. Replacement Windows Flemington NJ.