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Funk / Soul / Hip-Hop

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Turntable Radio - the world's longest running tablist radio show. DJ Revolution Presents "The Cut" : By DJ Rev. Fat Beats NYC Final Week Live DJ Sets. DJ JS-1 & SPINBAD "Cold Cutz Remixes (1996)" *This is one of the most classic mixtapes ever!

DJ JS-1 & SPINBAD "Cold Cutz Remixes (1996)"

It was recorded on a 4-trk cassette recorder in 1995/96 and released in late 1996 into '97. It did very well and was covered in several publications. The actual cassette version has a few more tracks than this digital version. This mix has all original hip-hop mixes and blends done with only turntables and a 4-trk. 1-krs-one - hiphop vs rap vs now you're mine - gangstarr. Disco, Funk, Boogie music & parties. D.o.p.e. Deepfunk and Rare Soul Forum. DJ equipment, music news, art, and anything else related to the life of a dj. — The Dj’s Corner. SO MANY RECORDS, SO LITTLE TIME.

Good Music Made With Records. The funky side of berlin.