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Let renovateme! design & construction help you make your house your home by meeting any of your design/build, renovation, construction or decorating needs. Drawing on our over 40 years of experience in commercial and residential interior and exterior improvements and our extensive construction, engineering, design and styling related backgrounds, it has never been easier to capture your home’s hidden potential.

Renovate Me! — How to Communicate with Your Contractor About... Tips in Preparing Your Home for a Renovation. How to Communicate with Your Contractor About Kitchen Renovations ~ Renovateme. Now that you have decided to do kitchen renovations in West Vancouver with the help of a contractor, you should make sure that you will be satisfied with the job.

How to Communicate with Your Contractor About Kitchen Renovations ~ Renovateme

Many people get disappointed with the end result of their Kitchen Renovations Services in West Vancouver because they haven’t communicated properly with their contractor. Identify your must-haves. Talk to your contractor about the things you absolutely must have in your kitchen. You should approve the layout and the design before the contractor starts ripping your old kitchen apart. Nothing beats the natural beauty of hardwood flooring in North Vancouver.

Even though other types of flooring such as laminate and tiles can mimic the look of real hardwood flooring in North Vancouver, they just can’t substitute all the benefits of this kind of flooring. Here’s the thing about bathroom renovations in West Vancouver – they’re not as easy as, say, a living room or a backyard renovation.

Because bathrooms typically gets subjected to a lot of water, the wrong installation of materials can bring about molds and water damage issues. This is why you need to do Bathroom Renovations services in North Vancouver right or you will end up suffering from the consequences. There are some ways to reduce the headache the often involves bathroom renovations in West Vancouver. Here are some of them: 1. Did you order a new vanity counter top? When Is the Best Time to Do Home Renovations? If you’re planning to do major home renovations in North Vancouver, finding the right time to do it is critical.

When Is the Best Time to Do Home Renovations?

Factors like weather and building costs can come into the picture so you would want to determine the right time to do it. Winter months such as January to March can actually be a good time for renovations if you are planning to add another room or space. The ground is frozen and the air is dry so it’s easier to dig up foundations. It is also easier to install concrete subfloors as there is no humidity to hamper your progress. It’s also less costly to renovate during these months because it’s an off season for builders.

Spring has a high demand for building so the costs of hiring a contractor might be higher. How to Protect Your Wood Flooring from Foot Traffic Damage. Wood flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring in North Vancouver.

How to Protect Your Wood Flooring from Foot Traffic Damage

But keeping your flooring in North Vancouver free from scratches can be difficult if there’s a lot of foot traffic at home. Pets and children, for instance, can wreak havoc to your flooring. Here is how you can protect your flooring from inevitable foot traffic damage. Put a “mud” box near your front door. If you have no mud room, a mud box will help. Add area rugs. Area rugs not only add to the over-all aesthetic of the room but also helps in keeping your Flooring in North Vancouver protected. Use house slippers. Do what the Koreans do and use house slippers. Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and What You Can Do About It. Some of the most common mistakes in bathroom renovations in West Vancouver are the ones done by amateurs and persistent DIY-ers.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and What You Can Do About It

Most people fail to realize that bathroom renovations are too technical and one mistake can cost a lot of money to fix. Here are the most common Bathroom Renovations in North Vancouver mistakes: 1. Spending too much money on a small renovation project. Inadvertently buying an expensive hardware or fixture only to find out that it isn’t compatible with your current installations at home is a waste of money. Budgeting is essential. 2. Leaky showers are not just problematic, they are also expensive to correct. 3. Ventilation is crucial if you want to avoid problems like molds and mildew. 4. How to Get the Most out of Your Kitchen Storage Space. Kitchen storage space is often the design woe of many people.

How to Get the Most out of Your Kitchen Storage Space

Some people are lucky enough to have ample storage space but don’t really know how to maximize them. Others have smaller kitchen storage and find themselves constantly lacking in a place to put all their kitchen essentials. You can get the most out of your kitchen storage space. Here are some tips: 1. FAQs - renovateme! What can renovateme!

FAQs - renovateme!

Design and construction do for me? In-house, renovateme! Offers design, planning and obtaining permits, construction, coordination and management of sub trades, timelines and budgets, as well as interior styling and decorating – in a nutshell, we can provide you with a fully-integrated service from concept to completion. We specialize in full home renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodels, updates or conversions, open-plan conversions and complete build-outs requiring new flooring, tiling, fireplace or patio/deck upgrades, while our in-house design team can help you select, procure and place all of the colour, material and furniture choices required to successfully complete any project. What separates you from other design and build companies? Condo Renovation: Transforming a blank canvas into a 'forever home' - renovateme!

Condo Renovation: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,350 square foot penthouse With our latest condo renovation, the challenge was to transform an outdated, well-loved, but tired, 2 bed, 2 bath 1350 square foot condo from a bland blank canvas (a designer’s dream, by the way) into a duos’ forever home.

Condo Renovation: Transforming a blank canvas into a 'forever home' - renovateme!

Our remarkable makeover is outlined below. Enjoy! Complete with spa-like bathroom retreats to soak away the day’s cares, the ultimate girl’s best friend – a walk through closet – and a fully equipped, gourmet chef’s kitchen perfect for even the most discerning of culinary minds, this condo renovation now offers limitless opportunity and boundless space. It succeeds in recognizing the present and future needs of a couple set on downsizing in style. Its simple complexities invite the eye to excitedly capture the entirety of the condo in one spectacular sight line, while its velvet grey corridors welcome in life, love and memory making. After Before. Renovation of Single Bathroom into Ensuite and Second Full Bathroom - renovateme! View client’s feedback Renovation of existing single bathroom into an ensuite and a second full bathroom Bathroom renovation requiring the expansion of an existing bathroom and hallway to create an ensuite and a second full bathroom complete with laundry and storage.

Renovation of Single Bathroom into Ensuite and Second Full Bathroom - renovateme!

The project includes the installation of new bathtubs (Jacuzzi soaker with overhead shower and hand-held wand in master and combination bathtub with overhead shower in second,) floating vanities, dual-flush one piece toilets, faucets and hardware as well as new electrical, plumbing and venting services. Porcelain rainfall wall and floor tiles are combined with glass and stone mosaic trim, a wallpapered statement wall and an accent tile feature for extra wow. The renovation is further enhanced with the addition of supplemental storage, a makeup vanity, laundry station, wood-framed glass doors and square profile moulding. Complete Renovation of 5-bed 4-bath 2-level Home - renovateme!