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Class 3

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Youtube. Guess the animal worksheet. Match animal body parts tiger macmillan worksheet. Read and drag. Food worksheet. Youtube. LINK IV Present Conti Quiz Unit 4 - Test. Tiger 3 Unit 6 Grammar worksheet. Short questions present continuous worksheet. PRESENT CONTINUOUS by raquel_teaching.ideas on Genially. Present Continuous (introduction to short answers) - Prawda czy fałsz. Present Continuous - choose the correct answer - Test. Tiger 3 unit 5 worksheet. What can they do? - Tiger 3 - Unit 3 - Can - Can't worksheet. Unit 6: At the beach. New Tiger 3 worksheet. My favourite singer: Adele worksheet. Activities of everyday life - Znajdź parę. Everyday activities - Znajdź parę.

Everyday activities - Test. Time Zone Map. Loading Map..

Time Zone Map

DST – Click red dot for more info Accuracy of the Time Zone Map All clock changes worldwide are automatically taken into account and displayed in real-time as soon as you reload the page. Youtube. Daily routines - quiz 1. Telling the time - exercises - What time is it ? Youtube. (Very Easy) Telling The Time in English + Click To Learn.

How to tell the time. Creative Ways To Serve Fruit. Animal fact file klasa 3. Animal fact file example klasa 3. UNIT 2 SB str. 20 - Different Animal Groups - Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish and Birds. YouTube. Unit 2 SB str. 20 Animal Song.