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JessyInk (Presentations) Sami Wagiaalla's Blog. I have recently discovered jessyink.

Sami Wagiaalla's Blog

Jessyink is an inkscape extention which allows you do create presentation slides in inkscape, save them as svg, and display them using firefox. I think that when you start your presentation in inkspace instead of OpenOffice Impress, it puts your mind in a more graphical mode. This mindset helps you create slides which are more graphical and less verbose/text heavy/bullet-pointy. I found this excellent tutorial which helped me get started with jessyink.

One thing I would like to add that tutorial: Creating Views You can add zooming, panning and rotation effects to you slides. On that screen select an order. Now if you want the view port to rotate, simply select the rectangle you have created for the view, click on it again and rotate it. You can checkout this cheesy example if you want. Like this: Like Loading... Episode 086. Jessyink - A JavaScript that turns a layered Inkscape SVG image into a presentation. JessyInk is a JavaScript that can be incorporated into an Inkscape SVG image containing several layers.

jessyink - A JavaScript that turns a layered Inkscape SVG image into a presentation.

Each layer will be converted into one slide of a presentation. Current features include: slide transitions, effects, an index sheet, a master slide and auto-texts like slide title, slide number and number of slides. 23 February, 2013: Fernando da Rosa Morena published a blog post with a very complete and detailed comparison of Prezi and JessyInk. The article is titled Presentaciones, Prezi vs. JessyInk (Spanish) and can be found on Fernando's website. 22 February, 2013: JessyInk release 1.5.6: The main purpose of this release is to introduce the Mozilla Public License Version 2 (MPL) as an alternative license for the core JessyInk script. 27 December, 2010: JessyInk release 2.0.0 alpha 1: This is a development snapshot of version 2 of JessyInk.

Although this version of JessyInk is functional, it is not recommended for production use. 23 May, 2008: The beta of version 1.0 is out! A Tutorial Introduction to JessyInk: Presentations in Inkscape. Sure, presentation slides are becoming passe in the business office.

A Tutorial Introduction to JessyInk: Presentations in Inkscape.

(And it’s about time too.) But in technical fields which require a lot of illustration and visualization, there simply is no better way to have an ordered discussion. PowerPoint and alike place far too much emphasis on text elements and distracting effects and transitions. For my presentations, I usually use the beamer class in pdfLaTeX since two things are handled very well: math and vector graphics. But as my style has honed towards minimalism with attractive and illustrative graphics, I’m spending more and more time in Inkscape.

JessyInk, to be included in the next major release of Inkscape, adds functionality for creating slide-show presentations to Inkscape. JessyInk gives users the ability to embed slide-transitions, text reveals, navigation, hot-keys, video embedding, mouse event handling and much more. What remains in this article is intended as an introduction to JessyInk work-flow. A word on viewing.