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How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering - The Atlantic. For some women, enrolling in an engineering course is like running a psychological gauntlet.

How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering - The Atlantic

If they dodge overt problems like sexual harassment, sexist jokes, or poor treatment from professors, they often still have to evade subtler obstacles like the implicit tendency to see engineering as a male discipline. It’s no wonder women in the U.S. hold just 13 to 22 percent of the doctorates in engineering, compared to an already-low 33 percent in the sciences as a whole. UrbaMonde. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants. Emerson Collective. All about Network Effects – Andreessen Horowitz. How I got myself into a network organisation – OuiShare – Medium. A few years ago I was at a library in Barcelona lazily browsing the shelves when I came across this book called ‘Collaborative Consumption’ and authored by Albert Cañigueral, an old school friend.

How I got myself into a network organisation – OuiShare – Medium

I had a vague idea that Albert was a telecommunications engineer who had lived in Taiwan and some other bits and pieces. I did not buy the book but something got imprinted in my brain. Patterns of Coordination. A catalogue of (some of) the many ways agents coordinate their behavior, especially how they form and structure groups.

Patterns of Coordination

Biological (non-human) Multi-cellular organisms. Ganglia. Hives, colonies. Herds, flocks, schools. Where Web Content Meets True Network Intelligence. Introduction It might seem a bit odd for a two-and-a-half year old startup to be talking about its next generation platform like a web mythology, but that’s more or less what we’ve experienced at Faveeo.

Where Web Content Meets True Network Intelligence

If you’re paying even casual attention to economic and geopolitical events as of late, a lot is going on in the world at the moment, and big shifts are happening that are already affecting how we live and work. This also impacts how we relate to, and interact with, online information. The Predicament of Knowledge: A Challenge for Culture Design. Imagine if we collectively knew all that is needed to solve the hardest social problems in the world.

The Predicament of Knowledge: A Challenge for Culture Design

Whether it’s political corruption or mass poverty, ecological devastation or terrorism, the refugee crisis or structural racism, the root causes for all of these issues are deeply and systemically cultural. So what if we already knew how to design changes in culture and solve problems like these? The Grow Stronger Experience. Welcome to Our Red Tent! The Goddess Project - Official Trailer. Peaceful Societies. Peaceful societies are contemporary groups of people who effectively foster interpersonal harmony and who rarely permit violence or warfare to interfere with their lives.

Peaceful Societies

This website serves to introduce these societies to students, peace activists, scholars and citizens who are interested in the conditions that promote peacefulness. Keeping the passion of international women’s day, every day. On March 8, team genneve was on hand for “Be Bold: Stand Up for Change,” an event to celebrate International Women’s Day.

keeping the passion of international women’s day, every day

The Seattle event was spectacular — starting with the great food by That Brown Girl Cooks, on to the “Bold Women” history lesson from Dr. Writings on Women's Empowerment. The Ultimate Flowchart For Determining How to Help the World. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

The Ultimate Flowchart For Determining How to Help the World

If one takes Dr. King’s implication seriously — i.e. if one agrees that in life we have an ethical responsibility to help other humans/sentient beings — one will almost certainly ask a related question: These 2-Year-Old Triplets And Their Neighborhood Garbage Collectors Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever. It all started when Sugalski took her girls for a walk in their stroller when they were two months old.

These 2-Year-Old Triplets And Their Neighborhood Garbage Collectors Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever.

The girls were fascinated by the neighborhood garbage truck and watched with excitement as garbage collectors Andrew, Rob, and Chad emptied garbage cans into the truck. The next time the girls saw the guys, they reacted the same way. Penser la communauté autour de la décroissance : rencontre avec un écovillage qui existe depuis 9 ans. All That We Share. Lonely Is the New Normal - Boodaism. iTunes | Android.

Lonely Is the New Normal - Boodaism

Open questions – Julia Galef. As I conduct conversations for the Update Project (and just informally, on my own time) I’m looking for important open questions. Important, in the sense that what you believe about that question changes how you try to impact the world, and how successful you are at it. And open, in the sense that smart, well-informed people disagree about the answer. I’ve begun collecting those open questions here, in the hopes that making them salient will make us more likely to notice evidence or arguments that shift our thinking about them in a useful way.

Circle of Women. What are Gandhi Groups & Inner Activism? How to Start A Meal Sharing Co-op: An Excerpt From Together Resilient by Ma'ikwe Ludwig. This post is an excerpt from Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption by Ma’ikwe Ludwig, published by The Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Visit our fundraising campaign to learn how you can support the publication of the book and get yourself a copy! Food is one of the true universals: everyone eats. Most of us have familial and cultural associations with food, and we have developed an incredible range of ways to get our food needs met (both technologically and in terms of the contents of our diets). This makes food rich and interesting territory for sharing, which is pretty handy since, several times a day, most of us need to put some energy into feeding ourselves. So why not share labor and resources, reduce our time spent prepping food, and tap into that richness that emerges almost immediately when we get other people involved with our food scene?

I love this little meal sharing anecdote from Ecovillage Ithaca‘s blog: • Rotate cooking. Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die. Un magnifique court-métrage nous rappelle que le conformisme n’est pas notre nature – L’univers est en nous. Une petite animation espagnole, Alike touche nos cœurs à travers un message qui résonne avec l’expérience de chacun. Beaucoup trop souvent nous nous laissons aller sur un élan de conformité qui nuit à notre perception de nous et des autres. Les enfants n’ont pas encore été touché par la banalité et la négativité de la vie dans nos société de consommation. Leur passion pour les petites choses de la vie peut nous réapprendre de voir ce qui est vraiment important pour notre bonheur et bien-être. The Best Part of Life. Recently someone stood up at one of our events and said, G: If you could give women one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tribes - by Seth Godin. Inspiring look at what it takes to organize and mobilize groups of people. A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. A group needs only two things to be a tribe : a shared interest and a way to communicate. Tribes need leadership. Ubuntu (notion) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Wealthy People Don’t Notice Other Human Beings, Study Says. According to a study published earlier this month in Psychological Science, the more money and status people have, the less they give a damn about others. Researchers from New York University wanted to get a better understanding of how social class relates to motivational relevance, or "the degree to which others are seen as potentially rewarding, threatening, or otherwise worth paying attention to. " The Science of Human Goodness. “Goodness” doesn’t seem like a very scientific concept.

Two Models of Nurturance (Which One Are You?) Reviving the Ancient Sisterhood. Like start-ups, most intentional communities fail – why? At 16, Martin Winiecki dropped out of school and left his home in the German city of Dresden to live full-time at Tamera, a 300-acre intentional community in the rolling hills of southwestern Portugal. Why Do “Women in Tech” Communities thrive, while Women in Tech don’t? It feels like every week I am invited to another new community for women in technology. Why I Prefer to Live in Community + a Reluctant Farewell to The Cousins - Revolution from Home. Last November I returned to the states for a rare, unhurried week with my mom’s side of the family.

Mama Lets Go: The New Village. A New Story of the People. In the Absence of the Village, Mothers Struggle Most. What's it like to be in a cohort? What Happens When A Nursing Home & Daycare Centre Share A Roof? How to Replace the 10 Commandments. Adoption Agencies Don't Just Need Parents, They Need Volunteers. A Human Approach to World Peace. STAGES OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, presentation by Don Beck, October 2000 at the State of the World Forum, New York. Towards a Positive Psychology and Society. – The Gentle Revolution – Medium. Swarm Leadership I – The Gentle Revolution – Medium. Swarm Leadership II – The Gentle Revolution – Medium.

The Deepest Joy: Being of Service to Others — Bentinho Massaro. We Rise by Lifting Others. Why Women need a Tribe. Healing the Disease of Disconnect. Transforming Festival Culture into a Global Village. Watch 'Inner Peace to World Peace' How to Find Your Soul Tribe in the Digital Age. New Study Reveals What People You Love REALLY Want From You.

Why People Divorce and Miss the Misery. Could the Loss of Tribe be Jeopardizing Your Marriage? How Does Humanity Unite? Friendships May Not Help You Live Longer, But Family Does. UNE TRIBU AFRICAINE POSSÈDE UNE TRÈS BELLE MANIÈRE DE PUNIR CEUX QUI AGISSENT MAL. How We Celebrate Our Customers with Personalized GIFs. 9 Ways You Can Make a Difference—Even if You’re a Selfish Bastard Like Me. Coliving: A Solution for Lonely Millennials? The Power & Science of Social Connection: Emma Seppälä TEDx.