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Useful(,to me, some important too)

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» My Complete Poker Manifesto, Part XIII: My Online Poker Equipment Zazen Life. February 2, 2012 by @dieselpokers The Razr "Imperator" High-Speed Laser Gaming Mouse Part XII: Playing Online Poker If you want to play online and become a serious winning player, you will need the right equipment to multi-table effectively.

» My Complete Poker Manifesto, Part XIII: My Online Poker Equipment Zazen Life

You will need the following: All these links lead to the products I use. In addition to these items, make sure you have a stable high-speed internet connection as well as a location that offers free Wi-Fi as a backup in case you have technical problems. I highly recommend each item, and I purchased each of them as a business investment into my poker business. They all in combination have netted me a nice return on my investment.

Part XIV: Cautions of Handling Cash in Live Poker Games Like this: Like Loading... Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools. Steam Community. Zazen Life. » 10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana Zazen Life. For The Romantics. Hey looking for a romantic comedy anime in eng dub. Here is a list of mostly romantic comedy anime, i think you will like all of these Ai Yori Aoshi Air Ah!

Hey looking for a romantic comedy anime in eng dub

My Goddess DN Angel Rumbling Hearts Elfen Lied Elemental Gelade Ergo Proxy Fate Stay Night Fruits Basket Full Metal Panic Green Green Love Hina Please! Teacher This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Amazing Nurse Nanako Angelic Layer Angel Tales Chobits Hand Maid May Girls Bravo Happy Lesson Kanon (try for the 2006 version) Maburaho Steel Angel Kurumi The Melody of Oblivion Stellvia The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya all of these are romantic comedy's i think, 1 or 2 of them might have some action in them.

The anime below this has all kinds of genres in them like action, comedy, romance, slice of life, adventure, drama, mystery, and so on. This is all i can think of right now but if you need anymore anime just email me and i will give you another list of them. (has a couple, not alot though) - Your Source for all things English Dubbed Anime. Pearltrees. Description Pearltrees lets you organize all your interests.


Save web pages, photos, files, docs, PDF or notes and organize them into beautiful collections. Explore millions of contents on your interests and collaborate on your favorite topics. With Pearltrees, access all your interests anywhere, anytime! Learn English, Spanish and German for free. Waking up early, 10 tips that work. Getting up early can be a great way to help you establish a daily routine which is the first step to becoming more productive.

Waking up early, 10 tips that work

Here I present you 10 tips that helped me in becoming an early riser. The most important step is to get up. Actually not just get up, literally try to jump out of bed. After your alarm rings get up instantly, go to another room and turn on the lights. Getting out of bed quickly rips you out of the cozy zone and you're less likely to fall asleep again. You know, the one that always tells you: "Just 10 more minutes of sleep won't hurt right?

Just don't listen to it. This was also a big game changer for me. It took me a month of living with withdrawal symptoms and headaches to get over the addiction. You won't take my word for it? Having a clear goal for getting up early is essential. If you can get yourself even a little bit excited about the things that you will accomplish the next day, waking up early won't be a problem at all. Now let's play a simple game.