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The 8tracks I've listened to

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((The 8tracks I've listened to PART TWO!!!!!!!!!))))

Genres I want to listen to (on 8tracks) Florence + the New Beginning. Perfect For Our Night Swim. If anyone's going to break this heart, I think it should be you. Music for Afterwards. Bitches Be Comin' Round Dis' Mountain. For those long showers. Beat the existence. Kaleidoscope-eyes-x. Cooking on Sunday Afternoons. It's Gonna Be A Good Day. Malaise and the sensation of not knowing. Video Game Soundtracks from my most important games. Bathtub Playlist. Songs for the lonely night drive. Sounds of the bed. A plead from me to you. Falling out and into love and sleep. Awkward Hipster Dance Party. Thebestmattever. Remains of a broken heart. Keep Floating, Keep Floating.

Redbedroom. Saturday Morning Get Up and Groove Mix. RELAX... Everyone's Doin' it! Best of oldies. 326 listens. Roadtripping. Indie, meet hiphop. Skipping class on a sunny day. Let's Get Naked. Bestillyoungheart. Wake up, jump out of bed, be excited. A Playlist for a Long, Rainy Car Ride. Dubstep will take you to the mountain. Keep Calm and Fuck. Missing the boy I'm in love with. Are you having a sad day? Acoustic Covers That'll Give You Chills. Songs from Tarantino Movies. Higher than the stars. Music for Dark Spaces. The Electronic Hipster. Dubstep the way Buddha intended it. Moar Loud Music. Iamlukeryan. A bit of Paris. A bit of Paris. How is it even possible to miss someone that much? Collect your Inhibitions. 348 listens. Mashup Mayhem III. Not your average love story. The reason I love raves. Songs to make your life feel EPIC. Apocalyptic Dubstep volume 1. Best covers ever. The Battle Mix. That thaaang.

Infinity Drive. Sexmusic // 09. (300+ notes) for the summer. Napping outside in the summer. Summer Smiles. This is how i feel about you. RobRadio #6: Indie/Alt. Pop & Rock 2010-11. Songs to Dream By. Dirty, Dirty Dubstep Part II. I. Refuse. To. Leave. This. Bed. Purelikewater. Not your average holiday songs. Is There Anybody Here Who Do Listen to Soul Music ? 30 Great Soul Songs Are Waiting For You.

Ambient Music. Lit and Light. Songs To Listen to While Trying to Fall Asleep. Smooth as Eggs. Best of Trip Hop. Wow, I feel epic. For those people who need a boost to walk towards THE girl! NOT ANOTHER CHILLSTEP MIX! Songs that you can shut out reality with. Caramatteson. To the Sound of Our Beating Hearts. And I can still feel... You here. (Vocal Trance)

Boldasxloveee. I'll Remember to Love You. 126 likes. Lying on Your Floor. I Could Give A Fuck. Electro Steroids. WoodsCommaElle.