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4 Types of Commercial Roofing : Choosing the Right Shade for Your Workplace. The type of roof people choose for their commercial property should fit the environment, design and intended use. Choosing the right roofing system also plays an important role in cutting the operation cost, otherwise spent in maintaining a wrong roofing system. Commercial roofing contractor usually factor in certain crucial elements such as thermal, structural and potential seasonal problems before installing the roof. This post discusses the types of commercial roofing systems available, to help property investors or facility managers make an informed decision. 1. EPDM Roof If your building has a low-slope, EPDM roofing makes sense for you. 2. Given the increasing fuel prices and growing concern of deteriorating environmental conditions, the need for solar panel based roofing system was never so much in demand. 3.

The thermoplastic roofing is a cheaper alternative to other roofing systems. 4. Conclusion… Five Things to Do Before Getting Your Roof Replaced - Blog Longhorn GC. Even if nothing disastrous happens to your house, you will eventually have to replace the roof. Most warranties last about 20 years. After that expires you’re on your own when it comes to roof replacement. Roof placement cost is no laughing matter; as usual for something intended to last a long time, it can be expensive to replace a roof. Before you have the workers come out to start hammering away, follow these five roof replacement tips. 1. Get your roof inspected Before you look into replacing your roof you should know how much damage there really is. 2. If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced your insurance company won’t help you pay for it. 3. The roof replacement cost is going to depend heavily on what your new roof is made of.

This stage of roof replacement is also the time to think about any other roof installations you may have or need. 4. Get referrals from businesses and online sources. 5. Roofing is hard, long work. 5 Evident Signs that an Asphalt Roof Replacement is Required. A concrete roofing structure is the key to a healthy home. A roofing system faces the brunt of external weather ranging from UV exposure, fierce winds, hailstorms to ice dam formation.

As a roof goes through continuous wear and tear, understanding the thin line between repair and replacement is imperative. Sometimes, issues such as minor leaks can be mended; however; some cases are beyond repair especially in the case of asphalt roofs. So, a roof replacement becomes inevitable. The blog post discusses a few tell-tale signs that indicate that an asphalt roof is beyond the scope of repairs and requires replacement. 1. Noticing a large and visible amount of shingle granules in the gutters indicate that the shingles are nearing their life expectancy. 2. Many people think moss growth on the roof as a cosmetic issue and neglect. 3. Cracked shingles are often a result of wind and hail damage. 4. 5. The age of the roof is one of the tricky factors responsible for a roof replacement.

Filing Roof Insurance Claim? Here's All that you Need to Know. 5 Must Know Facts about Shingle Roofing. Roofing being an integral part of the property receives a lot of attention. Out of all the roofing materials - metal, tile, slate, and others - shingle is one of the most popular roofing systems. The shingles are available in a variety of designs and are available at a reasonable price, which make it a preferred choice among homeowners and roofing experts. There are, however, certain important facts that you need to know before installing shingles. Whether you are installing a new roofing system or getting a roof replacement done in Dallas or Fort Worth, these are a few must-know facts about the shingle roofing that you need to know. 1. The cost-effectiveness of shingles makes them a popular roofing option. 2. If you want to add some curb appeal to the exteriors of your property, you need to opt for asphalt shingles. 3.

Out of all the shingles types, the composite material made asphalt shingles are widely used all over the country because these are recyclable. 4. 5. Last Few Words... 4 Common Reasons of Roof Leakage - Though a roof leak may seem a petty issue, it becomes a threat to the structural integrity of the entire roofing system. Though a roof leak may seem a petty issue, it becomes a threat to the structural integrity of the entire roofing system. As it is not possible to cover the leaks on your own, finding a permanent solution for the leakage becomes imperative. Water seepage may happen through multiple spots on your roof.

While a few sources of water leaks are clearly visible, roofing services in Rockwall and other parts of the US may help in finding those hidden areas of roof leak that may cause serious damages and costly repairs. The blog post discusses a few common spots of leaks in any roofing system. 1. Broken shingles are one of the main reasons of leakage. 2. Flashings made of thin metal strips act as a water resistant barrier for the entire roofing system. 3. Roof valleys are sensitive areas as the rainwater passes through the valleys before draining into the gutters. 4. The Bottom Line. Flat Roofs: a Perfect Solution for Commercial... Roofing is an integral part of any establishment. While residential properties may choose decorated roofing solutions, commercial spaces need to opt for flat roofs. There are several flat roofing systems options available, which makes it important to take the help of a commercial roofing contractor to select something that meets your specifications and budget.

Selecting a roofing system for your commercial space should only be done after consulting a well-known commercial roofing contractor because of the various technicalities associated with them. Roofing contractors can advise you on the type of flat roof system that can cope up with weather conditions. The blog discusses 5 common types of flat roofs appropriate for commercial spaces. Built-Up Roof (BUR) Built-up roofs or BUR is one of the most common roofing solutions because of its economic feasibility. Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen roofing solution is also known as a single ply roofing solution. Single Ply EPDM.