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Religiate is an award-winning digital marketing agency. We envisage digital marketing strategies to transform your business vision. Our result oriented & ROI driven services will take your growth story to the next level! Religiate offers a plethora of digital marketing services. Whether you are a start-up, an SME, or an established brand, we are here to help your business thrive!

7  Essential Metrics Indian Healthcare Marketers Need to Focus On. To measure the effectiveness of your hospital’s marketing programs, design campaigns around analytics.

7  Essential Metrics Indian Healthcare Marketers Need to Focus On

It’s impossible to measure ROI at the end of a campaign if the goals weren’t established at the beginning. Think of measurement as a cyclical process. All marketing campaigns should begin and end with measurement. Therefore Metrics play a very important role for healthcare marketers When we talk about data analytics and measuring ROI, there are several standards that we use to categorize success—website visits, number of new contacts and revenue gains or losses. Importance of CRM In Healthcare Marketing And The Need To Invest In One. Patient relationship management can sound intimidating to small- and mid-sized hospitals.

Importance of CRM In Healthcare Marketing And The Need To Invest In One

After all, if your hospital only has a handful of patients, why do you need a dedicated process or system to keep track of them? A few spreadsheets and rules of thumb will do just fine for healthcare marketing. But what happens when the business starts to boom? At some point, the organization will need to implement a customer/patient contact management system that’s more organized and streamlined than a mass of spreadsheets. And such a migration could be painful if the decision has been put off a few too many months, or even years. The same holds good for hospital advertisers/providers too. How to Deliver Exceptional Service Using the Power of Brand Championships? A man with a fracture on his left leg got off a cab and entered a hospital for getting his plaster removed.

How to Deliver Exceptional Service Using the Power of Brand Championships?

He was walking with the help of a walker. When he reached the reception, it took him 30 minutes to get his prescription slip and reach the concerned room to get his plaster removed! Benefits Of Brand Building To Your Business. Top 7 Healthcare Digital Branding Strategies to Improve Patient Engagement. Best Tried and True Successful Marketing Practices. 1.Stick to Your Vision Know your company's mission and stand by it.

Best Tried and True Successful Marketing Practices

Having a sense of security about who you are and what you do, it will attract good customers and employees who understand what you are planning to achieve. 2.Set Goals Set benchmarks that you hope to reach next month, year, five years, and so on. How to use Social Media Marketing in Healthcare? Aristotle says "MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL....

How to use Social Media Marketing in Healthcare?

Social media is no longer a marketing afterthought for companies and organizations. Every major brand is present across the major social media platforms, but healthcare has lagged behind. Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry. In recent years, each industry welcomes digital marketing in their line of business because of its many benefits.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

While it is possible grow your business without digital marketing by using more traditional methods, but now it is difficult to do specific targeting because we have seen how innovative technology takes over and how people disperse on different media. Let's look at the role of digital marketing companies in the healthcare industry. Impact of Digital Marketing on Healthcare Marketing Digital marketing has an enormous impact on the customer's behavior.

That’s why all healthcare companies are engaging Digital marketing companies who are focusing on both Paid and Organic Traffic generation. How to Start Using Videos in Digital Marketing. Every time a new application or technology is released, digital marketers are among the first to experiment — and create new content.

How to Start Using Videos in Digital Marketing

This is because merchants constantly count for the attention of their audience — and often by the most innovative and attractive ways possible. And right now, it means creating video content in digital marketing. The audience wants to see more video content, and other merchants and publishers are creating more digital marketing videos in response. In Hubspot's 2017 progress report, nearly half of the marketers said they would invest in creating YouTube and Facebook videos over the coming year. How to Plan a Great Event with Inbound Marketing. From tweets and social gatherings to large-scale conferences and events, thousands of events take place every day throughout the world.

How to Plan a Great Event with Inbound Marketing

Social media marketing and other inbound marketing tactics can combine into a strategic approach to promote your event, increasing the hype surrounding it and attracting the attention of potential participants and media. All inbound marketing companies and advertising agencies are following these tactics. The message you send to your customer a few months in advance should be very different from the message you send a few weeks or days before your event. By providing remarkable content that keeps participants on their toes, your potential participants ask for more information. The question is, "How do you generate interest in an event using the tools that are right in front of you? Why Healthcare Brands Should Develop Compelling Stories. Once upon a time… As you read or hear the words, you’re instantly ported into another world, the world of a story that you feel drawn into.

Why Healthcare Brands Should Develop Compelling Stories

Before digital marketing & healthcare branding, the first stories were transmitted by word of mouth. The introduction of books, radios, and cinemas widened the scope of storytelling, giving it a broader platform. Traditional and Digital Marketers first started telling stories when the visual impact of the cinematic medium intersected with the broad reach of radio – the television allowed them to tell stories in commercial breaks. However, such advertisements burnt a deep hole in the pocket. The internet served as a one-stop-solution for this problem. With the amount of content online increasing, your audience’s attention span is dwindling.

The art of creating stories. 4 Ways Healthcare Marketers Should Utilize Social Media. Social media is no longer a marketing afterthought for Hospital & Healthcare Marketers.

4 Ways Healthcare Marketers Should Utilize Social Media

Every major brand is present across major social media platforms, and they are actively planning strategic campaigns around social activity. Companies from every industry have made the leap into social media, but healthcare has lagged behind. Why is this? 19 Healthcare Marketing steps to increase your patient volume. Every professional wants to be crowded with clients. When the professional is the doctor, he wants that his hospital or clinic should swarm with patients all the time. For that, he will have to take certain steps that will certainly increase footfalls at his hospital: 1.

Four Major Benefits of Digital Branding. A brand tells a story to customers. A brand's ultimate purpose is to serve your unique story and benefits relating to your products or services. Brand exceptionally is perception. The new brands are currently leveraging their outreach using digital distribution mediums such as websites, social media, mobile, advertising, emails etc, all customized and catering to their needs of digital branding. Creating (and engaging) a brand perception means putting all digital platforms into use and exploring the possibilities of getting connected with customers.

The benefits of digital branding can be broken down into the following: a) Interaction: One the major key elements is engagement. Content, with the right messaging, is extensively being put on different platforms - social channels, blog, mobile, email – all of which enhance the interaction with your customers and facilitate better engagement. There are multiple phases of client interaction options. How Can You Get The Best Medical Talent To Your Business? In India, because of rampant unemployment, and job uncertainty in other fields, medical practice is considered to be the safest profession these days.

At the same time, ever increasing lifethreatening diseases have also put doctors in great demand. The challenge Some years ago, when IT sector was at its peak, students would prefer becoming software engineers than anything else since IT companies paid handsome salaries. Also, they could get a chance to go abroad with lucrative job offers. But with the IT bubble burst, and job opportunities shrinking in the country, hiring and firing trend in the industry has made students jittery and there is a beeline for the medical colleges since the slogan is ‘safety first’. The general impression is that everybody needs a doctor; therefore, a medical practitioner can easily earn his living without facing any difficulty. How To Reduce The ALOS At Your Hospital.

How To Increase Your Surgery Sign-Ups. Gone are the days when you could wag a supposedly credible and creative ad-campaign before your consumers and increase the volume of patients signing up for surgery. How To Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Patients? How to Increase Medical Tourism Potential. Do you know which sector has emerged as the fastest growing in the tourism industry in India? Well it's none other than MVT or the Medical Value Travel sector. How To Get Referral Doctors To Be Sticky With Your Brand.

Referral is a term used in the medical circuit for the transfer of a patient's care from one clinic to another, on request. In today’s world, doctors are gravitating more towards integrated networks and delivery systems. How Hospital Branding can Increase OP to IP Conversions. Hospital branding is a key aspect of increasing your OP to IP conversion rate. In the medical advertisement sector, it deals with the level of care, honesty, reliability the brand is in the eyes of the patient. Along with financial gains, hospital branding inspires pride among employees. It further makes it easier to attract top talent. How Can Hospital Branding Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Patients? In most businesses, it is usually costlier to acquire new customers than retain existing ones.

Increasing Physician Loyalty - Important Healthcare Referral Marketing Strategy. How To Make Work From Home. Remote work is no longer a trend — considering the pandemic that has gripped the world, working from home (WFH) is a necessity. How Remote Working Benefits Your Workforce - 10 Work From Home Advantages. In fact, these employees contributed to an extra day each week by working from home! No more late turn-ups because of traffic snarl or having missed the train. Almost, everyone logs in right on time because they DON’T waste time commuting. 10 Ways of Branding and Marketing your Company During and After the CoronaVirus Lockdown. How To Increase Cash Paying Patients For Hospitals? How to use Social Media Marketing in Healthcare?

How to create a brand image - A definitive guide. 15 Lead Generation Strategies That WORK. 20 Ways To Improve & Boost Customer Acquisition.