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Make your money smarter with that offers a unique experience to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance policies, derivatives & loans.

This Rakshabandhan secure your love with a gift of financial security with This RakshaBandhan, look beyond gifts of chocolates and soft toys, gift her financial security she truly deserves that can protect her future.

This Rakshabandhan secure your love with a gift of financial security with

Wishing her long-term happiness and good health, you can initiate or add to, her journey of investments, which will provide her financial independence and security in the long run. Help your sister achieve her dreams with investments to ensure her dreams become reality. Blue chip stocks : A know it all guide to Blue Chip Investment. The definition of blue-chip stocks varies, but generally, the well-established companies which have large market capitalizations and demonstrated its financial performance in giving consistent dividends in both upward and downward trends are blue-chip companies.

Blue chip stocks : A know it all guide to Blue Chip Investment

Truth to be told, there is no exact definition of blue chip stock. Types of Blue-Chip Stocks The blue-chip stocks can be classified into below categories: Achieve financial freedom by investing in mutual funds for a secured future - Having sufficient money to realize your dreams makes you financially independent.

Achieve financial freedom by investing in mutual funds for a secured future -

Set up your goals and take a step towards making financial independence a reality. Dream - Set Goal – Achieve It ! Everybody dreams of building wealth. Trading Product Codes - MIS, NRML, CNC, BO. Market Order: A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the current market price.

Trading Product Codes - MIS, NRML, CNC, BO

It signals your broker to execute the order at the best price currently available. However, as market prices keep changing, a market order cannot guarantee a specific price. Aadhaar based eKYC for Mutual Fund & Demat Account - In India, proof of identity and proof of address are two key requirements for accessing financial products like bank accounts; Demat accounts, mutual fund investments, and even SIM cards.

Aadhaar based eKYC for Mutual Fund & Demat Account -

When it comes to mutual fund investments, there is a long paper-based KYC process that a customer has to go through to start investing in mutual funds. To ease up the process, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) proposed an Aadhaar-based e-KYC Process which followed by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to be used for the new entrants to do mutual fund investments. It was first introduced in December 2016 when Reserve Bank of India (RBI) authorized e-KYC using Aadhaar authentication system to allow Aadhaar number holders to verify their identity and address in electronic and paperless mode. However, in October 2018, the Supreme Court had barred this and people were forced to go back to the old KYC process What is Aadhaar based e-KYC?

The complete guide of Understanding Stocks - What is equity share?

The complete guide of Understanding Stocks -

The capital of a company is divided into shares. Each share forms a unit of ownership of a company and is offered for sale to raise capital for the company. Effective Stock Exit Strategies. Key takeaways Let every buy be a part of a larger financial objective Enter the trade with a pre-conceived idea of how long you plan to hold Same goes for the outer-limit of loss you’re willing to bear on sale Be flexible to allow for economic and corporate upheavals, rebalance/sell holdings accordingly Why have an exit strategy in Stocks Trading?

Effective Stock Exit Strategies

A key skill in building up an enviable and successful stock portfolio is getting in, and out of a stock at the appropriate time. Getting out of a stock and cutting losses early is one of the prime strategies followed by successful investors. There is nothing wrong with losing money on a stock, that’s the nature of the market. Exotic Stocks - Blue Chip Stocks, Good Potential Stocks, Buzzing Stocks by Investments in IPO - Benefits and UPI Process to Apply for IPO. IPO – Definition, Benefits & New Process to Apply for IPO What is IPO?

Investments in IPO - Benefits and UPI Process to Apply for IPO

When a privately-owned company first time offers its securities generally ‘common stock’ for sale to the general public is referred to as initial public offering (IPO). In doing so, it undergoes various rules and regulations which are governed by the market regulator Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI). By going public, a company benefits from raising capital in the primary market and reach out to a large number of institutional and individual investors while at the same time the retail individual investors also benefit from investing in such IPOs. Income Tax Return: Filing Income Tax return in India - What is Income Tax return (ITR)?

Income Tax Return: Filing Income Tax return in India -

An income tax return (ITR) is the form that an individual or company files to the Income Tax Department as proof of its income, expenses, and other tax information in that financial year. The ITR filed contains the proof of your income and amount paid as tax in that financial year. While filing the income tax return (ITR), an assessee must ensure to enclose the proof of every source of income earned in that financial year including the exempted income thereon to Income Tax Department. Know well about ITR forms. Top Stocks to Buy During Lockdown Period. India’s coronavirus reported cases tally has just now crossed the grim milestone of 70,000.

Top Stocks to Buy During Lockdown Period

As India’s enters the last week of nationwide lockdown, the PM Narendra Modi asked the chief ministers to take decisions and decide the road ahead. It is highly likely that lockdown will be extended with more curbs and relaxations to go. Now that millions of people are staying at home, the whole economy is in the disruption. It is one of the times when the economy falls into recession and you get the chance to buy some high-quality stocks at lower costs. Why You Should Not Pause Your SIP During Lockdown? -

The extension in lockdown has started to take a toll on businesses with as many as companies unable to compensate their employees due to general weakness in consumption across all sectors. With the restriction in movement of people, shutting down factories, and cancellation in flights & trains, many companies faced a massive loss in revenue as the economy is going through a slowdown leaving only a handful of companies to continue its operations while working from home. Badly hit by Coronavirus-forced lockdown, the employees are fearing possible job loss, steep cut in their salary and delayed appraisals. Many have already seen pay cuts and delayed appraisals which directly impact the regular cash flows of many. Gilt Funds: What are Gilt Funds and How They Work - What are Gilt Funds? Gilt funds are types of mutual funds that invest in varying government securities (G-sec) – medium to long-term issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on behalf of Government of India.

As these investment schemes are made to the government and invest only in high-quality debt instruments, this makes them usually a safe and ideal option for risk-averse investors who just want to play safe. In contrast to bond funds, the gilt funds invest solely in high-quality, low-risk government securities (G-sec) which are generally considered to be as safe as AAA grade investments. However, the returns are moderate might be lower than other asset-classes but the high asset quality ensures investors’ money is well protected from capital risk. All About Dynamic Bond Funds in India - What are Dynamic Bond Funds? The dynamic bond fund is a class of open-ended debt schemes that follows a dynamic approach in terms of maturity for investing across duration. These schemes enable investors for generating potential returns by shifting maturities of securities in the portfolio based on market scenarios. As the bond funds are impacted by interest rates, the dynamic bond funds give the flexibility to alter the allocations between short-term and long-term bonds to tide over the volatility in the bond market.

The objective of this particular bond funds is to provide investors with attractive returns through investing in high-quality debt securities of varying maturities. However, there is no guarantee that the scheme’s objective will be achieved as it all depends upon the fund manager’s view of interest rate that could lead investors to make or lose money. Arbitrage funds: What are Arbitrage Funds And How They Work – What are Arbitrage Funds? Arbitrage funds are kind of mutual funds that leverage the price differential in the cash and derivatives markets to generate returns.

These funds are hybrid in nature and capitalize on the mispricing of equity shares in the spot market and futures market. Usually, a fund manager buy shares and sell them in higher later hoping that would help in generating profitable returns. Instead, an arbitrage fund manager simultaneously buys stocks in the cash market and sells them in the futures or derivatives market. What are Gold Funds? All About Gold Funds in India - What are Gold Funds? As the name suggests, the gold funds are funds that invest in various forms of gold directly or indirectly. So, it can be in physical gold, stock of gold mining companies or gold producing syndicates.

So, there are Gold Mining Funds, Gold ETFs, and here is another type of gold funds also known as Gold Fund of Fund (FoF) which invest in the units of the Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and often considered as Gold Mutual Funds. Investors who are looking for exposure in gold commodity but avoid investing in physical form, generally give preference to gold mutual funds as a tool to hedge against economic shocks and diversify their investment portfolio to minimize the risk of investment. Buy Digital GOLD with What are Debt Mutual Funds reliancesmartmoney.

Mutual Fund Investments Made Smarter. E-KYC Registration Online - Free Demat & Trading Account Online. Know how to get details of your Demat Holdings.