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7 Essential Business Etiquette in Thailand Foreigners Should Know. 5 Ways Thailand Accountants can Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Economy - Reliance Consulting. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the financial reporting and accounting function of operating companies worldwide, including Thailand.

5 Ways Thailand Accountants can Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Economy - Reliance Consulting

Some key factors which may impact the financial statements preparations, including production interruption, disruptions of supply chains, unavailability of staff, sales and income reductions, stores, and facilities closure, postponement in planned business expansions, incapacity to raise funding, and disruptions in travel, cultural, sports, and other leisure activities. Moreover, entities may need to consider the pandemic’s potential impact on accounting disclosures and conclusions related to certain areas, such as inventories valuations, doubtful accounts’ allowances, employment termination benefits, restructuring strategies, and the breach of loan covenants.

Along with the effect on accounting, the outbreak also brings about a widespread impact on the economy. Concentrate on liquidity Be resourceful Be flexible Leverage technology. 5 Little-Known Reasons Why Thailand Companies’ HR and Pay... Exploring Potential Business Opportunities in Thailand Beyond COVID-19 - VipsPatel. COVID-19 pandemic has affected Thailand’s economy and labor market.

Exploring Potential Business Opportunities in Thailand Beyond COVID-19 - VipsPatel

World Bank’s Thailand Economic Monitor predicted that it would take Thailand over two years to return to its pre-COVID-19 growth and domestic product output levels. Although the country has successfully curbed the pandemic tide over the last few months, the economy remains severely hit. Nevertheless, heavily impacted sectors must go forward as the economy recovers and explore potential opportunities amidst the pandemic. Find out the business opportunities and set up a successful company in Thailand beyond COVID-19. What types of businesses fall and survive during the pandemic? 4 Most Profitable Businesses to Open in Thailand. Thailand is recognized as one of the planet’s largest economy.

4 Most Profitable Businesses to Open in Thailand

It offers multiple industries that help build up its promising economy. Moreover, Thailand is the twenty-first easiest place to do business based on the World Bank’s 2020 rankings. While Thailand’s economy scuffle with the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, its economy is steadied to turnaround within the next year. The country is also anticipated to benefit from the growing trend of businesses pulling out of China, thereby offering excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore the country’s market potential.

Entrepreneurs can find several business opportunities in the country. Delivery business Service-based sectors like delivery businesses play a vital role in the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Moreover, the food delivery business in Thailand has been boosted more than three times because of the recent pandemic. Predominant players in this sector during the pandemic include Food Panda, Grab Food, and Lineman. A Beginner’s Guide to Reporting Requirements for Businesses in Thailand – Reliance Consulting. In Thailand, every business is required to comply with the reporting requirements for each accounting period.

A Beginner’s Guide to Reporting Requirements for Businesses in Thailand – Reliance Consulting

The requirements include preparing financial statements and maintaining the book of accounts and statutory records. This article walks you through what you need to know about the reporting requirements for companies registered in Thailand. Requirements for maintaining accounting books and statutory records All Thailand companies have to keep books and abide by the accounting process required by relevant Thailand regulations, including the Accounts Act and the Revenue Code. 5 Critical Factors Foreign Entrepreneurs Need to Consider When Starting A Business in Thailand. Thailand is an excellent place for starting a business due to its business-friendly environment and strategic position in the Southeast Asian region.

5 Critical Factors Foreign Entrepreneurs Need to Consider When Starting A Business in Thailand

Recently, Thailand was named the best nation in the US News & World Report’s 2020 Best Countries to Start a Business ranking. While Thailand offers the best location for starting a business, it is not without challenges, especially foreign entrepreneurs. Improving Thailand Businesses Accuracy Through Payroll Service Providers. Posted by RelianceConsulting on September 27th, 2020 Payroll services providers specialize in each aspect of the payroll process.

Improving Thailand Businesses Accuracy Through Payroll Service Providers

Some payroll services would provide a more comprehensive solution, including taking over the responsibilities usually managed internally by human resources, such as the administration of a company’s benefits programs and retirement accounts. And over the few decades, payroll becomes more convenient with the emergence of the internet and new payroll technology.

With the planet becoming more connected and impatient more than ever, companies have to pay their personnel accurately and on time to remain sustainable and successful. A Beginner’s Guide to Accounting Services Available for Small Businesses in Thailand. Improving Thailand Businesses Accuracy Through Payroll Service Providers. Top 5 Ways An Accountant Can Help Entrepreneurs in Thailand - Accountants are an invaluable partner for all entrepreneurs and businesses.

Top 5 Ways An Accountant Can Help Entrepreneurs in Thailand -

They possess the expertise that entrepreneurs are lacking and help them at various phases of their business: during the establishment, growing stages, and even during the cessation of a company. Hiring a reliable and competent accountant or accounting services provider can undoubtedly boost the company’s productivity and efficiency. Here are the top five ways that an accountant or outsourced accounting service in Thailand can help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. 4 Reasons Why Service Partners are Essential to Businesses in Thailand – Sherise Ng Blogger.

Services partners are agencies that offer business solutions, including accounting, payroll, marketing, HR, product development, company registration, and training for business growth.

4 Reasons Why Service Partners are Essential to Businesses in Thailand – Sherise Ng Blogger

They essentially provide Thailand companies with the opportunities to supplement their resources by offering services or skills that these companies are lacking. Apart from gaining access to industry experts and recent technology, Business Services partners like Reliance Consulting help companies to cut down their overall expenses by executing specific services more efficiently than their employees. Guide to Withholding Tax in Thailand: Updated for COVID-19 - Reliance Consulting. Businesses in Thailand need to comply with several tax obligations required by the country’s laws and regulations.

Guide to Withholding Tax in Thailand: Updated for COVID-19 - Reliance Consulting

Apart from corporate income taxes, companies are obligated to withhold taxes from their workers and vendors. This article guides you through the essential information you need to know about withholding tax, with updates due to COVID-19. What Is Withholding Tax? Withholding tax (WHT) is the deduction of a payment made to companies that offer a service. WHT also applies to dividend and interest payments. Expenses that need to apply WHT are those that exceed THB 1,000 and expenses less than THB 1,000 wherein a long-term contract is in place. The Top 6 Advantages Of Outsourcing Accounting: relianceth — LiveJournal. Setting Up a Branch Office in Thailand. Posted by RelianceConsulting on April 17th, 2020 While most foreign entrepreneurs prefer setting up a Thai private limited company, some multinational companies prefer expanding their business in the country by opening up a branch office.

Setting Up a Branch Office in Thailand

Unlike a representative office that can only engage in non-trading business operations, a branch office is a trading entity that generates profit for its parent company. Foreign companies seeking to form their presence with the use of a branch office need to satisfy local requirements. Here is everything you ought to know about establishing a branch office in Thailand.

What Is a Thai Branch Office? A branch office is a part of another mother company. Foreign companies can register a branch office with the Ministry of Commerce. A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up A Limited Company in Thailand. Among the many business structures available in Thailand, Thai limited company is the most popular, particularly among the foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish a legal presence in the country. This article highlights all you need to know about setting up a limited company in Thailand. What Is a Thai Limited Company? Thai limited company is a type of company framework wherein its capital is divided into equal shares, and the shareholders’ liabilities are limited to the amount left unpaid on their shares. Owners and management are separated.​The government recognizes two kinds of limited companies, namely, the private limited company and public limited company.

Withholding Tax Services. 6 Reasons Why Thai Companies Should Outsource Their Accounting. Create a professional-looking website, fully customizable, without any programming skills. When a company has an in-house accounting team, it can be hard to scale up as the growing company demands a larger workforce within the department. Hiring a new employee may take several days to weeks. A Global Companies’ Guide to Payroll System in Thailand. With a Gross Domestic Product of more than $650 billion, Thailand earned the recognition of being the second-biggest economy in Southeast Asia. Its fast-growing and emerging economy helps reduce the rate of unemployment. As a newly industrialized nation, Thailand is focusing significantly on exports. The emerging economy, along with its natural environment, attracts many foreign investors to Thailand. A Basic Guide to Opening A Corporate Account in Thailand. YouTube. Why Foreigners Should Open A Business In Thailand.

3 Reasons Why Companies in Thailand Should Outsource Their Payroll – Reliance Consulting. Business experts have long recommended endorsing and outsourcing non-core activities of the company. Non-core functions, while crucial, are not the profit center of the company and are not a mean of strategic differentiator that separates a company from its competitors. Payroll, which most companies consider as non-core function, is a critical element of a business. However, you may find it challenging to maintain an error-free calculation while being compliant with hundreds of the country’s tax codes and payroll laws and regulations.