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Growth in menswear

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Big Spenders and Millennial Hipsters Rekindle Dapper Dress Codes in Menswear. Analyst Insight by Ashma Kunde - Senior Apparel and Footwear Analyst Tailoring is trending.

Big Spenders and Millennial Hipsters Rekindle Dapper Dress Codes in Menswear

The popularity of formal attire has been on the rise, fuelled by a growing number of brands catering for style-savvy males, the influence of pop culture, including hit television shows like Mad Men, and a nostalgic return to fashions of yesteryear. 6: Trend - Scruffy Boys to Smart Men: The Resurgence of Bespoke Tailoring at Bespoke Magazine. 6: Trend - Scruffy Boys to Smart Men: The Resurgence of Bespoke Tailoring at Bespoke Magazine. Luxury Fashion Brands Targeting Global ‘Yummies’: Young Urban Males - Businessweek. Luxury fashion may be switching gender and age roles.

Luxury Fashion Brands Targeting Global ‘Yummies’: Young Urban Males - Businessweek

In much of the world now, the most attractive demographic for such companies as Burberry (BRBY) and Coach (COH) isn’t middle-aged women with sky-high credit limits; it’s twentysomething men with smartphones and self-esteem issues. At least that’s the theory put forth recently by a three researchers at HSBC. The future of retail is in young, urban males—or as HSBC dubs them, “Yummies” (a handy verbal shortcut if one can say it without gagging). “The metro-sexual, that cliché from 20 years ago, is now becoming a commercial reality,” the HSBC team writes. Young urban males or ‘yummys’ are the new target market for big banks and luxury brands. Young urban males like the Hemsworth brothers are the new target market for luxury brands.

Young urban males or ‘yummys’ are the new target market for big banks and luxury brands

Pictured Luke, Liam and Chris. Source: Getty Images ARE you a “Yummy”? HSBC wants you to be. Gay or Straight? Hard to Tell. Menswear thinks it’s really unfair that people only talk about womenswear. Regardless of your gender, if you live in the world, you may have noticed that men everywhere have been wearing clothes.

Menswear thinks it’s really unfair that people only talk about womenswear

Newspaper Article - IN A MAN'S WORLD. Women, jobs push guys to upgrade their style - News : Luxury (#177126) The need to look good on the job and pressure from the women in their lives are pushing men to take their style up a notch, giving luxury brands some welcome extra business.

Women, jobs push guys to upgrade their style - News : Luxury (#177126)

Make the most as male Christmas shoppers head online. By Michael Rausch, general manager at price comparison provider Become Europe Although the cliché of a woman dragging her unwilling male partner shopping is a familiar one, it would seem that the way both genders shop online is quite different to popular theory – evidence suggests that not only do UK men like to shop online, but they are doing so in greater numbers than ever before.

Make the most as male Christmas shoppers head online

Our recent study into male and female shopping habits over the summer revealed that UK menswear traffic soared by 25%, while UK women’s searches for online fashion fell slightly by 2%. This unusual drop in womenswear traffic could be explained by women holding back on non-essential purchases like fashion and accessories due to the current economic climate, while the rise in menswear searches could suggest a greater uptake of portable devices on which to shop – other industry research has also shown that men greatly prefer to shop on their mobile phones, which includes the use of QR codes and apps.

Korea Herald. Rep.

Korea Herald

French men outspend women on wardrobes. Men spend more on bags than women. Blurred gender codes: is menswear the new womenswear? - Inspired by... blog. Men Are Out-Shopping Women Online. Chris Ventry, the general manager of Gilt Groupe's GiltMan, tells CNBC the growth rate of men shopping online has outpaced women, and guys are outspending the ladies by 20 percent to 30 percent per transaction.

Men Are Out-Shopping Women Online

Megan Grant, senior vice president of Marketing for Kiehl's, tells CNBC its men's business online has doubled that of its stores. These men expect a seamless experience across all digital platforms. iProspect’s survey reveals nearly half of all wealthy men research products on their mobile devices. The affluent male, which the survey defines as a man with a household income of more than $100,000, is very connected, with nearly half of those surveyed researching products on smartphones. Tablet shopping is growing quickly as well. China apparel makers must observe social trends - timesofindia-economictimes. Jan 15, 2012, 12.26AM IST (Women carrying an armload…) China's remarkable economic achievements of the past decade are transforming people's daily lives.

China apparel makers must observe social trends - timesofindia-economictimes

Menswear targets 50 and fabulous. By Grace Kim At the menswear shows from Monday to Tuesday at the Fall/Winter 2012 Seoul Fashion Week, one type of gentleman came to mind: a 50-something who looks as if he were in his 30s.

Menswear targets 50 and fabulous

The tailored armies marchinng down the catwalk in slate blue, olive and black represented yet another evolution in the Korean metrosexual. They stand apart from their Western counterparts with an eager use of BB cream, and distinguish themselves from younger Korean “flower boys” with substantial purchasing power. These men are driving the growth in upper class menswear and men’s skincare. Korean men have been outspending women on clothing since 2008. Dressing Up: Capturing the Dynamic Growth of China’s Fashion Market. The next ten years represent a tremendously exciting time for fashion companies. The number of middle- and affluent-class consumer (MAC) households in the country—those earning at least RMB 74,000 (or $11,400) per year (2010 nominal income)—will increase from 50 million in 2010 to 140 million by 2020. And fashion is among the top “trading-up” categories for such households. Of the consumers we interviewed, 50 percent said they intended to trade up in apparel in 2011, which is 5 percent more than in 2010 and 14 percent more than in 2009.

Yet per capita consumer spending in China is still in the early part of the penetration curve compared with that in mature markets, giving China the potential to become an even more significant fashion market—accounting for about 30 percent of the global fashion market’s growth over the next five years. It is not enough, however, for companies to assume that they can sit back and be buoyed along with the coming wave of growth. The neo dandies: what does it take to be a modern man about town? "I really enjoy shopping for clothes at Matches, Prada and Martin Margiela, plus Uniqlo for basics. Fashion is very much part of my life. " It could be any affluent urban woman discussing her style strategy, but this is Oliver Woods, 41, hairstylist to the likes of Robbie Williams, Jude Law and Daniel Craig, and prolific, passionate shopper.

Boom or hype? The truth about menswear. The fashion industry loves to talk about a menswear boom but how much do the big brands actually sell? ©Getty Models at the Bottega Veneta menswear show in Milan last year (Getty) t’s a simple question: how important is menswear to the main fashion labels? It seems timely, too, since this weekend sees the beginning of the menswear collections for spring/summer 2015. Ideally, the show experience is supposed to be intoxicating, creating a happy stupor that luxury conglomerates hope will make male consumers buy yet more stuff.

Britain's fashion pack targets tech-savvy men to lift sales. At Berluti, Antoine Arnault Puts Business Before Pleasure. No Signs of Slowing in the Global Menswear Market. LONDON, United Kingdom — In 1994, journalist Mark Simpson coined the term ‘metrosexual’ to describe contemporary, city-dwelling men who placed increased emphasis on personal grooming and fashion. 1. Menswear, a changing scenario: metro sexuality and personalized garments market.

The New Male Consumer. Menswear sales catching up with womenswear, research shows. It has long been considered the poor relation of the fashion industry, but menswear sales are rapidly catching up with womenswear, according to research published today. On the eve of the menswear London catwalk shows, market research firm Mintel suggests the UK market for men's fashion has grown by 18% in the past five years and is now worth £12.9bn. Men become dedicated followers of fashion, finally. Men_and_Menswear_Intro.pdf. Metrosexual goes mainstream as men outspend women on footwear. Toby Bateman, MR PORTER.