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Rehab Treatment Recovery

Better Hope Addiction Recovery support each client to in fighting against drug or alcohol addiction.

Not feeling your recovery? 5 simple things you might be missing. It can be frustrating when something you’ve worked so hard for seems to lose its luster.

Not feeling your recovery? 5 simple things you might be missing

If you’ve been out of heroin addiction treatment and in recovery, at some point your pink cloud dissolves away and you are left feeling bored, restless and irritable. You might find that the rosy glow of post-treatment has been replaced with a more cynical view. Bottom line, you are not feeling it. This is common, but it’s also a red flag to be mindful of. Recovering from heroin addiction is a process, and it isn’t always smooth. 1. Lack of support is a big trigger for many people recovering from heroin addiction. 2. What are the symptoms of a lack of self-care? ImpatienceIrritabilityResentmentDepressionTensionFatigueLack of interest in daily activitiesA feeling of constant stress and anxiety.

Five sneaky ways marijuana is derailing your life. Marijuana, many claim, isn’t an addictive substance.

Five sneaky ways marijuana is derailing your life

However, there’s a reason it’s called the gateway drug. The high you get from smoking weed could eventually lead you to hunger for a more substantial high. You may dabble in other drugs and become addicted to more severe substances. Castaway kids: How to help children whose parents use meth. Jittery infants, malnourished children, strung-out parents: Teachers, social workers, and pediatric nurses have grown used to the routine.

Castaway kids: How to help children whose parents use meth

Another child born addicted to meth. Another child who knows the recipe for Mom or Dad’s methamphetamine alongside their ABCs. According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 1 million people in the United States reported using meth within the past year. Of the thousands of clandestine meth labs closed throughout the country, 30 percent are labs in homes where children live.

So this begs the question: What can be done to help the children — those who are born addicted, as well as those exposed to the harsh chemicals necessary to cook meth? Current situation While the median age for people first experimenting with meth is 19.7 years old, there are huge variations in the demographics of users. Long-lasting challenges How to help Avoid labeling and stereotypes Form a team Establish routines Advocate for your child’s educational needs.

How to get the most out of rehab. Deciding to go to inpatient rehab for alcoholism treatment is difficult, but it may be the best decision you can make – it may even save your life.

How to get the most out of rehab

Most people who enter rehab for the first time have a lot of questions about what to expect and how to get the most out of their time there. Five Convincing Reasons You Should Detox from Alcohol at a Rehabilitation Center. You’ve finally admitted it.

Five Convincing Reasons You Should Detox from Alcohol at a Rehabilitation Center

You have an alcohol addiction. Your friends, family, and other loved ones have pushed you to finally try rehab, but you’d really rather not. After all, you can detox from alcohol on your own, right? Alcohol Addiction: Symptoms of Alcoholism. When the effect of alcohol wears off, your alcoholic loved one may show signs of withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Addiction: Symptoms of Alcoholism

These may include being jumpy or shaky, and having a headache. Some may struggle with insomnia, irritability, and depression, along with fatigue or bring drained of energy. In more severe cases, alcohol addicts can experience hallucinations, confusion, and seizures during withdrawal. These are extremely serious conditions that need immediate medical attention. If you’re asking if alcohol addiction symptoms can be treated, the answer is yes.

How To Live Life To The Fullest After Addiction Recovery. If you or a loved one has gone to addiction intervention, assessment, detox, treatment rehab and recovery, have you ever thought about life after the recovery?

How To Live Life To The Fullest After Addiction Recovery

Maybe you’re thinking how you will pass the time or what will you do in your free time; how you’ll support yourself or your loved one; or if you or your loved one will be able to stay clean. If you don’t have plan yet, I encourage you to start making one. Find a Job It doesn’t matter whether you land your dream job that will pay your bills. Now is the perfect time to find employment. There are lots of people who can help you in the job hunt. Encourage and Help Others Avoid Addiction. Top 5 Principles of an Effective Addiction Treatment Program. Substance addiction, especially with alcohol and drugs, affects many facets of a person’s life and treating this kind of disease has never been easy.

Top 5 Principles of an Effective Addiction Treatment Program

An effective addiction rehabilitation recovery program must help the person stop abusing alcohol or drugs, keep a life free from substance abuse, while achieving a healthy functioning in the family, work and society at the same time. An effective substance addiction treatment program usually implements various modules; each module is designed to address a specific effect and consequence of the substance addiction.

Addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain Alcohol and drug abuse alter the brain’s normal functionality that may even last even after quitting the destructive habit. This is often the explanation why many recovering addicts struggle from relapse even after years of being sober. No Single Treatment is suitable for everyone A treatment plan that is effective for one patient may not have the same effect in other patients.