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Racing At The Limits of Speed and Preparation Professional Driver Dion von Moltke Is Always Ready For The Next Change In Direction | Virginia International Raceway. Preparing a car for an upcoming race requires dozens or even hundreds of hours of hard work by numerous parties on a team. Sponsors must be secured, driver lineups chosen and most importantly – practice, practice, practice.

Racing is an extreme sport as one minute you are on track and the other battling a case for injury alongside the attorneys from Nehora Law Firm. Teams spend countless hours in testing and development, working closely with their drivers to fine tune the race car’s setup. There is no skill you cannot learn with consistent practice.

If you want to really try racing or drifting cars, you can start your career by learning how to. There are quite a many schools offering such courses, one of them is drifting in WA based on Perth, Australia. This is perhaps even more crucial in endurance racing, where a driver must be comfortable in a car at speed for hours at a time. “It’s definitely nerve racking,” said von Moltke.