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Unified License. What is VNO License?

Unified License

VNO stands for Virtual Network Operator. Unlike an ISP, they work in a virtual environment to buy bandwidth and resell them to the internet subscribers. The VNO License India is issued by TRAI or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on the fulfilment of the VNO Licensing process. Why does India need more VNOs? Internet’s demand has been the most these days. Which to choose between VNO License v/s ISP License If you dive deep into the Unified License DOT guidelines, you’d notice that an ISP and a VNO are similar in many regards: Both of them are issued to those who want to provide internet services to the subscribers. However, as you dig even deeper into what our VNO ISP License consultants have to say, you’ll note that there are many notable differences between the two:

ISP License Agreement. Decoding the complexities of FFMC License. WPC Equipment Type Approval. Overview In order to manufacture, import, sell or use wireless equipments, you need the approval from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing.

WPC Equipment Type Approval

It's a part Department of telecommunication that oversees Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC provides you that approval in the form of Equipment Type Approval, better known as ETA Certificate. The primary procedure of getting the ETA approval differs based on whether the manufacturer is domestic or foreign: For a foreign manufacture, only an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) can file the application. Such requirement makes getting the approval far from being a cup of cake. But that's when our team steps in.

So, look no further if you are planning to dealing with using specific niche of wireless products is important for you. Process The steps involved with obtaining the ETA license are as follows: Analyzing the RF test report of the product. Once these steps are taken, the ball land's the department's side where they: Documents required. Insurance Web Aggregator License. Overview In this uncertain world, security is hard to come by.

Insurance Web Aggregator License

It has driven people to buy insurance policies to give their families a secure future. But, with so many policies available online, people have a hard time picking the right one. More often than not, that hard time pushes them into buying the wrong policies which can severely impact their lives. You can give them an online solution by becoming an Insurance Web Aggregator. Web aggregator’s meaning is to aggregate articles on the web on one portal. Read the policies of the insurance products Compare between different insurance products And Choose the insurance product that suits their needs. That said, not just anyone can start a web portal like that, you need to Insurance web Aggregator License.

However, just like anything worth having, there are many legal conditions involved with getting the web aggregation license. Eligibility. Infrastructure Provider (IP-1 License) DOT IP-1 License Registration IP refers to Infrastructure provider.

Infrastructure Provider (IP-1 License)

In DOT or Department of telecommunication, there is an innate need to make sure that the right infrastructure is provided. This in turn makes sure that the technologies used to aid the OSPs are up to the mark. With IP 1 license, a company can provide other service providers with technological infrastructure. With this license, an IP company can provide technical aid like Dark Fibre, Right of Way, Tower and Duct Space. However, getting this license is not an easy task, for there is another checklist of measures that are needed to be taken care of first. Decoding Complex VNO License Guidelines.

DOT OSP Compliance in India. DOT Compliance in India If you are running an OSP Centre and by that we mean providing IT enabled services like Tele-trading, ecommerce, Tele-education, Tele-banking, Network operation centres, Call centres, you need OSP registration.

DOT OSP Compliance in India

Once you have gotten the OSP registration in India, you need to follow the DOT Compliance in India to retain the registration. What is DOT Compliance? DOT Compliances are forms that need to be filed and submitted to the Term cell. There are two types of DOT Compliances Form to inform about the change in OSP: If there is any change or there are changes in the original OSP registration such as Change in director, change in connectivity or infrastructure, then the Term cell is needed to be made aware of it within 15 days of such changes. As you can imagine, filing the DOT Compliance requires accuracy.

Why choose us for your DOT Compliance Needs? Our annual return services are timely. Documents Required for DOT Compliance FAQs. DOT OSP License Consultant in India. Yes, a company can have multiple registrations.

DOT OSP License Consultant in India

Online Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India. Giving by its name, it is basically a digital signature of a person and is needed for filing the e-forms of company setup electronically to Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Online Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India

Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being accepted by various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in different applications. It is a useful way of electronically signing documents. An individual with a minimum of 18 years of age can become a director of a Private Limited Company. It is necessary for him to have Indian citizenship which means that even a foreign national can become a director. No, the promoters need not to be present at the time of company incorporation. Sharing of Telecoms Infrastructure. Starting a call center is an expensive affair.

Sharing of Telecoms Infrastructure

Other than the cost of License to start one, the infrastructural costs of call centres, BPOs or other OSPs can be quite high. The technological expenditure needs to be kept in control. Therefore, if you want to share this infrastructure with someone else to divide costs, you should. DOT OSP Licence Registration for BPO or Call Centres Online in India.

Yes, a company can have multiple registrations.

DOT OSP Licence Registration for BPO or Call Centres Online in India