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Shy about taking photos. Sounds odd BUT that's me. Never thought of myself as being pretty. Never thought of being beautiful. Just plain and ordinary. Did a lot of dreaming. Never planned what to do with a life that is ordinary. Had no expectation of prosperity but survive. Like it or not that is what I feel about me. Take it or leave it. Though I'm willing to take advice, which sounds nice. Doesn't mean I'd follow it.

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Regina's Adventures Part 2

Angry Birds Star Wars. Cool Pictures. Sketch Guru. Recipes. Project: S.E.R.A - Original Sci-Fi Series - Ep. 6 (Series Finale) Ilram and Me. Gage Maverik and Gage the Dog. Gage Maverik and me. Gage the dog. Leann. Robert Burton n Me. Robert n Gage. Mom. Mom and Me. Mom. Wolhee Choe. Grandpa.

  1. reginasoyunahn Feb 27 2013
    its gonna take me awhile to get use to it but its cool so far.
  2. amsika Feb 27 2013
    Hi, welcome to Pearltrees. You can now cultivate your interests. Add pearls and pick those you discover in others' accounts. You'll be able to retrieve them on iPhone, iPad or any computer. If you have questions, simply reply to my comment. Keep pearling!