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De.pinterest. Numen/for use – Ausstellung in Innsbruck. Giersch - Pesto - Rezept mit Bild. The DNA Files Workshops. The Wind in the Bowels. Verdauung & Stoffwechsel Video - Markantus. Google-Ergebnis für. Experimentarium: YOU & ME. Each of us is unique.

Experimentarium: YOU & ME

We differ in skin and hair colour, and we each think our own thoughts, but inside we look the same and our bodies function in the same way. ‘You & Me’ is one of the most popular areas of Experimentarium. There are new displays as well as new versions of selected favourites, within a total of 800m2 of exhibition space - with heart and mind. Your body in action Take a look inside your body and see how blood, muscles, bones and brain work together to keep you hale and hearty. Brain and senses This is where you can challenge all your senses and your body ’s control centre: the brain. You, the cells and DNA Take a look at your own inherited traits, and learn about how genetic traits can be customised in the laboratory.

Experimentarium: The Brain. Is your brain out of shape or is it a bodybuilder?

Experimentarium: The Brain

Could you learn faster, remember better or improve your concentration? The brain needs to be exercised, used and challenged – just like the body. On 10th October Experimentarium City opens the special exhibition THE BRAIN, which is the first step in your new brain training programme. And you do not even need to break a sweat. The special exhibition THE BRAIN offers visitors a wide range of activities that will pull your brain out of familiar routines, shake it up, surprise it and challenge it to a vigorous mental workout. Experience the exhibition until March 2016. Wake up your lazy brain The brain is basically lazy, and our daily routines do not give it much of a challenge. Brain: The Inside Story - Traveling Exhibition. MEVIS: Hands-on Multimedia Exhibits. Fraunhofer MEVIS entwickelt Hands-On Multimedia-Exponate, um Fachleutenund Nicht-Spezialisten aller Altersklassen durch Interaktion und Erfahrung Einblickein medizinisches Wissen zu geben.

MEVIS: Hands-on Multimedia Exhibits

Der eigene 3T-Magnetresonanztomograph(MRT) von Fraunhofer MEVIS ermöglicht individuell konstruierte Exponate jedesOrgans. Wir unterstützen den gesamten Entwicklungsprozess, angefangen beimUser Experience-Konzept und der Design-Idee, über den Bau des Exponates undder Software-Entwicklung, bis hin zur endgültigen Qualitätssicherung und denSupport. Ein starker Partner im Ausstellungsbau garantiert Zuverlässigkeit undRobustheit der Exponate, die in ein Möbel integriert sind.  DYNAMIKUM - Science Center Pirmasens. Sonderausstellung Computer.Medizin. Centre of the Cell. Activity type - showDuration - 40 to 45 minutesKey stage - 1 Meet Melissa, a newborn monster who is trying to find her mummy!

Centre of the Cell

Along the way she meets lots of new friends who teach her about the wonderful world of living things, cells and DNA! A child-friendly introduction to the concepts of cells and genetic inheritance. Activity type - showDuration - 45 to 60 minutesKey stages - 2 and 3 If you have ever wondered what snot, sick or scabs are made of, why cheesy feet smell so bad or how your body fights off microscopic monsters when they invade your body, then this is the show for you. O CENTRUM - Wellcome trust museum AOL Search Navigation überspringen Etwa 44.200 Ergebnisse <a target="_self" class="noscript_tab" href='search?

wellcome trust museum

S_it=lhr_tabs&q=wellcome+trust+museum&s_chn=88&s_pt=aolsem&v_t=aolsem'> Web</a> Web. Discover the latest on health research. AUDIOVERSUM - Das interaktive Museum rund ums Hören in Innsbruck. Wellcome Trust. 11 April 2011 A brand new exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre is to become a reality thanks to a £900 000 award from the Wellcome Trust and £600 000 funding from GlaxoSmithKline.

Wellcome Trust

The BodyWorks exhibition, which will look at the science of human health, is due to open in 2012. BodyWorks is designed to provide a fun hands-on and interactive experience while exploring the science behind human health and wellbeing. The exhibition, which will be a permanent addition to Floor 3 of the Science Mall at Glasgow Science Centre, will also celebrate developments in life sciences that are advancing with speed in Scotland. The exhibition will be a fantastic addition to the Centre for education and public visitors alike.

Speaking about the plans, Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Wellcome Trust, commented: "BodyWorks will bring visitors face-to-face with some of the most exciting science taking place in Scotland today. About the International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne. The International Centre for Life opened in 2000, born out of an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to creating a self-sustaining science village.

About the International Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

Based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, almost 600 people from 35 countries work here: researchers, doctors and nurses work alongside people in the fields of education, public engagement and business. What unites everyone is a passion for science. At the heart of the science village is the Life Science Centre, which attracts around 250,000 visitors annually. Life's public engagement programme attracts a broad audience for exhibitions and special events, and the education team deliver the biggest schools' science workshop programme in any European museum or science centre. On site partners include Newcastle University, who chose Life for the location of their Institute of Genetic Medicine; the NHS Newcastle Fertility Centre; the NHS Northern Genetics Service and several young and vibrant biotechnology companies. Exhibitions : Copernicus Science Centre. Google-Ergebnis für. Hall of Human Life. Five Environments. Museum Designers and Exhibition Design - MET Studio museum and exhibition designers Ltd are international awarding-winning museum designers and exhibition designers including visitor centre design, zoo design,expo design and ecopark designers Met studio i.

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