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Google Bans Payday Loan Advertising - Search Engine Journal. Google has released an update to its personal loan advertising policy that will impact many advertisers in across financial verticals.

Google Bans Payday Loan Advertising - Search Engine Journal

According to Google, ads and websites that promote dangerous payday loan offers will be restricted from advertising with AdWords. …we’re banning ads for payday loans and some related products from our ads systems. We will no longer allow ads for loans where repayment is due within 60 days of the date of issue.

In the U.S., we are also banning ads for loans with an APR of 36% or higher. Advertiser Restriction #1 – Short Payback Periods Google will also begin restricting websites that offer payback periods of less than 60 days. This change is designed to protect our users from deceptive or harmful financial products and will not affect companies offering loans such as Mortgages, Car Loans, Student Loans, Commercial loans, Revolving Lines of Credit (e.g.

Advertiser Restriction #2 – High APRs SEJ SUMMIT. Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters. Over the past decade, the Tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message to a rich canvas for creative expression featuring photos, videos, hashtags, Vines, and more.

Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters

In just the past few months we added the ability to poll your community, react quickly and cleverly with GIFs, and share and enjoy Periscope broadcasts in Tweets. So, you can already do a lot in a Tweet, but we want you to be able to do even more. Cole Digital Marketing Blog. eMarketer_Digital_Media_Usage_Snapshot_2015.pdf. Local Consumer Review Survey 2014. Welcome to findings of the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2014.

Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

This survey is an annual exploration into how consumers read & use online reviews. It seeks to quantify the value that users place on the reviews they read & how this impacts their opinions & actions when seeking a local business to use. The survey is specifically concerned with the reviews & purchase of local business services and not wider product reviews. About the Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 This is the 4th year the Local Consumer Review survey has been conducted. As with the 2013 survey, the focus of this year’s survey is on consumers in the North American market. Questions Consumption of online reviews Trust & influence. Create cost-effective B2B video that works. James Bailey, head of Maxus for Business, offers six ways marketers can achieve true creativity in cVolvo Trucks’ new video campaign has already been hailed ‘best B2B video of all time.’

Create cost-effective B2B video that works

Jessica James Bailey, head of Maxus for Business, explains how to create a successful B2B video campaign without breaking the bank Did you know that visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than text? Why then, in B2B marketing, do we not turn to visual communications as the first platform for conveying messages in the same way that consumer brands would? Are people less receptive to AV advertising when they have a business hat on?

A recent study by the CEB and Google has shed light on the strength of the emotional connection between individuals and B2B brands. How to Define and Use Paid, Owned and Earned Media  When you're a strong marketer, you obsess about data. You can spend hours in Google Analytics (or another BI/Data platform) and Excel analyzing graphs, charts, correlations, growth rates, bounces, etc. How to Define and Use Paid, Owned and Earned Media  3 Website Analytics You Can Improve in 2 Weeks or Less. 3 Website Analytics You Can Improve in 2 Weeks or Less Posted by Sam Lowe on Tue, Apr 08, 2014 @ 08:30 AM Analytics are a vital aspect to any marketing effort and especially for inbound marketing.

3 Website Analytics You Can Improve in 2 Weeks or Less

Most marketers haven’t ever had this much quality data at their fingertips, so things can get a little overwhelming. It’s great to have a ton of data to sort through, but what if you want to try and influence some of your less desirable metrics? You won’t be able to make changes and affect all of your metrics quickly, but there are a few you can turn from bad to better in a short(ish) time. Can Gratitude Reduce Costly Impatience? News The human mind tends to devalue future rewards compared to immediate ones — a phenomenon that often leads to favoring immediate gratification over long-term wellbeing.

Can Gratitude Reduce Costly Impatience?

As a consequence, patience has long been recognized to be a virtue. And indeed, the inability to resist temptation underlies a host of problems ranging from credit card debt and inadequate savings to unhealthy eating and drug addiction. The prevailing view for reducing costly impatience has emphasized the use of willpower. That is, emotions are to be tamped down in order to avoid irrational impulses for immediate gain. In a potentially landmark study, a team of researchers from Northeastern University, the University of California, Riverside, and Harvard Kennedy School challenge the conventional view by demonstrating that feelings of gratitude automatically reduce financial impatience. Ethical and Legal Image Use. As bloggers, we love to use images in our posts.

Ethical and Legal Image Use

For one, they make your blog more attractive. For another, they help break up the text of your posts. And lastly, as we all know, no one reads on the internet anyway (haha, I kid. Kind of). English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet - Megan Garber. Let's start with the dull stuff, because pragmatism.

English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet - Megan Garber

The word "because," in standard English usage, is a subordinating conjunction, which means that it connects two parts of a sentence in which one (the subordinate) explains the other. In that capacity, "because" has two distinct forms. It can be followed either by a finite clause (I'm reading this because [I saw it on the web]) or by a prepositional phrase (I'm reading this because [of the web]). These two forms are, traditionally, the only ones to which "because" lends itself. I mention all that ... because language. Content Marketing With Research and Surveys: Pros, Cons, Examples, Best Practices - BLP Daily Digest, February 25, 2014.

What Is "Owned, Earned and Paid Media"? If you work in a marketing agency, or are a marketer in-house in a larger company, you probably know the answer to “what is owned, earned and paid media?”. But we small business owners wear many hats. Marketing may be one of 6 or 7 responsibilities you have. In fact, you may have so many responsibilities that you’ve run out of hats (see cartoon above). The hidden gem of content creation: interviews. As content becomes a more respected medium, readers expect more from content writers.

The hidden gem of content creation: interviews

It isn't enough to gab about any topic that strikes your fancy at 2 am when your readers expect a new post the next day – today's content writing requires preparation, research, and good prose. In short, content is beginning to take a few cues from journalism. And one area of content writing that I think could use a professional overhaul is the interview. The Classic Blog Interview. Answers to 18 SEO Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask. When I first started out in marketing, I thought I knew what SEO was all about.

Answers to 18 SEO Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

I knew it stood for search engine optimization. And I knew that the better your SEO was, the higher you would rank on search engines. 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging. Trying something new for the first time can elicit a whole range of emotions. Whether you're nervous about the outcome or excited for the new challenge (or both!) , there's always that element of the unknown.

And I'll bet anyone who starts blogging for the first time can relate. Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 2. In the first installment of this series, I commented that I’d gotten “lead gen” and “demand gen” mixed up. Seems I am not alone, so before we leap off into the next group of definitions, a few more words are in order about “demand generation vs. lead generation.” In a recent post on Content Marketing Institute’s blog, Eric Wittlake commented that “When many B2B marketers say demand generation, they mean lead generation — which is to say they will measure success based on the number and value of the leads their efforts bring in.

The problem is this: Demand generation is focused on shaping the audience’s perspective, while lead generation is focused on capturing their information.” Pocket : Queue. Are content marketing mistakes getting your website down? Published on by Brafton Editorial You do everything you can to give your brand a sense of professionalism and integrity. Every piece of brand content you publish should support this goal, which is why you get that sinking feeling when you realize there was an error in a live article. A recent Bing blog post from Senior Product Manager Duane Forrester admitted typos are an inevitable part of the human writing and editing process, but they can impact search rankings if they become habitual. 7 Little Call-to-Action Tweaks That Could Give Your Conversion Rates a Big Bump.

At HubSpot, we're constantly A/B testing conversion path elements -- landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs), and emails -- to see how we can generate more leads, MQLs, and customers. Having CTAs throughout your website and blog will certainly help your website visitors find your conversion pages. Attracting Leads Online Requires Patience and Google Webmaster Tools. Attracting Leads Online Requires Patience and Google Webmaster Tools. 4 Steps to Failing with an Inbound Marketing Agency.

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles. How LinkedIn's Recent Update Changes B2B Companies' Marketing Plans. Content Marketing Myths and Truths. A Visual Explanation of HTML5 With 5 Awe-Inspiring Examples. A Visual Explanation of HTML5 With 5 Awe-Inspiring Examples. Content Marketing: How To Measure Content Performance Holistically. 2013 was one hell of a ride — we lost the keyword tool, search went secure and content marketing became the shiny new toy on the block!

Content Marketing: How To Measure Content Performance Holistically. How to Recruit the Content Marketing Dream Team. SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2013. InShare00inShare The State of Search Marketing Report, produced by Econsultancy in association with SEMPO, looks in-depth at how companies are using various digital marketing channels, including paid search, search engine optimization (natural search) and social media marketing.

The report follows a survey of over 400 respondents from both companies (client-side advertisers) and agencies, collected in November 2013. The findings covers the signficance of different technologies and trends across paid search, SEO, social media, digital display, email and mobile marketing. SEO Strategy Now Includes Content Marketing at 45 Percent of Companies. The time for content marketing has come. This is old news to many, of course, but it’s refreshing when major studies back up the idea. Forty-five percent of all companies now integrate content marketing into their SEO strategy, more than any other digital marketing focus, according to the State of Search Marketing Report 2013 from Econsultancy and SEMPO. The study followed over 400 respondents from companies and agencies in November 2013 to see how they used various digital marketing channels.

12 Inspiring Examples of Beautiful Blog Homepage Designs. Bloggers are now the third most trustworthy source of information, following only friends and family, according to a U.K. survey. That's right: Bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, journalists, brands, and politicians. Why Your Website Gets Less Traffic from Search Engines: It's Old. Slides and Videos. B2B Marketers to Up Spend on Content, Mobile in 2014. What’s The Difference Between Google Places And Google+ For Businesses? 10 Content Marketing Failures – Do Not Try This At Home. Content marketing is another small business trend with big future.

You've Said 'Yes' To Inbound Marketing. Now What? [INFOGRAPHIC] Content-Marketing Startup Contently Raises $9M. 4 Content Marketing Secrets Every Small Business Should Know. Will The Content Marketing Trends Continue? It Depends On Proving Your ROI. Content Marketing Ideas for 'Boring' Products. Content Marketing Examples: 4 Most Popular Curation Templates. This is Your Brain on Content Marketing. Why ROI measurement for inbound marketing fails. Survey: 71% of marketers will increase content marketing budgets. Developing a Coherent Content Strategy. Are content marketing and inbound marketing the same thing? How to Reach Content Marketing’s Holy Grail: Revenue. Refine Your Online Content Marketing Strategy for Success in 2014. [WEBINAR VIDEO] Strategies For Successful Content Marketing (Part 2)

SEO: You're Now Being Graded on the Curve. SEO, Social Media And Digital Marketing. The 2014 Marketing Score Report: An Inside Look at How Professionals Rate Their Marketing Potential and Performance. The 2014 Content Marketing Imperative. B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2014: What's Hot and What's Not [Infographic] Web Sites - Get Rid of Your Lousy 'About' Page Once and for All.

Sales - B2B Lead Generation: What Top Performers Do Different. The 7 Steps of the Inbound Marketing Campaign Process. Holiday Retailers Misdirecting Consumer Web Traffic - MediaBuzz. 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research: Strategy is Key to Effectiveness. The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014. The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014. Four Online Marketing Trends that Will Rule 2014. You Know You're a Content Marketer When…