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7 Key Decking Trends for 2016 - Building Products - January 2016. By By Chris Camfferman, Universal Forest Products Focal points including pergolas continue to increase in popularity among consumers.

7 Key Decking Trends for 2016 - Building Products - January 2016

 22 Deck Design Ideas To Create a Fabulous Outdoor Living Space – Home and Gardening Ideas-Home design, Decor,remodeling,improvement-Garden and outdoor Ideas. Product Literature - Deceuninck North America. Balusters Sales Sheet. 2016 Decking Cost Calculators & Estimators. 5-deck-design-trends-for-2016. Posted 24 February 2016 9:31 AM by Jase DeBoer Homeowners have an evolving desire for decks with unique style and a personal touch.


That makes keeping up with the newest design trends a must for any deck builder. Follow these five deck design trends to make customers happier — and achieve greater success — in 2016. 1. Effects of Water Damage. Water damage is a problem that most property owners dread.

Effects of Water Damage

When it rains heavily or snow melts quickly, the risk of this type of damage increases. Water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by damaging wood furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, and plumbing equipment. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth, which is a very expensive problem to remediate. Hiring a water damage restoration company can make the cleanup process easier to handle, as these companies employ experienced workers who know the best ways to repair or replace damaged items and help with water damage cleanup.

Causes of Water Damage There are several possible causes of water damage. Water & Wood Rot Repairs – Decks - Home Tips for Women. Decks are supposed to be beautiful and they are when designed, installed and maintained properly.

Water & Wood Rot Repairs – Decks - Home Tips for Women

Many decks have problems when they were not designed or installed/extended properly, often after as an add-on after a home is built. When the customer called initially, he was looking for some quick repairs before a party he was planning. After the party we went back to deal with the source of the problems, and found a nightmare, especially for a house that was only 5 years young.

The deck was not flashed properly and that’s where the problem started. The siding and doors above the deck needed significant repairs, i.e. we rebuilt the door frames for 2 entry doors and replaced a sliding patio door. Decks Frequently Need Repairs Due to Water/Wood Rot Damage Most decks provide the relaxation homeowners long for but occasionally there are problems.

All 3 of the decks shown below had problems where they attached to the house. This deck was fascinating to pull apart given it’s age. Outdoor Living — Buresh Home Solutions.

Outdoor Living Summer Kitchen Cabana

Designing Your Deck With Shade in Mind. Designing Your Deck With Shade in Mind June 25, 2015 A deck is a wonderful outdoor space you can enjoy almost year round.

Designing Your Deck With Shade in Mind

But if you are familiar with Maryland summers, you know that in order to have a truly useful deck you need some shade. After all, it’s hard to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a bushel of crabs on a Sunday afternoon if you are being scorched by the sun. Designing Your Deck With Shade in Mind. NADRA_DSM_Checklist.pdf. Easy Deck Inspection and Deck Repair Tips.

Deck posts that rest directly on footings soak up water and then they rot, especially posts that aren't pressure treated (like this one, which is cedar).

Easy Deck Inspection and Deck Repair Tips

As the post rots, it loses its strength and can't support the deck's weight. Newer decks keep the concrete footings a few inches above ground and use a special base bracket to keep the posts dry. Replacing a rotted post is the best solution. Before removing the post, be sure you have everything you need for the replacement, including a wedge anchor. Clear grass or stone away from the bottom of the deck post. Mark the post location on the footing, then remove the post by cutting through the fasteners that tie it to the rim joist. Tap the anchor into the hole with a hammer (Photo 2). Cut a treated post to fit between the post base and the top of the rim joist. Top 5 Signs To Replace Your Deck. By: Karli Willden Unfortunately, decks do not last forever, and with time will eventually wear out.

Top 5 Signs To Replace Your Deck

With regular maintenance and repair, the deck’s life warranty can be doubled. Decks should be self-inspected to check for signs of deterioration that signify the need for deck replacement. The following are the top 5 signs that your deck should be replaced. If you are unsure what to look for with any of these issues, contact GK’s professionals to ensure that your deck is safe and secure. Top Trends for Decks in 2015. I agree with Jim Casper - after about 50 years of dealing with weathered wood finishing both in my homes and in the construction business, it comes down to about 90% preparation, 10% the finishing.

Top Trends for Decks in 2015

If you do not prep the wood right, any moisture, mold, etc in the wood will destroy whatever you put over it. High-build finishes like paint and epoxies and, from reading the Rustoleum flyer on this new product that too, work by trying to make an impenetrable surface and depend on a very good bond with the surface, AND no water getting under them. Because they are thick and are designed to provide a waterproof surface, unfortunately where water gets under them they are just as good or better at keeping it from evaporating, so you get fungal growth, blistering, and peeling. Unfortunately, on deck and most outdoor applications except siding the surface will get nicked, scratched and otherwise develop leaks in short order. Minneapolis Deck vs. Patio. Minneapolis Decks vs.

Minneapolis Deck vs. Patio

Patios; Pros and Cons Minneapolis Decks and Patios fulfill the same purposes--- to provide an “outdoor floor” for your outdoor living space. The way they provide that floor, however, is very different in terms of cost, maintenance, longevity, and suitability to your home's setup. This article will discuss the pros and cons of both surfaces, show cost examples, and help you decide which you should choose. Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each - In this article, you'll learn The differences between a patio and a deck.The costs associated with each option and the potential ROI of adding either to your home.Which option is best for you based on your home and unique needs.How Great Day Improvements can access your space and determine if a deck is right for you.

Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each -

If your house is in dire need of some outdoor space, adding a patio or deck can increase your square foot without robbing your children of their college educations. Each option offers an area to gather with friends and family, grill out, and relax under the sun (or stars); the option you choose will likely depend on your budget, space and needs. In this article we’ll take a look at the benefits of both patios and decks so your hardest decision will be where to place the grill. 11 Advantages of Ground-Level Decks over Elevated Decks in Maryland. If you were to take a quick tour of backyards in the Mid-Atlantic area, you would see decks of all materials, styles, and shapes, from elevated cedar to vinyl hot tub decks. However, one type of deck would appear more frequently today than in previous years: the ground-level deck. This type of deck design is gaining popularity among builders and homeowners alike due to its dramatic appearance and design. 11 Advantages of Ground-Level Decks over Elevated Decks in Maryland.

Deck Plans Chapel Hill. As a company that specializes in building custom decks, sunrooms and more, we like to stay on top of the latest trends in deck plans in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. So we thought we would take some time to discuss the latest and greatest trends that we are seeing so far this year. Larger Entertainment Areas More and more, people are looking for fun but inexpensive ways to enjoy the company of family and friends. Maintain Your Deck with HouseLogic Tips. What's the Right Way to Maintain My Deck? — Sterling Property Services.

Decks play an important role in outdoor living, and we get many questions about how to care for them properly. While every deck needs individual attention, there's some basic information that's simple and straightforward. Decks play an important role in outdoor living, and we get many questions about how to care for them properly. While every deck needs individual attention, there's some basic information that's simple and straightforward.

Deck size article. The Ultimate Guide for How to Stain a Deck. Four Common Deck Finishing Pitfalls - Paint Gurus. How to clean and stain a wood deck. Business. Maintain Your Deck with HouseLogic Tips.