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Windows, Remodeling, Technology, Sales, Sales 101. Visitors to may not know it but their every move — from where they click to how far they scroll to how long they spend on each page — is being tracked, analyzed and mined for sales.

Windows, Remodeling, Technology, Sales, Sales 101

“It’s important to know exactly what customers are doing,” says Chris Cubbage, digital strategy director for Window World, the Remodeling 550’s top seller. “It’s all about getting leads. That’s what drives every business. Basically everything we do is to get leads.” The web tracking process Cubbage uses is called heat mapping. But it’s just one way remodelers and contractors can leverage the latest web technology to make sales. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Summer Home Improvement Marketing Ideas. Are you looking for new, fun, unique and creative ways to market your building or remodeling company and generate more home improvement leads this summer?

Summer Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

Its time your remodeling company tried our top 5 summer home improvement marketing ideas! Hot Home Improvement Marketing Idea #1: Create a partner package Partner with non-competing home improvement businesses that share the same target audience to develop a winning package for new home improvement leads. If there isn't a non-competing home improvement business available in your area-- perhaps your remodeling company could partner with a restaurant, or theatre, and could partner together to create a package.

Each company could then market and sell the package, and all three would split the proceeds. All Season & Four Season Room Additions. 5 Tips for Planning a Sunroom Addition. Have you been dreaming about adding a sunroom to your home?

5 Tips for Planning a Sunroom Addition

A three-season sunroom can help extend the summer season and provide a bright retreat for relaxing or entertaining. If your home needs more space, a year-round sunroom can be the perfect solution. This multi-purpose sunroom addition is unique in that it features many different angles. Natural light floods the room through all of the windows and doors, including the skylights in the cathedral ceiling. The end wall is angled out and includes two trapezoid windows above. October is Energy Awareness Month – The Perfect Time to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Home.

October is Energy Awareness Month – The Perfect Time to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Home With the colder temperatures of winter fast approaching, October — the U.S.

October is Energy Awareness Month – The Perfect Time to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Home

October is Energy Awareness Month – The Perfect Time to Increase Energy Efficiency in the Home. Solarium vs Sunroom. A sunroom is a structure constructed onto a home that allows for the enjoyment of the surrounding scenery while being protected from inclement weather.

Solarium vs Sunroom

This sunroom structure is also often referred to as a solarium, patio room, patio enclosure, conservatory, or Florida room. While many of these terms can be used interchangeably to describe a glassed in home addition that provides an open, light and relaxing space, the words Sunroom and Solarium do define different structures. But what is the difference between the two? Which one will be best for your home? The key differences between a sunroom vs a solarium is its intended use, the pros & cons of each, the required maintenance, and the resale value on your investment. Purpose of Each A Solarium features a “modern” style of architecture, and is comprised of a glass roof and walls. Advantages & Disadvantages Sunrooms and solariums both have advantages and disadvantages.

Solariums have some drawbacks though. The Top 6 Most Popular Sunroom Floors. When selecting a floor for your sunroom, you should first consider the main purpose of the sunroom?

The Top 6 Most Popular Sunroom Floors

The function of the sunroom will affect what types of floors will work best. Will you use the sunroom for dining and entertaining? Or perhaps you want to use the room to just relax in comfort. The floor should also complement the design of the room. Ultimately the choice is yours. Sunroom Flooring That Will Last. There are a number of flooring options for use in sunrooms.

Sunroom Flooring That Will Last

This is an important consideration since many sunroom kits don’t include flooring. Usually, the sunroom kit companies claim that the variety of mounting surfaces is just too numerous to include flooring. So, the decision is left up to you and your contractor as to what flooring you should use. What Is Guild Quality? You may have heard the name Guild Quality in passing and wondered what it was all about.

What Is Guild Quality?

In a nutshell, Guild Quality is a company that provides customer satisfaction surveys for building professionals. Consumers can read unbiased, detailed reviews from previous customers to verify the quality of the company they are considering hiring for a project. The companies also benefit from hearing their customers’ honest assessments of the projects, learning about what areas they are excelling in and what areas need improvement.

While other online review sites can provide good information, their data often comes from either the happiest and least happy clients. As a contrast, Guild Quality provides a detailed survey from a larger percentage of the client base, with a more robust sampling of the overall experience that clients are finding. Aging in Place: Are Home Renovations Worth the Costs? Convenience, independence and the familiarity of home are all prime reasons for renovating rather than renting or downsizing in retirement.

Aging in Place: Are Home Renovations Worth the Costs?

Even as retirements have grown longer and long-term care has become a likely necessity, plenty of seniors still want to keep the comforts of home well into their 80s and 90s. But are “aging in place” home renovations really worth the costs and potential hassles? For many retirees and their advisors, the answer is a clear yes. “Nine times out of ten the folks I deal with want to keep the familiarity and comfort of their homes for as long as possible,” said Jeremy Shipp, President of Harbor Wealth.

“They’ve already been there 30, 40 years or more and don’t want to uproot.” According to a 2014 Better Homes and Gardens real estate survey, more than four in ten adults aged 49 to 67 plan to stay in their current homes in retirement. Most soon-to-be retirees don’t plan on downsizing when they move, either. Top Five Sunroom Plans - "While the most popular reason people build sunrooms is for relaxation or a secondary living room space, we are noticing a shift in how homeowners are using their sunroom," says Melissa Skinner, from Great Day Improvements, LLC.

Top Five Sunroom Plans -

"Owners are making their homes more than just a place to live, they are changing their home's dynamic and increasing its value by adding gyms, spas and entertainment areas. " Homeowners choose to add a sunroom to their home for many reasons. Over the last few years, there have been a number of sunroom plans and usages that have increased in popularity. Kolby Construction: Charlotte NC Remodeling and Renovation Experts.

The warmer weather will be arriving in the Charlotte area!! Yay!! We are all tired of the cold snowy weather. It’s time to begin all those remodeling projects that you have been planning all winter! Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather. What to Consider When Buying a Sunroom - Are Phone Quotes Ever a Good Idea? - National Home Improvement. A quick “price comparison over the phone” isn’t what it seems. Maybe you’ve just sat through a high-pressure presentation with a salesman that wouldn’t leave? Or a company gave you a price that was so high you think the project is forever out of reach. Are trying to justify a low price estimate without really looking at the whole package? We know a phone call to get prices sounds like a time saver to you, but is it in your best interest?

Probably not. By meeting with you, face-to- face, we can work with you, not against you, to find the best solution for your situation. We respect that your time is valuable, our is, too. Cleaning Services Cedar Rapids IA. Page. Turn Your Homebuilder or Remodeler Website into a Content Marketing Powerhouse. Attracting visitors to your homebuilding or remodeling website so they can see what you have to offer is vital if you want to increase awareness of your services in the community, right? But how exactly do you do that? The answer, my friend, is content. Not just any content, though, but content that turns your website into a marketing powerhouse and achieves your objectives. Your website is the modern-day equivalent of having a storefront, a billboard and a bunch of brochures, all rolled into one.

But what should you put on the website to make it drive visitors to take action? Here are the types of content marketing that will work the best to attract—and keep—visitors on your website: 2015 Construction Marketing Resolutions For More Sales. Here we are again. With 2014 in the rearview mirror, and 2015 upon us, it’s time to plan out our resolutions once again. Just as losing weight and saving money could top your list of personal goals, becoming a more lean marketer and improving the value of marketing efforts could top your professional goals as a construction marketer. Today, we would like to share some goals that will help you to hit the ground running in 2015, and better reach target customers through your marketing efforts. 1. We will Generate More Quality Leads through Effective Content Lead Generation. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound, twice as many marketers have cited inbound marketing as a primary source of leads as outbound.

We have been talking about these sources for years. Hanley Wood -

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Home Town Restyling Five Factors Affecting The Cost of New Windows - Home Town Restyling. When our customers look at our large selection of windows, sometimes they ask us why similar looking windows have such a range of prices. While the windows may look similar, construction differences not necessarily visible on the surface make a big difference in the window’s performance and durability and, of course, the cost of new windows. We carry windows for most price points and home styles. South Slope. Hiring a Contractor. Adding a room, renovating a basement, or doing some much-needed repairs?

HTR Doors

4 Tips to Connecting with Millennials. Home Town Restyling Bathroom Remodeling. What Will Void a Warranty? - FindLaw. Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty. What is the Difference Between a Full Warranty and a Limited Warranty? - FindLaw. Sponsor Story: Finished Perfection – How to Prevent Creaks, Pops and Squeaks. Finished Perfection – How to Prevent Creaks, Pops and Squeaks I don't do much living in mine these days, but the other night I found myself relaxing in my formal living room.

Home Improvement Contracts, Guarantees and Warranties. What to Look for in Good and Bad Home Remodeling Warranties. Thoughts on using Home Depot for window install? (Home Window & Doors) Big-Box Cabinet Installation Pay Rates. Installing for the big boxes is a whole different business. Here are some rumors on how the setup works. Lowe's Pella Windows - Lowe's window installation voids warranty, Review 56593. I had Lowe's install Pella windows in my home in Pittsburgh, PA late last year. After their contractor finished, I realized that he had caulked closed and covered with aluminum trim all of the weep holes in the windows.

Subcontractors without workers compensation will cost you. Don't Be an Unlicensed Contractor's Next Victim! - Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

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Pros and cons of replacing, restoring or relining your yucky bathtub. Remodeling Firms named to Qualified Remodeler’s Annual Top 500 list. 2014 Remodeling 550: Replacement Contractors. Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows? Home Ideas for Eldery Seniors. Factors that determine the cost of a sunroom. Universal Design That's Elegant, Too - Custom Home Magazine. Pdf/top_10.pdf. HTR Siding. Deck Buying Checklist. Paint or Stain: Which Is Right For Your Deck? HTR Decks. Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

HTR Windows. Sunroom vs. Room Addition - Sunroom Addition Evaluation. The Latest in Composite Decking - Building Products - April 2014. Some issues with composite decking! - Jason Horn's Blog. Do you want a 4-season Sunroom or a 3-season Porch? – Lancaster PA Remodeling Tips & Tricks. Ideas for Building a Screened Porch. How To Budget For Home Remodel.

Cost vs. Value 2014. Comparison of Siding Costs, Durability, Installation and more. How to Enclose a Patio, Porch or Deck - 5 home improvements for summer: Are they worth it? 5 Reasons why you need a pergola on your property. Cost vs. Value: Nothing Average Here. Why Polite Customers Are Bad for Business. Cost vs. Value: Trends. Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends in 2014 - Infographic: Home Improvement Shoppers Use Online Video More Than TV.