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Within 6 Months of Its Digitization, Turkcell Academy Reaches 1.3 Million Visits. ISTANBUL, Aug 14, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In January 2014, Turkcell TKC, -1.15% (bist:TCELL), Turkey’s leading telecommunications and technology company, had re-launched its Academy as a digital and public learning platform with the goal of making global knowledge available to everyone through technology. At the end of its first six months, Turkcell Academy takes stock of its success: Tens of thousands of visitors from 143 countries used the service with more than 1.3 million visits. Visitors watched learning videos for 14 thousand hours in total, and over 3 million page views were recorded on Turkcell Academy website. 10 thousand users benefited from Turkcell Academy mobile application which was launched in May.

Global knowledge made available in Turkish Through Turkcell Academy’s partnerships, visitors were able to reach global knowledge generated by world’s leading digital learning institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Papagaei and Coursera. Content Creation vs. Content Curation. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles In a world where “content is king” and one wrong move on social media can send your brand reputation into a nose dive, there is a lot of pressure on companies to maintain a successful online marketing strategy, from the website and company blog to social media pages.

Content Creation vs. Content Curation

Yelp Deal With Yahoo Has Small Businesses Crying Foul. Creation & Curation: The Dynamic Duo. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Content Marketing By Meg Sutton, Published February 23, 2014 Created content should stand as the backbone of your content marketing strategy, since original material helps differentiate your brand from the competition.

Creation & Curation: The Dynamic Duo

But the reality is that limited budgets, staff, and time often make it nearly impossible to create enough original content and keep all your channels updated on a consistent basis. How LinkedIn's Recent Update Changes B2B Companies' Marketing Plans. How LinkedIn's Recent Update Changes B2B Companies' Marketing Plans End of week on Friday, LinkedIn announced a new update that should have every company’s marketing team buzzing.

How LinkedIn's Recent Update Changes B2B Companies' Marketing Plans

Instead of limiting your posts to just 300 characters, LinkedIn will allow users to write essay-length posts that will circulate within their networks, with the possible bonus of going public on LinkedIn Pulse, if the post receives enough network attention. Infographic: Home Improvement Shoppers Use Online Video More Than TV. What’s your content marketing plan? Do you have a content marketing plan for your business?

What’s your content marketing plan?

Perhaps you’re a little fuzzy on what content marketing even is. According to expert Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and publisher of Chief Content Officer, content marketing can do wonders for your business. At a recent meeting of the American Advertising Federation, Pulizzi shared some ideas on the subject. New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot.

Whether you’re on a first date, meeting new people at a dinner party, or making it rain on Twitter, it’s just not a good idea to go on and on about yourself.

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

It’s just awkward. Conventional social media marketing wisdom suggests that brands should avoid being overly self-promotional. Thus, brands seek to “be a part of the conversation” by sharing links that are relevant to their followers but often not specifically about their products and services. Content Marketing Blogs: The Ultimate List. The amount of information available to marketers is vast, diverse and sometimes overwhelming.

Content Marketing Blogs: The Ultimate List

Because it can be difficult to find high quality content, I have put together a list of some of the top content marketing blogs out there. This list is intended to help content marketers find the information, education and value they’re seeking to improve their strategies and business as a whole. Before we dive into the topics, let me first define a blog on how it’s interpreted in this post. A blog is an online publication that seeks to inform its readers with high quality, ethical and valuable insights that are published on a consistent basis by authors qualified to communicate them. Content Marketing: Training for the Content Olympics. As Olympic teams from around the world are hitting the slopes (and ice and luge!)

Content Marketing: Training for the Content Olympics

This week, us content marketers are training in our everlasting pursuit of the perfect content strategy. In our recent study, we found that many marketers ranked promoting their existing content as a low priority, while in reality, promoting existing content is what will help content marketers win the gold, as well as the hearts of prospects. An Interview with Oliver Starr on Content Marketing with Content Curation. There’s no doubt that content creation and content marketing will play an integral role in the marketing strategies of most brands in 2014, but what you probably didn’t know is that content curation can be an equally successful venture.

An Interview with Oliver Starr on Content Marketing with Content Curation

If you’re struggling with creating original, unique, or shareable content, then content curation can be a perfect alternative. With these great tips from Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist for Pearltrees and one of the earliest contributors to Techcrunch, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a content-curating master.

I recently sat down with Oliver to find out what exactly “content curation” entails, what the best practices are, and what he recommends for running successful content marketing campaigns in 2014. 9 Key Content Marketing Metrics – SnapApp Content Marketing Blog. InShare Content marketers struggle to make sense of KPIs and measure ROI – We can help With customers and audiences looking for entertainment at every click, it is not enough to have a strong content marketing strategy, you need to be able to measure what is resonating with them in order to reproduce your success or detect any problem areas.

9 Key Content Marketing Metrics – SnapApp Content Marketing Blog

So let us get on with the show and pull back the curtain to expose which content marketing metrics should take center stage, what they mean, and why they are important. Pageviews This figure is simply the number of times your content is accessed. How to use content marketing for high visibility in Google Search. Content Marketing Should Be the Top Priority for Small Businesses in 2014. GyroVoice: The Content Marketing Conflict: Engagement vs. Usefulness. The gyro Ignition Webinar Series will present a complimentary webinar January 16 at 2 p.m.

gyroVoice: The Content Marketing Conflict: Engagement vs. Usefulness

EST. You will learn four things you need to do in 2014 to stay competitive in b2b. In the discussion over content marketing, uppermost in many marketers’ minds is producing materials that really resonate, that engage, with prospects and customers. That’s completely understandable. The 3 C's of Successful Content Marketing. Content marketing is a powerful way to get your audience's attention and build trust.

It might seem difficult to get started but it's pretty easy to grasp when you break it down into a few steps. If you are struggling, just remember the 3 C's of Content Marketing - Create, Curate, and Circulate. 1. The 3 C's of Successful Content Marketing. Content Marketing Ideas for 'Boring' Products. Posted by Guest Writer on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 · Leave a Comment inShare11inShare The content you offer your target audience has the power to grab attention, inform, educate and ultimately convert those information-seekers into paying customers.

With the right high quality content, it’s possible for any business within any industry to build up an extremely valuable media asset. This simply means the content you publish on your website or blog provides the drawcard that pulls visitors back to your site again and again. Once you have those people on your website, it’s up to you to monetise it correctly for the best possible response. A Look Back at Google’s 2013 Algorithm Updates.

A Look Back at Google’s 2013 Algorithm Updates Posted by Sam Lowe on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 07:30 AM 2013 was a crazy year for anyone connected to the SEO world. Google went crazy during the year of the snake and hit us with a few pandas, penguins, and even a hummingbird. Those of course were the major updates during the year. Between those updates we played hide and seek with keywords and searches got a little bit smarter with a knowledge graph update. The Pandas Came and Went Google graced us with numerous Panda updates during 2013. The Panda did bite a few sites each month if they were identified as stale or having irrelevant content compared to the page description/title. The Penguins Marched Google only hatched 2 main Penguin updates during 2013 but those birds were busy pecking at poor quality or irrelevant inbound links/backlinks that websites had pointing to them.

The Penguin “2.0” update in May of 2013 made the largest ripples on the internet, relative to the other Penguin updates. Content Marketing Examples: 4 Most Popular Curation Templates. Who Creates The Content In An Inbound Marketing World? Is Your Content Curation Ethical? A 10-Step Checklist. Social Media Help Empower Utilities. Bet You Haven't Seen This content from TDWorld. Content Curation Primer. Photo by Stuck in Customs. Is Your Content Curation Ethical? A 10-Step Checklist. Curation itself is nothing new — museums have used art curators for centuries — but online content curation is still in its early stages. The early years of the internet were like the “Wild West,” and because it was so new, there were few ethical or legal guidelines to police behavior.

With new legislation governing online copyright and commerce, that’s all changed. Many content curators, though, are still unsure about what constitutes ethical curation, and how they can share third-party content without running afoul of copyright laws. Here’s our 10-step checklist to help you curate ethically and effectively. These are just guidelines, of course. 1.