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Vinegar Syndrome... Is your Microfilm Archive in a pickle? » nextScan. Younger Americans and Public Libraries. How those under 30 engage with libraries and think about libraries’ role in their lives and communities Younger Americans—those ages 16-29—especially fascinate researchers and organizations because of their advanced technology habits, their racial and ethnic diversity, their looser relationships to institutions such as political parties and organized religion, and the ways in which their social attitudes differ from their elders.

Younger Americans and Public Libraries

This report pulls together several years of research into the role of libraries in the lives of Americans and their communities with a special focus on Millennials, a key stakeholder group affecting the future of communities, libraries, book publishers and media makers of all kinds, as well as the tone of the broader culture. State Historical Society of Iowa. Records come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, such as hand-copied ledger books, newspaper files, and various forms created over time to record information for licenses, court orders, and permits.

State Historical Society of Iowa

8 Signs You Need a Space Planning Solution. Historic Document Conversion. Content audit guide and template. Content audits are tedious and time-consuming, but necessary if you want to take stock of the content you have on your site.

Content audit guide and template

Why do an audit? An audit can help you collect the information you need to: Review or redesign your information architecture (site structure, navigation systems)Migrate content into a content management system or new designManage content qualityDevelop your content strategy. Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century. Depending on perspective, it is an author's dream – or nightmare: Margaret Atwood will never know what readers think of the piece of fiction she is currently working on, because the unpublished, unread manuscript from the Man Booker prize-winning novelist will be locked away for the next 100 years.

Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century

Atwood has just been named as the first contributor to an astonishing new public artwork. The Future Library project, conceived by the award-winning young Scottish artist Katie Paterson, began, quietly, this summer, with the planting of a forest of 1,000 trees in Nordmarka, just outside Oslo. It will slowly unfold over the next century. Roots and Branches: Aid on historical newspapers helps genealogists. Lebanon Daily News Updated: 08/26/2014 10:37:11 AM EDT Aid on historical newspapers helps genealogists I was privileged to sit in on a meeting a couple of weeks ago that wrapped up the Pennsylvania Digital Newspaper Project.

Roots and Branches: Aid on historical newspapers helps genealogists

Since 2007, the project had been awarded more than $1 million in grant money from the national program. The PA project turned that money into better than a third of a million newspaper pages that will be uploaded to the free website "Chronicling America," a joint project of the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, by the end of the year. Once those last pages have been loaded, the PA project will have ensured that every county in Pennsylvania has at least one newspaper digitized somewhere on the Internet. Digital States Survey 2014 Results. September 3, 2014 - In its comprehensive 2014 Digital States Survey, e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government evaluated the digital technology practices of all 50 states, assigning each state a grade based on quantifiable results in better serving citizens and streamlining operations.

Digital States Survey 2014 Results

Overall, since the last biennial survey in 2012, grades improved in 21 states, declined in 12 and stayed even in 17. Eight states earned top grades, with Connecticut, Georgia, Missouri and Virginia moving up to A designations and Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah maintaining their A marks from 2012. Connecticut, rising from a C to A- and Idaho, from a D to a B, were the most improved states. The survey evaluated states based on a set of criteria which included actions supporting state priorities and policies to improve operations or services, hard- and soft-dollar savings/benefits, progress since the last survey, innovative solutions, and effective collaboration. 2014 Digital States Survey Grades:

Microstart.pdf. Library of Congress racing to preserve vast CD collection. A portion of the CD collection belonging to the Music and Geography and Maps divisions at the Library of Congress is seen July 17, 2014.

Library of Congress racing to preserve vast CD collection

Amanda Reynolds, Library of Congress CDs may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of the Library of Congress, but it houses more than 500,000. The extensive collection includes everything from music to maps and labs where researchers are destroying CDs to learn how to preserve them, CBS News' Jim Axelrod reports. County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget. County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget By William JacksonAug 20, 2014.

County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget

Allowing counties to store court records electronically could save thousands. A new law could help counties in Pennsylvania modernize the way they store and preserve court records, by giving them the option to store those records electronically, not just through paper copies or microfilm.

Allowing counties to store court records electronically could save thousands

"It will save them significant tax dollars," said state Sen. Butler County takes steps to preserve judicial records. County Prothonotary Glenna Walters has commissioned an inspection to determine how many government records saved on 35mm film may have to be rescued from the passage of time.

Butler County takes steps to preserve judicial records

“They aren't going to be lost,” Walters said. “I'm 100 percent sure in telling you, if we see deterioration, (the film) will be duplicated and no information will be lost.” Quality of the images is important as gas and oil company representatives search documents going back nearly 200 years to determine property ownership, Walters said.

Micrographics Frequently Asked Questions. How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever : All Tech Considered. Many institutions have their archives stored on CDs — but the discs aren't as stable as once thought. There is no average life span for a CD, says preservationist Michele Youket, "because there is no average disc. " Sarah Tilotta/NPR hide caption itoggle caption Sarah Tilotta/NPR. How long do CDs last? It depends, but definitely not forever. County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget. GETTING STARTED WITH MICROFILM. Scan Microfilm Records to Digital. Do you have microfilm that you need scanned or converted to digital? We can help! Utilizing the latest film scanning equipment and best-in-class processes, Digital Film Services will scan your microfilm records (16MM / 35MM) to digital for access via a PC on DVD or to be loaded into your document imaging system.

If you would like a quote for the conversion of your records, you can click here to request an estimate or call us at 866-609-4DFS (4337). How will we be able to access the rolls once they have been converted? We can provide your scanned images back to you in any format you prefer. Option 1 – Roll Level Indexing We would scan each roll and place the images from that roll into a folder or multi-page image (PDF or TIFF). Laura Ingalls Wilder memoir to give gritty view of prairie life. Laura Ingalls Wilder penned one of the most beloved children's series of the 20th century, but her forthcoming autobiography will show devoted "Little House on the Prairie" fans a more realistic, grittier view of frontier living. "Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography" -- Wilder's unedited draft that was written for an adult audience and eventually served as the foundation for the popular series -- is slated to be released by the South Dakota State Historical Society Press nationwide this fall.

The not-safe-for-children tales include stark scenes of domestic abuse, love triangles gone awry and a man who lit himself on fire while drunk off whiskey. Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, herself a well-known author, tried and failed to get an edited version of the autobiography published throughout the early 1930s. Minnesota Stories: History Rises in Isanti County. The Minnesota Historical Society Reaches 1,000 Legacy Grant Milestone. The Minnesota Historical Society has awarded 64 new Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants of up to $7,000 each (listed by county below).

This latest round of grants marks a 1,000-grant milestone since the grants, funded by the Legacy Amendment, began in 2009. Grants are helping organizations in every Minnesota county preserve and share history, including Isanti County where an arson fire devastated the local historical society. Visit to see a video about the damage and recovery efforts. “This 1,000-grant milestone is significant. A night at the museum? Nah, but Smithsonian needs volunteers for digitization project.

The Smithsonian is looking for volunteers to help with its digitization project. The Smithsonian's collections hold a large amount of handwritten documents, which need to be digitized, a task that computers can't manage. National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators - Home Page. Archives and Records Mgt. Association. Roles of a Document Manager. What are the Top Ten Document Compliance Manager Job Description Responsibilities? Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News.

USGenWeb Archives: Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Here are 4 things you need to know about Tuesday's Cuyahoga County Council meeting. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cuyahoga County Council held its first meeting at the new county headquarters in downtown Cleveland Tuesday night. There were a few pieces of news from the roughly 90-minute meeting. Search results for: Digital Storage Consideration.

IMA - Document Scanning Service Microfilm Scanning Conversion. Berlin Area Historical Society. State of America's Libraries Report 2014. Skip to main content ALA User Menu Search form ala homepage quick links. Pub-sp0012-prodev.pdf. E-conservation magazine - Monitoring Microfilm Collections. ARTICLES > Care of Collections 5400. Corridor Careers - Job listings in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City from Corridor Careers. Quotes About History (2473 quotes) National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers. Linn County, Project. Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller. Sunshine Advisory Bulletin A Bulletin on Iowa Open Meetings and Public Records Laws By Attorney General Tom Miller -- February 2004. Now a few words about Microform Scanning -

Importance of Records Management. Importance of Records Management. Records Management: Why Is It Important? - 8 Reasons to Digitize Microfilm Collections. Microfilm Document Storage. Microfilm Must Die! - Cost Savings - Adelante Imaging Services. Convert MicroficheGeneration Imaging. Is Your Microfilm or Microfiche Reader Printer Broken?Generation Imaging. Digital Microfilm FAQs - ProQuest Digitial Microfilm - Research Guides at Providence College. Governing magazine: State and local government news for America's leaders. Preventing Data Breaches in State & Municipal Government. State Historical Society of Iowa. LaSalle County Illinois Recorder Selects Digital ReeL for Microfilm Conversion Project » BMI.

State Historical Society of Iowa. Records Management and Preservation Board Grants Awarded, 2012. Public RecordsTutorials. Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) 6 Popular Librarian Groups To Join On LinkedIn. What Makes a Program Successful? The New Normal: Annual Library Budgets Survey 2012. Careers in Public Librarianship. Entry Level. Residency Interest Group. ProQuest. Data Backup, Records Management, and More. What the Library of the Future Will Look Like. Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Healthcare Forms Conversion Downloads. Business continuity in 2014. Norfolk court papers are going digital.