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Regal Paint

We are the manufacturer of the Regal® brand of floor paint, (including concrete paint, epoxy paint and garage paint), metal paint, wood paint and masonry paint. As a result, we are able to offer the most competitive prices on our industrial paints and we are able to design products to meet individual specific needs such as quick drying, hard film, extra gloss. Our raw materials are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers in order to ensure a quality end-product and finishing. We have excellent long-standing relationships with our epoxy, alkyd, acrylic and urethane resin suppliers, which means we can offer new coatings technologies as soon as they arrive. Visit :

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What Type of Floor Paint is Better for Concrete Floors?

What kind of floor paint is needed for the concrete floor of your house and office? Whether you want to use a floor stripping system to improve efficiency and organization, want to include branding features, or want big expanses of colour, the paint or coating you choose can mean the difference between success and aggravation. Take a look at some styling of floor paints as follows: 1. Industrial Paint. Buy The Best Quality Floor Paint At RegalPaint. Buy Floor Paint At The Best Price At RegalPaint. Get The Best Quality Fron Top Floor Paint Manufacturer & Supplier RegalPaint.

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