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File transfer. Web browsing. Dropbox. Apple Bans Researcher For Disclosing iOS Bug. Dr.

Apple Bans Researcher For Disclosing iOS Bug

Charlie Miller, the best known and most prolific outside Apple security researcher, is no longer welcome to write iOS programs. Apple has expelled researcher Dr. Charlie Miller from the iOS developer program. Miller, if you don't know, is easily the most famous and successful security researcher for the Mac and iOS platforms. Miller has won many awards for his research and found many important vulnerabilities in Apple's software. Apple expelled Miller for doing what he does: demonstrating his research. Normally, code run on the iPhone has to be code signed so that Apple can ensure who wrote it and be able to remove it, but the downloaded code need not be signed. As Miller makes clear, he created the app that downloads and executes the malicious code.

But this is about as classic a "shoot yourself in the foot" maneuver as I have ever seen. Think sandboxing will stop malware? Here's why you're wrong, Apple. At the end of last week, Apple noted that it was moving towards requiring sandboxing for all apps distributed on the Mac App Store.

Think sandboxing will stop malware? Here's why you're wrong, Apple

(Sandboxing? We'll explain.) With Windows 8, Metro apps also requiring sandboxing, it looks like industry players seem to think this will in some way control the malware menace. They're wrong. Here's why. Normal software applications, once installed, usually have free rein over the entire computer and its peripherals. Tunneling Firefox traffic over SSH. Introduction hi Often I tunnel my web traffic through a SSH connection to a remote machine to have my HTTP and HTTPs connections originate from it.

I do this for many reasons, the most common being that. SSH port forwarding. By branko posted on February 16th, 2010 In one of my previous post I made a tutorial how to bypass corporate firewalls and gain access into your office computer.

SSH port forwarding

It work well if you are at your home and you need ssh access (or any other service) to your office computer. However if the situation is reversed, and you need to access some outside service which your firewall is blocking then you would use this little tutorial with explanations. Although all this is covered in the ssh man pages, one always learn best by real life examples, so here I'll try to cover few of them.

So to better explain our first problem look at the picture below: The first problem We are located at office computer which is behind the very restrictive firewall and we want to get to the non-standard service running on the remote server. The second problem Solving the first problem To start up this tunnel this command will be used: ssh -L 3306:localhost:3306 username@server ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306 username@server. A short history of btrfs. July 22, 2009 This article was contributed by Valerie Aurora (formerly Henson) You probably have heard of the cool new kid on the file system block, btrfs (pronounced "butter-eff-ess") - after all, Linus Torvalds is using it as his root file system on one of his laptops.

A short history of btrfs

But you might not know much about it beyond a few high-level keywords - copy-on-write, checksums, writable snapshots - and a few sensational rumors and stories - the Phoronix benchmarks, btrfs is a ZFS ripoff, btrfs is a secret plan for Oracle domination of Linux, etc. When it comes to file systems, it's hard to tell truth from rumor from vile slander: the code is so complex, the personalities are so exaggerated, and the users are so angry when they lose their data. Linux Equivalents to Windows Software. There are many articles written about the reasons why users may wish to convert to Linux.

Linux Equivalents to Windows Software

Frequently cited reasons include the favorable licensing terms, the freely distributable software (with source code), support from the Linux community, improved security, open file formats, the fact that Linux can run on a wide variety of platforms, etc. However, unless a desktop user is provided with real alternatives to the existing software he or she currently uses, migration to a different operating system is going to be very difficult. This collection of articles aims to dispel the myth that Linux isn't ready for the desktop user to move away from the Microsoft world.

If you are contemplating switching from Windows to Linux, please be assured that many of your favorite desktop applications have Linux equivalents, often with a comparable feature set. We have also produced a more detailed compilation of the best Linux software in our Portal Pages & Features section. 7 Free Mind Mapping Softwares.