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PPL Discover Huge gas reserves in Pakistan since Sui. Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has discovered Huge gas reserves in the Margand hinder in Kalat, Baluchistan.

PPL Discover Huge gas reserves in Pakistan since Sui

PPL is said to have 100% of the block’s drilling rights. PPL has been drilling in the Margand X-1 block since June 30, 2019. Last year, PPL performed Modular Dynamics Testing (MDT) at a depth of 4,500 meters on the block. MDT has proven the existence of Huge gas reserves. PPL also conducted a drill stem test (DST), which found that these gas reserves could potentially exceed 1 trillion cubic feet.

For comparison, Sui has estimated reserves of 2 trillion cubic feet with a daily production capacity of about 604 million cubic feet. Daylight Saving Time from Margand X-1 only suggests that the entire block has the potential to add 10.7 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmcfd) at a 64/64 inch throttle size and 516 pounds per square inch (psi) flow pressure deliver. Next Galaxy phone with the largest battery ever on a Samsung smartphone. Samsung has finally started working in the mid-range segment after years of lowering the price of its low-cost Galaxy phone.

Next Galaxy phone with the largest battery ever on a Samsung smartphone

Blocking ads on mobile phones is a challenge for publishers. According to a report released on Thursday, the number of people using Blocking ads technology in mobile browsers has increased to 527 million.

Blocking ads on mobile phones is a challenge for publishers

This corresponds to an increase of 64% in the past three years. Along with blocking ads on PCs, this meant that in the fourth quarter of 2019, ad blockers were running on a total of 763 million devices. That implies about 15% to 30% of site traffic utilizes a promotion blocker, said Marty Kratky-Katz, overseeing executive of Block through, a Toronto-based organization that assists distributors with managing advertisement blockers. “Although the blocking of desktop ads has reached its peak, the acceptance of mobile devices is increasing rapidly,” said Kratky-Katz in the report.

One reason why PC advertising blocking is waning is that people in North America, Europe, and China just aren’t using PCs to surf as much these days as the company said. Acceptable Ads standard Blocking ads Competitive Advantage. Motorola Razr fold test shows that 12 months of regular use. The new Motorola Razr could not fully fold after just over 27,000 folds and about three and a half hours in CNET’s “FoldBot” folder.

Motorola Razr fold test shows that 12 months of regular use

Problem is that Team Test the Mobile Phone out the machine in 3rd time. Then they found that it was difficult to work. When they finally made it, the hinge no longer seemed to be properly aligned. Despite the problems with collapsing, the phone screen was still fully functional. Pakistan Air Force Jet Crashes Near Shorkot, Latest News.

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) trainer jet crashed near Shorkot, a district of Jhang in Punjab, the PAF spokesman confirmed.

Pakistan Air Force Jet Crashes Near Shorkot, Latest News

According to official statements, the Mirage jet developed a technical defect when it was on a training mission on Friday morning. The pilot successfully launched before the crash and remained uninjured. No person or money loss was reported in the incident. Galaxy note. Forex reserves hit another unprecedented high in January 2020. The first month of 2020 has been good for at least one macroeconomic indicator.

Forex reserves hit another unprecedented high in January 2020

Foreign exchange Forex reserves, which increased by $ 559.7 million in January. Reserves had substantial inflows of $ 359 million in the closing week, and reached a new high of $ 18.644 million ($ 18.084 billion), the Pakistani state bank said. The central bank’s net currency reserves increased to $ 12.27 billion.

The commercial banks’ net currency reserves are $ 6.37 billion. Pakistan shortly before receiving 12 JF-17B Thunder fighters. Pakistan Air Force will receive the first 12 of 26 two-seat.

Pakistan shortly before receiving 12 JF-17B Thunder fighters

Huawei is suing Verizon for alleged patent infringement. Huawei is suing Verizon for supposed patent infringement, denoting the most recent turn in the Chinese tech goliath’s antagonistic association with the US.

Huawei is suing Verizon for alleged patent infringement

Netflix starts streaming data-saving AV1 videos on Android. Netflix starts streaming is ​​introducing support for the new AV1 video codec in its Android app, which it claims compresses videos 20 percent more efficiently than the VP9 codec currently in use.

Netflix starts streaming data-saving AV1 videos on Android

The company states that the codec can now be activated for “selected titles” by activating the “save data” option, although it does not specify exactly which titles are supported. Ultimately, Netflix plans to launch AV1 on all platforms and works with device and chipset manufacturers to expand compatibility. Samsung Galaxy S20 Leak verify 100x zoom & pricing. Samsung’s S20 series is only 6 days from launch, but the leaks and rumors are not abating.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Leak verify 100x zoom & pricing

The latest leak from two different sources shows us the live images from Samsung Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra. The Image of Samsung S20 is Ultra show. Then that it will have a massive rectangular aisle on the back. That is almost half the width of the entire Mobile phone. United Kingdom Will Authorize Huawei to launch 5G in the Country. The Huawei exchange boycott disaster has made political and innovative turmoil between the Chinese organization and its overall clients for a long time now. The tech and telecom goliath was marked as a “security risk” by the US which cut off Huawei’s business in America as well as with the UK and different nations too. Nonetheless, in a later update, the UK government has chosen to let Huawei assemble the 5G foundation in the nation all things considered.

The official statement doesn’t explicitly make reference to “Huawei” yet states that “high hazard” sellers will be permitted to work under severe conditions, clarifying what organization they’re alluding to. The choice was finished yesterday at the National Security Council meeting, led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Indian team won’t play Asia Cup 2020 in Pakistan BCCI response. Board of Control for Cricket in India has made its position understand. They need the Asia Cup 2020, to be hung on an unbiased scene and not in Pakistan. The Board of Control for Cricket in India made it clear that while it has no issue with the #PCB staging the Asia Cup 2020 edition, it demanded the matches to be played on a neutral venue. Daily Times (@dailytimespak) January 29, 2020. Fauji Bin Qasim Fertilizer reports a huge loss of Rs. 8.37 billion in the FY 2019.

Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (FFBL) has reported its combined monetary outcomes for the financial year 2019. (huge loss of Rs. 8.37 billion) The organization has posted an enormous loss of Rs. 8.37 billion in the year because of a flood in money cost, higher viable assessment rate with conceded charge modification and misfortunes made by backups. Apple Latest Low cost iPhone SE 2 could be launch in March this year. Google Start Three New Experimental Applications for Stop Screen Addiction. How to Add a Free SSL Certificate on WordPress Website? Chinese Embassy criticizes US’s declaration Against CPEC. Pakistan Strongly Experiment Ghaznavi Missile To Counter Indian Threat.

Scientist creates covering to keep Mobile cool by discharging water vapor. Jazz Business Join Capture in business specialists in Karachi. Do you buy Samsung's new smartphone Galaxy Note10 plus? Toyota tests new technologies for city planning infrastructure. The 5 Second Rule will change your life. Mediatek Starts Helio G70 Gaming Chip For Mobile Phones. PC Market simply had its first year of development since 2011. Zong 4G to Provide Unlimited Mobile Calls to China Under its CPEC. YouTube append some primary subscription filters on iOS.

Logitech latest split Ergo K860 keyboard Enlarges its ergonomic. Google Attend to iPhones as physical security keys. PUBG Latest map Karakin coming reportedly unstable Environments. Kashan Hasan Takes as President of Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan. Trump sets out on Apple for refusing to unlock the iPhone. DeepMind's AI is to Obtain Near to its initial big world application. Vivo S1 Pro Specification, Features and Price in Pakistan. Define the Latest Features of Vivo Mobiles, Now We are Show You Latest Vivo S1 Pro Specification, Vivo S1 Pro features, Vivo S1 Pro Price in Pakistan. Vivo S1 Pro Specification: Price Build Frequency Processor Display Memory Camera Connectivity Sensors Features Battery. Privacy Portal DuckDuckGo is the big winner of Google’s Android auction. Subsequent to confronting $4.8 billion (generally Rs. 28,400 crores) fine from European Union (EU) over its enemy of aggressive practices, Google has declared that Android clients in the 31 European Economic Area (EEA) nations will before long have the option to pick their default web index from four perusing choices new Android cell phones or tablets.

(Privacy Portal DuckDuckGo) BMW and Samsung Are Manufacture a 5th Generation Powered Car. General Computer - Technology News & Reviews. Samsung Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 Launched - Flagship. Samsung has formally, yet unobtrusively, revealed the initial two individuals from its 2020 Galaxy An arrangement – Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71. Samsung An arrangement was explicitly propelled to cross over any barrier between spending handsets and leader cell phones. Ford recollect 547,538 Super Duty pickup trucks For Fire Risk.

Realme 3 Pro, Realme U1, Realme 1 Update Android Security Patch. Google uncovers exactly amount world mapped with Street View and Earth. Billboard is changing its collections graph to check YouTube streams. Refob - Technology News, Business News and Update Reviews.